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Retraction, of my oops! Misspoken on a couple of items.

Watering practices in Charlotte County Florida have been two days a week for the last several years due to water conservation with diminished reserves. Odd numbered homes and even numbered homes can water on specific days, and as they have been designated for about seven years.
Recently Cape Coral residents were told that too, only twice a week, but have been threatened with going to only one day a week due to all of us being in a severe drought. Forgive my mistake of saying we in Charlotte County had been allowed only once a week, I had misspoken, and the fact is we do not even take advantage of that watering time, since our priorities have changed and a green plush lawn is not in our concerns these days.
This just in: via NBC news in Fort Myers: Cape Coral will be going to a mandatory once a week watering schedule as of the 21st of April, next Friday!

My misspeaks are not as hurtful as some others.

Oh, I almost forgot that also my use of the possessive form of the word, "world…