Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

Ah Florida!
Why we live here has been realized once again.
The weather has been and will be picture perfect over the holidays.
Most love our state for that very reason.
Living here over 22 years now believe it or not we are still not considered long-time residents.
You must be born here for that.
In the time we have been here we have met less than two dozen true natives.
The fact that I first started to visit the state in 1957 has no bearing on improving my status either.

It was rather strange not being able to go out and walk on a day like this, but to be honest it would have been too physically painful.
I did feed the outside critters and water our garden, which is growing quite well I might add, and harvest of many veggies is not far off.
Then I sat on the patio and finished my second cup of coffee.
Which is good for you, and so are cherries.
Last night on the news there was entire segment dedicated to just that topic how a study had been done on the cherry and how it was a natural pain reliever.
So I suppose that will be my next try for some relief.
The wine and Tylenol P.M. did seem to help a little but I still got up a few times.
And rolling over is always painful.
Too bad we can’t just lie in bed still or limp like a wet rag then I bet I would not feel any pain at all… hmmm.
Nah I would have to be numb as dull troll or drunk as a skunk, or unconscientiously able to meditate like in a hypnotic state…hmmm, self hypnosis, could work.
I used to do it as a teen when I was too excited to sleep; you start at your feet telling them to go sleep, as simple as that, and work your way up your body to your head by then you usually are well out….hmmm could work, yep.
This is a great sounding board.
Besides talking to medical professionals about my painful lack of sleep I also surfed the net on how to conquer sleeping disorders, but I can fall asleep fairly quickly, it’s staying that way that’s my problem; rolling over on painful joints are what wake me up.
White noise like a paddle fan, cooler room temperatures and a consistent routine are seemingly the most helpful. Napping is a definite no, no, just like with infants and toddlers you are trying to train to sleep through the night sleeping during the day prevents a good night’s sleep.
But those are things that should work; my situation is that I still haven’t found one system that works for me.

Good night to all and sleep well my friends out there.

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