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Well... so it goes like this...

I am definitely being refunded that $442.02 charge to my credit card and my medicine, Spiriva, is in transit to our home as I write this. I was told it was sent Friday, but... what will have to be done four times a year is for me to have the non-profit, the PAN foundation, pay for it is once I receive the invoice from Humana RX I will have to fill out a POE form from PAN, and send both back to them and voila I am fully covered. Now this is only because Humana RX, unlike their sister company Humana Specialty does not have that ability to charge back to a non-profit so they say, hmm... odd that their other part of them does, is able, without an issue, hmm?
Any-who, it is done, and done!

Meanwhile, I did receive three medications yesterday, one was the generic Spiriva from Global Pharmacy in Canada, that has a complexity to how I must prepare to take it, a capsule goes into a container with it plunged into an indentation that snaps it off to cause a mist to be inhaled through and tube! …

Oh where has sweet restful sleep gone?

Wondering for the last several days why my sleep deprivation has returned for I cannot come up with any logical reasoning for this unhealthful occurrence that periodically tortures me.
I have eaten light and well, and have had exercises to exhaust me and no nasty horrific or sad thoughts have awoken me from any mini short drifts into dreamland.
Why oh why do I have these things happening to me that cause me to stay awake for mostly all night?
I think I have gotten perhaps two to three hours of slumber in the last four nights.
Hot tea and my CPAP, breathing machine, have not been able to waylay this fleeting, thankfully,  disorder, and yes it has been known to come and go.
Who knows what causes it to return as a mean unwelcomed stranger for then I would be cured!
My best way to regain some resemblance of normalcy is to wait the aberration out... I have not-a-thing to expedite my sleeplessness to regain momentum in its peacefulness to return to an acceptable behavior!
Ah sleep, where i…

2016 Taxes all done!

Nice feeling of taking care of that, and no worries about when we are to get a refund, because for the last several years we don't get one!
We also are qualified all these last several years for 'free file', with H & R Block.
But we take ours to the post office to mail in instead of filing online; this way we are assured of a hard copy and we make sure our signatures are on there too.
We had filed online for a couple of years, but it was iffy to say the least.
In the long ago old days we even had an accountant when we were in business, but of course, then went in person to H & R Block's offices when working and had more complicated forms to fill out.
One year there was a mistake that the IRS made that they owed us $500 in an overcharge by them, and another year they gave us five hundred too much by mistake and they made us, of course pay it back in interest and increments since at the time that was a lot of money for us! Still is.
Our relationship has been int…

"Go above and beyond your duty. You will benefit from it."

Okay, now the title one is not right in my opinion, not all good actions created personal benefit, as sadly not all bad actions don't, as our new president DJ is already horrifically proving. Do good things to do good things not for any other reason.

"If you chase two rabbits, both will escape." Logical, they are living creatures and most likely will not follow the same path, they are rabbits not sheep after all!

"Follow your instincts when making decisions." I am one that does take to this belief, and some times I am wrong, but I own it!

Only the title one was in any order, and it was mine.

Hubby chose to give me all three fortunes, while he ate his dinner, oh he did get all of  the cookies!

"Comme ci, commeça is a French phrase that literally means like this, like that. In conversation it means so-so, or neither good, nor bad. It is pronounced /kôm ˈsē kômˈsä/ (come see come saw). It should be used with the comma separating the two phrases. Sometimes the…

As days go...

This one went fairly well.
Except for my tummy issue that was tamed by a Pepcid Complete just before physical therapy today at 2:15 P.M.
It had felt as if I had swallowed glass, just horrid, but subsided thankfully!
I had made healthy cabbage soup from scratch with everything from yellow squash to onions, garlic cloves, mushrooms, carrots and of course a half of a head of Savoy cabbage chopped, as well as beef and chicken sodium free bullion and stewed tomatoes, a dalliance of a splash of low sodium V8, Kosher salt and ground pepper to taste as well as thyme, a smidge of Cajun spice and also a dash of Old Bay too, all simmering for two hours on the stove, hearty and healthy soup, mmm, mmm good!
But as with many good soups with many ingredients that are not as easy for me to swallow as I once could before, cabbage is one it would seem, but after three plus months of after surgery I really thought that my tummy would allow it and that it would be alright.
Although, my tummy told me ot…

A correction and other thoughtful ponderances of things...

