Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to say and so little time to say it

First of all the count on the yea or nay for the, ye ole grapefruit tree is a good solid 5 for yea, so far.
That means they feel it should come down, I think, or it could mean it shouldn't, kidding, nah should.

Anyway, I found it interesting that there were many people who really didn’t know why the day after Thanksgiving was called Black Friday.
Well, since my educational roots are in retail management, and since I attended the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in NYC, and have been a co-owner of three businesses including a restaurant, and wicker store both considered retail, and having worked for Lord and Taylor as a credit manager which is also a retail store, and worked for Ohrbach’s as a floor manager, retail too but gone, and also being a district manager of five stores for an international company who was a vendor for a well known retail warehouse store. I guess I qualify to explain with some experience so I will tell you exactly what it means it means that they want their sales, their bottom line to be in the black, the good, not red; the bad.
And it has been historically the biggest and best day for that of the whole year, now everyone knows!
It is not racist, which some ridiculous people thought.
But I sincerely think most do know this.
And please forgive me for seemingly being patronizing; it wasn’t meant to be.
Some times there are terms used that are from a certain region or place that others are not familiar with, and this is unique, Black Friday, in America.

The above mentioned LIM were I attended school had a diverse curriculum, we were taught everything from History of Art, Journalism, Marketing, Psychology, Business Law, and Business Math, Interior Design just to name a few of the courses. There were more but they are slipping my mind being nearly forty years ago. I also got to go to Europe to visit Couture Houses in the summer as part of the educational program before my senior year and that was a terrific experience; seven countries in all.

People have been assuming with me too these days that I am ill informed or not smart enough to know something and I suppose I have gotten very sensitive. Actually, I have always been rather sensitive; nothing new there.
Just because my body is going doesn’t mean my mind is too; I’m not an idiot yet.
I guess there is no way to know that I have been lucky enough to take CEU courses that have taught me things about health issues, all in preparation to teach others self help courses, and these were in my so-called bum years I call them; since I have not been working for a salary but working as a volunteer. I did work on and off while raising our sons for about 32 years.
Unfortunately, when you lose your parents when you are in your thirties it occasionally makes you interested in why and how come?
So yes, for over 25 years now I have been very interested in medical issues that deal with heredity or sometimes not.
Prior to the Internet I was a big on utilizing reference books at the library, but since the net I have been a great investigator and find that there are many legit sites to use right here online, wow what a concept.
I really do love having all this information at literally my fingertips, not just on health issues, but everything available. And I constantly find myself solving arguments by finding the right answers right here.
It is so good to know that you have access to continue to learn.
Just getting back to assumptions unfortunately we no longer have health insurance mostly because I am pre-existing, but we did have it until two years ago.
And I had been through a heck of a 2006 which had me have 11 MRI’s, echocardiograms, stress tests, CAT scans for my internal organs, lumbar punctures you name it I had it, and aside from the MS, Arthritis, high cholesterol and blood pressure I’m in good shape heart and lungs wise that is.
My last MRI even showed the MS to be stable; that was the one on October 13, 2006 a Friday, the day that I didn’t know my eldest niece was dying.

Sorry! I can go on and on, and the funny thing is that I never really know what I am going to write until I sit here and write it.

Well,I really am trying not to bore anyone who may be reading this, and I do hope someone is, reading this that is.
Good night to all, and to all I will try not to be so long winded next time… NOT!

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