Sunday, July 5, 2009

Have you ever...

I take it you all arrived safe and sound from your joyous weekend so now I will vent my concerns to you…

Have you ever thought that whatever you do in life it just isn't enough? Or maybe a better question would be why you are not in sync with your contemporaries? Well I do, and unfortunately it has been happening way too often lately.

Due to all these ills I have become old before my time, and when I hear of my cohorts or others in my age range still doing what I had the joy of doing as a younger healthier woman, just a few short years ago, I get slightly saddened and somewhat dare I say it, a bit jealous.
We used to have lots of good times with travel, dinner and a movie going to antique shops, and art galleries and the like but lately none of that has been happening.

I suspect it is my hubby’s concern of not knowing how to attack the way to accomplish what we used to do with my new challenges. And the fact that he is getting way too content with being a home body since his retirement. Oh don’t get me wrong, he builds things, fixes things, takes care of the yard, lawn and gardens and reads voraciously in between it all!

But that’s just it; my concentration has diminished so much so that my daily old consumption of a book a day read is non-existent. I can sort of concentrate on magazine articles and some TV shows but that’s about it. I need stimulus of the mind kind!
I need to become part of the human race before it’s too late and they kick me out!
I can no longer drive due to my Ataxia and medications causing me not to be able to operate heavy machinery, besides we only have one car now and I would hate to ruin that!

There has to be a way to change things and I will try very hard to figure it out…my destinations must be indoors for climate control, since most of my ills do not do well in this heat, and it must be a large enough venue to be able to use my scooter. It must be interesting and educational enough to tantalize my desire to learn more and possibly return. And lastly it cannot be too far from our home due to our darling pets and finances, so it must be a day trip…

If we were still up north or in a big city I can think of one thing that meets most of my previously mentioned criteria… a museum!

Unfortunately, we have very few here if any, three is the count and two out of the three we have been to, I suppose we should investigate further the third?

The mall has special events throughout the year, but with all the budget crunches and closing of major stores I doubt that can be relied upon, even our event center seems to have slowed its pace of scheduling exciting happenings.

Another interesting idea to ponder and so I will, but you may chime in at anytime, and I would love that!

Now I will bid you all a good night and don’t forget to count those blessings and I will too!

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