Thursday, October 29, 2009

GDP grows 3.5 the market is up nearly two hundred points!

All of that sounds good, right? The Gross Domestic Product has climbed to 3.5 %, but that was all due to programs like cash for clunkers, housing prices going down and becoming more saleable, plus the 8K stimulus to first time buyers and stimulus monies going to some programs that have created jobs!
But is it accurate you all ask? Who knows…we have never been in this situation before, we can only hope so.

We in Florida are having an extreme heat wave with breaking all records with us still in the nineties, degrees that is, this time of year we are usually in the cool mid-eighties! A problem that is significant with this warmth is that it is also a very dry heat, so watch out Arizona for Florida is competing weather-wise! Our rain amounts are down an average of fifteen inches with this wet season being way too dry!

News in this evening Chinese Drywall does NOT cause metal to corrode or harmful fumes or any illnesses, no radiation, huh? According to the Consumer Products Commission, yep, this just in; I will keep you posted if a new decision comes on the news again. You know how that is…wine is healthy; wine will kill you, yadda, yadda, yadda…Que sera sera…

Today Hubby helped me tackle our filing cabinet to get rid of the clutter. I dropped the ball of my organizational A+ skills that I had as a business woman, shame on me. But I am the one who pays the bills online and I do make hard copies of it all, and until recently I would file accordingly, but the last few years that turned into just stuffing the files…oops, not good. So today we accomplished in an hour what I should have been doing right along. I attribute it mostly to the fact that our income is so low and our filing of our taxes are so simple that we don’t organize yearly like we used to, to get the taxes done with itemizing. For the last few years it’s only a small pension and social security to claim, which really makes it simple, and not necessary to go through all that junk anymore! And we do it online the end of January, and have a direct deposit if we get anything back, simplicity personified! Well, I must say it is nice seeing the uncluttered file drawer, which is part of this computer desk.

Good night to you all and to all count your blessings and I will too!

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