First my minute detail, but to me very relevant since my triglycerides had been over two hundred and most recently around 197, bad when normal is supposed to be below 150!
I had stated that mine had gone down to a respectable 143, but I was mistaken it had actually gone down to 138! No applause please, but boy what a BIG difference all due to that Fenofibrate 160mg. 1X a day. The woman doctor in the hospital noticed that my triglycerides were high and so she put me on it in the hospital and Voila I was pronounced being in the normal range!
I had been eating healthy and before I became less mobile I was a very active person with just that triglyceride issue, since it was discovered over ten years ago!
I take that now with my Simvastatin 40 mg. for years and years when healthy eating and exercise could not get them resolved, and now they both are!
Instead of all those newer combo ones with too many side effects.
Simvastatin is the generic of Zocor, Fenofibrate is Tricor and has side ef…

Go here, go there, at times it seemed as if we were everywhere!

Talk about cutting it close, moments of concern, of being somewhere on time!
Some days going anywhere on the Tamiami Trail/route 41, named for its being the original route from Tampa to Miami, can take as short as ten minutes locally to a half an hour for the same distance, "in-season", "snowbird season", that is.
Today, I had my internist six month check up appointment that is approximately five miles from home.
Logically, it should take less than ten minutes with every light in you favor and no accidents and no heavy traffic, and on any summer day it can.
Today we made every other light, and the traffic was moderate and it took nearly twenty minutes!
We arrived in the parking lot on time, but then tried to find a handicapped spot at the doctors' offices and there are only about eight spread throughout! This place is not just several doctors offices, but also has tests from blood work to x-rays are done there, as well as prescriptions filled, a mini hospital!

Did you ever start to look for something in your home and...

... realized that maybe, just maybe if that drawer or closet was better organized that you might have not wasted so much time?
Oh well, I found another needy to be refreshed and organized area and that was my craft's drawer in the laundry room, used to be where the cat litter was stored and Casey our long haired orange Tabby with amber eyes who passed away about seven years ago had a circular entrance with his name on his door. After we waited for a while of mourning and did not get another cat I suggested ordering another closed door that matched the raised panels of the custom laundry room cabinet closet company that had installed them, the doors and so we did. Hubby had made a slide out drawer to make it easier access.
PS we still have the circular door if for any reason we changed our minds, an easy reversal of the cubby can be done.
Anyway...I was looking for a couple of specific colors in my acrylics that I knew I had but couldn't seem to locate, gold and teal.

PT, other stops, and thoughts about...

Physical therapy today with Bryan, the youngest of the group that works at the Fawcett Sports Rehab. where I go for my therapies, celebrating my twentieth year there!
He made a mistake and asked me what exercises I have been doing and I told him and he was determined to change it up and so we did.
The mat which is like a raised extra wide table/bed, about the width of a full sized bed, with a thin mat cover and pillows is where I did a majority of my exercises today.
One and half pound wrap weights for each hand and up and down motioned movements and back and forth and another pushing downward direction, each with twenty reps.
Leg lifts with weights five pounds separately lifting, my right leg knee, supported by a wedge, righty is stronger than my left with the same weight, and the left weight felt way too heavy, got a back spasm, tried breathing deeply for a while, it eventually helped, and I did accomplish the reps of twenty too for both!
Bent knees up and in and out, again twenty …

Stuffed cabbage the easy way!

