Friday, October 9, 2009

Shoot the moon and the Pres talks peace and gets the prize!

Did you see it? No one did. We all were glued waiting for that large plume of spewing sparkling ice spread from that crater on the moon that we were promised, but we saw nothing, and everyone stared at each other wondering…but NASA says they saw it and that’s all that matters, really?
At least they haven’t requested a bailout, yet.

Our first African American and white (Never forget his Mom folks!) president has received the Nobel Peace Price for wanting peace! Now people are discussing the fact that he hasn’t really done that much in his nine months in office. Well, friends as a goodwill ambassador he has done plenty!
The world sees us again in a good light with our leadership in tact, and they are listening with a new regained respect! If that’s not something, what is? And all that in less than a year, bravo sir!

Today, I was back in the pool continuing with my three day a week plan, oddly enough it is still rather warm, but only since we have been having an unusual heat wave; nineties with indices nearing one hundred for the last few days. The pool was a toasty 86 with the solar panels off! Oddly enough, just yesterday we picked up the solar blanket from that discount store; well we are definitely prepared for those cooler temperatures, when our nights fall into the chilly sixties, brrr.

Casey, as I told you last night is hanging in there, but just barely. He is very thin although he is eating and demands his special prescription diet constantly. He comes up on my lap to snuggle, and I look into his helpless eyes and feel like crying because he looks to me to make it all better and I am powerless to change his fate. The doctor stated it right, we are running a cat hospice, and even with a cat it isn’t easy, and it is still tremendously sad and hard to do.
His pain medication, which I looked up and found out that it is a morphine based, is given to him twice a day by oral injection. But you can feel his previously muscular body that the cancer is literally eating him away. Since he can’t talk we have no idea when we should consider he’s had enough, but I am in close contact with his vet’s office by phone and speak to them often with each new thing that comes up.

We started out on an upbeat note and I am sorry that I brought you down, but as everyone whose lost anyone human or critter a like, death, is a part of life, and we will all eventually experience it. Wow! I bet you all knew that!

Good night to all and have a wonderful safe holiday weekend, and take care, and count those blessings and I am still looking, but who knows when I may find some?

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new! :                                                                                     ...