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First day back at independent exercising!

We, Hubby and I made a circuit of the exercise equipment, first the all over machine, then what I call the slant board, both names are mine made up. I really should try harder to remember their actual names... Any-who, then the wall pulleys and then the free standing pulleys and done!
Felt sore and tired after, but accomplished. On the all over one I did level five with hills for twenty minutes, the slant board that I push with my legs at a 56% angle I do two sets of twenty.
The wall pulleys are two motions on each side with counts to fifteen two sets each, so a total of eight with a light weight of  ten pounds. The last free standing pulleys with a bar for me to hold on to, four different motions are done from rowing to curls to straight down to elbows in pulls, all with fifteen pound weights to a fifteen count with two sets for each motion.
So hopefully if I can keep this up for three days a week forever, who knows what might happen, hmm?
The interesting thing is the last time I wa…