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Come on down!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York is handling his homeless problem by buying 550 families a one way ticket to…places: like Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Puerto Rico!
Well! That’s one way to handle it.
But did he even consider how un-neighborly that seems to us in the states that many New Yorkers travel to, to get away from their harsh winters; lets’ just call many of them dual citizenships?
I must add a caveat to this I have nothing against the homeless, since there for the grace of the almighty it could be me or mine, but some things like people…Mayor Bloomberg … it's best not to export for your inability to know how to handle their situations and cruel!

Florida personally has many of its own homeless and taking on more is not exactly the way we would like to share our scarce local governmental resources and state finances as well as not having very many facilities to deal with warehousing or housing the homeless that we already have; thank you very much!

Perhaps, he felt th…