Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Come on down!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York is handling his homeless problem by buying 550 families a one way ticket to…places: like Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Puerto Rico!
Well! That’s one way to handle it.
But did he even consider how un-neighborly that seems to us in the states that many New Yorkers travel to, to get away from their harsh winters; lets’ just call many of them dual citizenships?
I must add a caveat to this I have nothing against the homeless, since there for the grace of the almighty it could be me or mine, but some things like people…Mayor Bloomberg … it's best not to export for your inability to know how to handle their situations and cruel!

Florida personally has many of its own homeless and taking on more is not exactly the way we would like to share our scarce local governmental resources and state finances as well as not having very many facilities to deal with warehousing or housing the homeless that we already have; thank you very much!

Perhaps, he felt that we have the best weather year round…true but sometimes we do not… Summers of 2004-05 come to mind, remember sir? It’s never too hot or too cold, well not for too long anyway.

Jobs are another problem down here, our unemployment has reached double digits, but our foreclosures are slowing, and that’s only because the banks are giving homes away for a song and a dance!

Maybe we could find something in the rustling business of Iguanas and Pythons, but that would have to make them self employed. A man on the news tonight has written a cookbook; George Cera from Sarasota Florida and more than likely will need more Iguanas since this cook book is all recipes for that reptilian meat, yuck!
Both of the above species have overrun the state and have become nuisances and are non-indigenous species! Mr. Cera disposed of over 16K just on Boca Grande alone; they were eating native species such as the gopher turtle, and others of similar rarity.
The count on the Pythons that all originated from pets that got to be too big so they were given their freedom are 150K just in the Everglades, which to me is mind boggling!

And so licensing has been made available to euthanize or to dispose of them or capture them and freeze them into perpetuity!

So there you have it… the bad, the good, and the ugly in our state, so come on down!

On that reality check, good night to all and to all count those blessings and I will too!

PS The men’s beer night out has been scheduled for Thursday night, and preferences have already been delivered to the powers that be of what kind, which is all different and as different as each of the men, what a surprise!

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