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*Emulate: to match or surpass, typically by imitation.
*Imitation: the act of using something or someone as a model
Let me get this straight now that blonde woman who ran for president in France was *enamored, a feeling of love for our President DJ and so she copied his style, political platform, ideas, etc. etc. and she lost?
Viva la France!
They are definitely smarter than whomever rigged our contest last November, and according to our pre-president statements that it was Hillary, so he suggested... that is until he won!
And then the rest of us who did vote for Hillary realized it must have been him that rigged it and that is what he was telling us the whole time, still no absolute proof just many of our logical, no other way it could have happened, not even if pigs were to fly that he would have won unless it was opinions.
Sure seems that way though... really!

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Today we chilled; although outside was the real chilly weather, …