Friday, August 1, 2008

Junk mail

Today we finished our shopping at the grocery picking up things we didn't get yesterday, because the bulk products are not necessary for two when it comes to perishables.
We had lunch at home.
By then the mail came.

It usually does come around that time of day 12:30-1P.M.ish, but not like clockwork in the old days.

We received more invitations for insurances and refinancing, and one was from the bank that we have our mortgage with, Bank of America, and we didn't need it or want it.

But just for fun of it I asked mischievously if they could beat our 5.12% 30 year fixed mortgage with them, and again they said they could not! So I asked them why don't they look at what we have before they mail?
Then I admitted that I called to notify them to remove us from their mailing lists. By telling them that they are wasting money by sending out mailers to people that are not interested.
I even had the nerve to take it one step further by saying to the telephone person that such expenses could jeopardize their job since they were unnecessary expenditures, and those practices have cost many companies the need to have layoffs to make up for those loses, sad but true.
She giggled and agreed.

The paperwork they sent was several pages, and had personal information on it that created a need for us to shred all parts, same with the AARP insurance info.

And we wonder why so many companies are in financial trouble?

Exxon is doing well though...SHOCKER...our gas prices are responsible for that! As if I have to tell anyone. Billions in profits, ugh!
Some brilliant stock brokers are saying that it is a buy!
YEAH for $1000 or more a share, got any spare change?

Picked up lots of healthy foods like veggies, and yogurt and stuff that has little or no guilt attached, and great for snacking.

Next to the pharmacy in the grocery they have one of those sit down and put your arm through blood pressure checkers, and since I still was not taking my blood pressure medicine I decided to try the machine, and guess what?
I was still good, 117/76! TA DA! Again.

Now if the cholesterol numbers will cooperate those med bucks can be put to good use for fun or saving up for maybe a new appliance if need be or even a car someday. Of course with all those other savings from me not smoking or drinking any wine any more!
Now that drinking thing... let me explain it was never a problem, and neither of us did any while raising our sons who are now 32 and 36, but after 9/11 somehow we decided it was good for our aging hearts, and we were both in our fifties by then. I stopped due to the calories, and added expense, and that was the only reason.

Funny thing about those savings...where are they?
Never can seem to find them. LOL

Have a great evening and I will too!
Take care, peace and good night.

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