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The Festivities Continue...

And all major networks are already there in our capitol of Washington D.C.
Even Oprah has arrived.
This is big, bigger than any of us will realize until it’s all over.
That’s the funny thing about such things we know that greatness is evident though with this occasion, but the appreciation of it might not be realized by us mere mortals until many days in the future, perhaps not even for decades.

Mostly, in these next few days, I have intuitive feeling that all good surprises will be coming with our new leader. I do believe that he is sure to bring 99% of what he promised, as long as we are patient and help him. By volunteering, which is a great thing that we had done for over thirty years, and now we are done. But I will tell you something about volunteerism is that it gives you a wonderful feeling when done completely from your heart and your soul.

Tomorrow should bring our amazingly brilliant new President Obama to us articulating his speech, without stumbling or a sliver of uncertainty;…