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Inequities in life, news and life itself...

*...basically lack of fairness or justice is the definition of inequity...although, that is why we have in our government, thankfully, checks and balances in place that have been known to protect the common man or woman!
Meticulously our government can work for us and daily it has proven that legislative grounds have been set there for, "We are the people and protected!"
Constantly, that is since our reprehensible Pres. DJ took office and he has threatened, cajoled, and otherwise intimidated or verbally abused "his" minions to do as he wanted, but they could not do the ridiculous or illegal or anything that is against the constitution!
Maybe he should do some heavy reading of that fine document, even at a glance he might glean some insight, if only!
The United States of America is a democracy, a capitalistic one, not a communistic one, but we are NOT a business that can bend the rules of governing to suit the needs of the CEO that YOU think you are!
The president …