The recipe is for four servings with each being only 288 calories or less, two rolls each.
Preheat oven to 350. 1 hour prep and one hour cooking time.
Ingredients that you will need below:
12 0z of lean chop meat
1/2 cup of uncooked brown rice, long grain if preferred (quick rice works, I actually opened my Success brown rice bag and measured.)
7 1/2 oz. of tomatoes with tomato juice about a half a cup of the juice that is, and eight cherry or grape tomatoes, and I used low sodium V8 instead of tomato juice, canned tomatoes work well too.
1/2 cup of finely chopped onion
1 large or two small cloves of garlic.
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon of dried basil
salt and pepper  a wee bit, but can be omitted or added later
1/4 cup of Worchester sauce
8 leaves of Savoy cabbage
15 oz. of Heart Smart or light tomato sauce
1 teaspoon of sugar or Stevia that is what I used

Blanch spines removed cabbage leaves for three minutes in boiling water let dry on paper towels
While browning the meat…

I am sooooo proud of all my sisters!

As far as I can tell the Women's March was a great success!
We are the fairer sex we have been told and yes we are! Our decisiveness is our mainstay!
Women consider all others and commiserate with compassion, love and understanding, and yet we will not be put down for our strengths of beliefs in what is right due to our uncanny ability to utilize our uncommon sense in the toughest of situations! We understand everyone's needs to be able to choose what is right for them and them alone without being judgmental, but with caring support.
We love profusely, we fight with our wits and care as much as we can to make things right for all people not ever just ourselves, so we unselfishly want to be there to help others succeed and pull them up with us, never push them down, we are equal to all, never better or worse.
We have succeeded in every profession from doctors to nurses and teachers, to engineers to astronauts to CEOs, from mothers to volunteers and on and on we go!
Our feeling…

No luck for me today!

No additional organization with grants yet for my asthma medication although two said to continue to check back.

On the brighter side my Canadian prescription has been processed and shipped today!
At least it did show up on my credit card and that is what they had said they charge you when they ship,
So YAY for that.

Bad luck with my right hand is now more swollen and bruised looking from my basilar arthritis that was actually ready for surgery 16 years ago!
I guess I temporarily have to stay off of it, ha!
Hubby is called for more kitchen jobs than before, like scooping my drop biscuits that were to go with our pot roasted dinner, unfortunately my pressure cooker about thirty year's old and stainless, my first was aluminum but when they came out with aluminum causing Alzheimer's I no longer used it and my mother-in-law bought us both of them as gifts and this newer one included, and ironically she was the one who ended up with dementia! Oh and this one…

Medicare folks unite by getting a handle on tier 3, 4, 5 medications!

Donut holes beware! Oh and any others who cannot afford the higher medication prices!

Healthwell @ 1-800-675-87416

TEVA Cares @1-888-838-2872
MS and other made by them products

RXAssistance @1-866-978-9382

NeedyMeds @1-800-675-8416

Patient Access Network
Foundation @ 1-800-806-7501
For Multiple sclerosis medications
And also asthma meds when grants are extended for them, as for all non-profit organizations, so waiting on that one too. Have to call every few days I was told to check they usually do cover medication for asthma too.

Many more are out there... as well as many BIG Pharmas that do have assistance programs, but meeting their criteria is iffy for many, unless really financially strapped, but it never hurts to try.
Some caps are extremely high for income surprisingly.

Moving on... not too far afield.

Quiet is sometim…

Stay Vacay!

Anytime we eat out twice in one day while living here in vacationland, FLORIDA USA I feel it necessary to call us on having a stay vacay, or vacation for you purists!
Actually, the reasoning for eating out twice in one day had nothing to do with needing or wanting a vacation, but more to do with convenience.
You see, whenever I am scheduled, usually yearly unless in need sooner, to see my Dr. Nord, our mutual internist, I have to go in for a fasting blood work the week before that appointment.(My A1c is one of those tests and hopefully I will now be out of the threat of type two diabetes that I have been battling since 2009 with borderline numbers of 5.7-6.1, I believe below 5.4 is in the clear!)

