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Bloated much?

How does flat club soda cause bloating?
I did have a soft boiled egg and a sliver of toast with a bit of butter and low sugar orange marmalade for breakfast, with a green tea chaser.
 Lunch did not make the grade, a smidge of chicken and my homemade cream of asparagus soup that I had not finished the day before; it was less than half a cup and I could not get that down at all!
So most of the afternoon I had my sugar free tropical iced pops, 15 calories a piece and a couple of the no sugar added chocolate ones that are 40 calories apiece, and that was it until dinner.

I have been receiving skinny recipes from Betty Crocker, of all things and tonight's fair was a recipe for chicken tomato sauce pasta mozzarella and parmesan casserole. It called for bowties, but we had left over uncooked in the box ziti pasta and so used instead. I do improvise a lot, all else we basically had like the Panko, we had made that switch years ago from bread crumbs, but we buy plain and it called for Ita…