Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, that was a refreshing mistake that I hadn't done in quite some time. I hit the enter key and published my title and nothing else, which tonight is somewhat of a downer since I entitled tonight’s Blog: “Depressed?”

But doing what I did made me giggle and that is good!
As long as we can all find our funny bone, even if it is buried deep within then we still have a glimmer of hope.

Today was depressing due to the reality of more bills, and more negotiating to keep our lives in an ability to create balance and not to become hermits with the fear of living a life in a positive way without guilt or shame.
What a mouthful, but seriously on one hand we have all these bills that must be paid, but not to the detriment of living life in a positive way, which means going out amongst the world to enjoy what it has to offer.

Other things that threw me off was the fact that I had called my sister-in-law yesterday to check on my mother-in-law (who is 88 years old), to see how her, Mom’s doctor visits went. The only reason I called her was because Mom wasn’t home. And my nephew of 27 answered and told her that I was on the phone and for some reason asked me my phone number (she has it) so she could call back in a few minutes and that was yesterday! So today I tried calling both of them back and got Mom’s machine and left a message since she was not there, and tried sis and there was no answer there either; hope they are all right. I did try a few times, but the news tonight said the weather there in PA is really bad with hail and everything, so it could be a weather problem with the phones? Odd, I think.
Who knows…?

Then my cousins that I called the last minute, earlier today really, to ask if they would be interested in going to the home and art shows here tomorrow, which are free but usually entertaining and one is indoors in our new event center that I have not been in yet and the other is in the well protected, Fisherman’s Village. We usually do lunch, but they were already spoken for, my bad, too short notice.
But hubby and I will venture out for this form of low cost depression busting…that’s what I am talking about!
Depression can kill you, and we are all at risk in these nasty times.
So if you don’t mind me saying you should do your part to foil this sneaky visitor.

On that upbeat note I did utilize our swimming pool for the last two days and it was glorious! I had forgotten how good it feels to be weightless and the water temp was just right too about the same as the morning air, so no shock to my system. I must use and repeat as often as possible.

My hubby is on a garden weeding jag and all I must say is that is showing how lovely they really can be with just a little TLC.

See harmless and free to make one happy, sometimes it is just the little things that can do the trick!

On that well placed ending to my tonight rant I will wish you all a good night and to all count those blessings and I will too!

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