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So much to say and so little time to say it

First of all the count on the yea or nay for the, ye ole grapefruit tree is a good solid 5 for yea, so far.
That means they feel it should come down, I think, or it could mean it shouldn't, kidding, nah should.

Anyway, I found it interesting that there were many people who really didn’t know why the day after Thanksgiving was called Black Friday.
Well, since my educational roots are in retail management, and since I attended the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in NYC, and have been a co-owner of three businesses including a restaurant, and wicker store both considered retail, and having worked for Lord and Taylor as a credit manager which is also a retail store, and worked for Ohrbach’s as a floor manager, retail too but gone, and also being a district manager of five stores for an international company who was a vendor for a well known retail warehouse store. I guess I qualify to explain with some experience so I will tell you exactly what it means it means that they want thei…