And after we usually eat breakfast out, and we did since I had PT at 10:45A.M. today.
But you see that also goes into lunch time being done so close to noon and all and so we ate that out too!
Breakfast at the Olympia restaurant, is where I had a poached egg and whole wheat toast and a very …

O Canada!

My pulmonologist's nurse Sierra was very helpful with calling me back nearly by five Monday evening with five more asthma medications that I called my insurance pharmacy the next day as well as my local pharmacies too.
One pharmacist was so annoying for when I mentioned that my Anoro Ellipta was my Epipen he told me that CVS has some name of a medication for $110 and I asked "my asthma medication?", he said no, your Epipen....and he handles drugs, yup!
Anyway, when I finally found out that there were no generic brands carried by any of the pharmacies comparable to the Anoro Ellipta and I was entitled to a 40% discount with my insurance and that was on the bottom line on my Anoro Ellipta at $409 every two months, I asked about the others that all came in at $900-1100 for a two months supply, but minus of course that 40% discount,  all now tier 3 with Medicare, Geez, not a bargain to me, no way Jose!
It turns out when I called Sierra, the nurse, back she had one more poss…


How things can change on a dime, two steps forward and sadly too many in front of this this Friday! Do you think that Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave... I wonder if such a fine man that might have been able to head us in a better direction than the charlatan that will be taking over from another man of kindness and decency who will be sorely missed what he would have had to say about all this... Oh what fate bestows upon us now... where have all the great ones gone... and why must we Americans be punished!  My original was written 1-17-11 of the below blog: Please enjoy and think about how we got here, not where any of us had hoped to be, why? In a world where our surnames are determined by our heritage or in the case of us old fashioned women by our spouse’s family names; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man whose family had no idea that he would grow into his with such a worldwide dynamic of what the name stood for and that he would becom…

Love Hate Relationship; hate might be a bit strong, but not happy!

He helps people he hurts people Senator Cory Booker, I used to truly respect this man, now I am concerned about my own ability to make proper choices about people. Please read this extensive reasoning of why I feel this way in the article below. His goodness to most everyone will always outweigh his bad least I truly hope so, please Senator Booker re-examine the BIG Pharma medication hikes!
They are needed meds with life and death implications for all of their users!

The problem is I have my own fight with my own version of the Epipen controversy. You see, that mine is Anoro Ellipta, my asthma inhaler is now a tier 3 medication that went from $47  for a two month supply to now $455 for the same quantity and time period, but mine is dosed daily not for emergencies only. (I also have an allergic reaction to bee stings that could have by now have turned into needing an Epipen, bu…

Today we left the manse!

For the outer world.
Our drive was one of some time and distance and we arrived without any designated concern for we were on our own and nothing matters then; only selfishly ourselves!
Mystery solved another art festival another bunch of truly happy people whether observing or purchasing we all came with one incentive deep in our souls to enjoy the mild Florida temperatures and to enjoy the scenery!
From pet watching to people watching to admiration for other peoples' talents it was a very successful smile ridden day!
Something about being outside in fresh air with artsy people makes one wonder why anyone should  ever return home.
But alas these things do have a beginning and an end, and since we left after our lunch at one P.M. to go there all the way to Cape Coral about forty miles one way as the crow flies a little less if your GPS tells you how, about thirty five miles that way... besides it closed at five, but more tomorrow if you missed todays joy!
The high seventies with …


I repeat, Dagnabit!

 My two nightstand drawers took no time at all to neaten, perhaps an hour due to massive paperwork from my medications and blood tests and hospitals' folders etc. and I even found of all things a 2009 tax return, would you believe! Our copy, so no worries there, but why there is a mystery when all others are in our file cabinet. Many have been shredded since the new rule of thumb of keeping non-business ones for only five years, I think. Sad and shameful though that the year of 2009 must have been the last time I cleaned that top drawer out! (Oops, did I say that out loud? Ha!)

No sweat, like my other cleaning projects that had had me dripping wet; this last one was way too easy breezy.

