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Weather central here

Tropical Storm Gustav has become a reality as of today!
I thought at least we would get a few days off of lousy weather reporting.
But twas not to be...Gustav is actually already having 60 mph winds, 996 mb, moving at 14 mph towards us from the eastern Caribbean. Since 75 MPH winds are a category 1 hurricane, and he is less than 1000 miles from southwest Florida this is not good.
We are in the designated cone of uncertainty.
Let me explain what that is just in case non Floridians are reading this.
The cone of uncertainty is an area of possible storm fall, where it could go, maybe.
It is more like a CYA for the meteorologists, including NOAA, Weather Channel, etc. all those pros. And can encompass an area of 100 miles or more in any direction.
Unfortunately, for Hurricane Charley we weren't in that cone, and I am trying hard to remember if they had it way back then in August 13. 2004.
We were told Charley was heading towards Tampa, 100 miles away; in our minds we were safe, and that ended …