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1.2 Trillion is our defecit

And so the past living presidents along with our current president and president elect met, and put those presidential noggins together to try to come up with some major ideas on how to help handle all our major problems at a luncheon today. So far they are being mum on any conclusions.

Joe the plumber has now become Joe the reporter and he will be leaving shortly for Israel to report on the war there.

The market dropped again, - 245.40 today.

Prices on crude oil fell again today. Hope we see that at the pumps; is it me or have those prices been trying to sneak up again?

Stonehenge is believed to have been a dance arena with great acoustics. (Scientists say)

Our rain came and went and did fill our rain barrel with only one tenth of an inch, according to our rain gage; interesting that it filled.

We had an injured Great White Heron fluttering around our canal area back and forth most of the afternoon, and when mentioned by our neighbor I went into high gear and contacted the proper authoriti…