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Cherub fountain refurbished from ruin too! But we have PICs of all Floridians worst nightmares too!

So many things we attained in life have stories attached to how we acquired them and there is a somewhat short story of how we received the cherub fountain. Hubby was in landscaping briefly on the east coast of Florida and one of his customers was throwing it out since two of levels were broken, Hubby asked if he could have it and for awhile two levels were working with a gluing but alas it did not last! And then there was just the one, pretty as a yard sculpture, but not much else since its reservoir is no longer there. For a while Number One Son was given it for his home and it graced his front portico garden when he lived in New Port Richey Florida, but when he moved and sold that home he gave it back to us.  
 Cue the Jaws music, oh no I cannot, that's what crashed my laptop! Hubby is trying to remove all the virus and spyware, while I write here on my phone to you! Good night!