Saturday, November 1, 2008

A day to decompress...only 3 more days...

Today was one of those days that are nothing to brag about, laziness took over big time.
Have you ever felt that you can be just not capable of doing anything?
It's true that I did my usual morning ritual of having my coffee and reading the newspaper, balanced our finances paid us and some bills and then made some breakfast, but other than that the day just happened.
I got stuck on PBS how to shows, and then we decided to watch the John Adams Series from the HBO movies that we have from Blockbuster. A very enlightening long series and in the last few weeks while watching all the true blockbuster type movies like the new Indiana Jones, the Hulk(tonight) etc. we have been watching the series in between, and we just finished part five in that series, one more is on this disc than another last disc to go.
I’m not saying it’s not interesting, because it really is.
Especially, the relationship between Abigail and John Adams, what a woman so ahead of her time; the supermom term must have been coined with her in mind, truly an amazing woman. Having four children and teaching them, holding down the fort while her husband was away, not for a few days or weeks but for years and then continuing to support her husband first as an ambassador’s wife then as the wife of a vice president, next a first lady to our second president, so much more of the type of woman to compare to in our time 232 years later, she was just incredible. And don’t forget that she was also the mother of John Quincy Adams our 6th president of the United States, a big WOW to that.

Tonight, as I mentioned we do have the Hulk planned for our entertainment portion of the evening.
Nothing earth-shattering must have occurred today since my CCN breaking news had nothing to say.

Good night to all and to all our history should on occasion be revisited.

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