Monday, January 19, 2009

The Festivities Continue...

And all major networks are already there in our capitol of Washington D.C.
Even Oprah has arrived.
This is big, bigger than any of us will realize until it’s all over.
That’s the funny thing about such things we know that greatness is evident though with this occasion, but the appreciation of it might not be realized by us mere mortals until many days in the future, perhaps not even for decades.

Mostly, in these next few days, I have intuitive feeling that all good surprises will be coming with our new leader. I do believe that he is sure to bring 99% of what he promised, as long as we are patient and help him. By volunteering, which is a great thing that we had done for over thirty years, and now we are done. But I will tell you something about volunteerism is that it gives you a wonderful feeling when done completely from your heart and your soul.

Tomorrow should bring our amazingly brilliant new President Obama to us articulating his speech, without stumbling or a sliver of uncertainty; he will know where he feels we should be going and how to get there.
What a comfort to our nation to finally have a man in charge that really has a pulse on what our nation needs and desires!

Now all we can hope for is that for a true minority to become president someday….a black, gay, senior, Jewish woman, and then we will definitely have something the world would shout about!
Don’t you think? In time, there is a right moment for everything.

Life is interesting, just when you think you have seen it all… it surprises you again.
A seventy-two year and eighty-seven year old both men in a nursing home, had a fight and the elder won, and left the younger dead. I did say surprising, but not always in a good way, unfortunately. Sadly, they were both Alzheimer patients.

Updates: The tiling is totally complete, and the bathroom is all put back together tonight I even get to use my newly tiled bath!
The taxes I did electronically on the site from: “the, I got people guys” I am not at all happy with them because of me fixing the problem and they were paid before the problem was noticed … and our forms have been accepted by the IRS now, and we will be getting our refund electronically in our account by the end of this month, TA DA! I don’t need any people!

Good night to all and to all think before you get people, because they get money no matter what, why give them yours if you don’t need them?

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