And my appetite came back, don't worry I'm not overeating since I really can't, my tummy tells me NO! 
I am still only eating small portions, but I did eat each of today's meals, ice pops in between, but I lost another pound, yay!

I have not been doing my exerc…

Bloated much?

How does flat club soda cause bloating?
I did have a soft boiled egg and a sliver of toast with a bit of butter and low sugar orange marmalade for breakfast, with a green tea chaser.
 Lunch did not make the grade, a smidge of chicken and my homemade cream of asparagus soup that I had not finished the day before; it was less than half a cup and I could not get that down at all!
So most of the afternoon I had my sugar free tropical iced pops, 15 calories a piece and a couple of the no sugar added chocolate ones that are 40 calories apiece, and that was it until dinner.

I have been receiving skinny recipes from Betty Crocker, of all things and tonight's fair was a recipe for chicken tomato sauce pasta mozzarella and parmesan casserole. It called for bowties, but we had left over uncooked in the box ziti pasta and so used instead. I do improvise a lot, all else we basically had like the Panko, we had made that switch years ago from bread crumbs, but we buy plain and it called for Ita…

Many people are responsible...

... allowing me to get my very expensive medication, about 5K a month plus copay of $250 a month!
My insurance company coverage pays for the medication as well as the that picks up my sizeable co-pay for the last several years that I have been on Copaxone.
But there was stress when my insurance company Humana Rx Specialty insisted for days that the Assistance Fund was done the end of last year, as of last month.
I had gone back and forth with the AF with them saying that I was covered and Humana saying the opposite, finally a good person with AF named Unis helped me by getting Humana on the line and explained that I was covered again until the end of this year, 2017, and handed me off to Ty, a woman named actually Tyeste that accepted the information at Humana Specialty and scheduled my delivery for this Friday the 13th!
Ha, hope that isn't another bad omen, too many bad things going on this year already...nah!

Anyway, now I will be able to order my asthma med…

Golden apple, a non educator reward

Seniors, fifty-five and over and in some places just fifty years old are entitled to 10% off  meals out at restaurants.
And today we took a shot at Applebee's via a call ahead  to see if they also had this allowance, and they do called a Golden Apple thus my title we had their lunch specials of soup and half a sandwich for Hubby a club and French onion soup and mine was tomato basil soup and chicken roll ups, we saved a $1.80.
Many others do too, sometimes you just gotta ask!
We felt depleted after having to pay at the ophthalmologist's office $95 out of pocket, $25 apiece for refractive exams, apparently insurance no longer pays for it, huh? And Hubby was charger a $45 co-pay that he explained is no longer part of his coverage and he also has a $0 co-pay as of January 1st like mine, he even brought in his book for this year for proof, but they said they will send it in and reimburse him if it is so, what???????????????? He had it in black and white!
So $1.80 seemed li…

I just did something extremely radical!

I turned off the news!
Have you ever noticed how stupid criminals are?
In this one segment that caused me to take such drastic measures is of this young guy who was trying to shoot one of his female roommates when he saw her showering with another woman, but shot the other one by mistake, huh?
Even that sentence makes no sense!
Is it just me?
Again no rhyme nor reason for any of these violent crimes.

 Moving on...

Back to oh what fun!
I finally completed cleaning my gazillion loads of wash of deep in the depths of ye ole closet clothes and have stacked them all by itemized size, somewhat neatly on the guestroom bed.
And guess what?
This time I will be placing them in marked by size containers in the back of my closet to chose from when I get back down to the size that I will be wearing at the time, which oddly enough the biggest pile was mostly of sizes 2s and 4's and all pretty darn cute and still nearly fashionable only ten years later!
Yep, most of my original ME sized clothin…

They did get back to me, but you judge...

...correspondence between us, meaning myself and Century Link...and their return response to my initial letter of the day before and it is on the bottom of this blog in its entirety: I did use Me for me, and removed my home address and phone number and last four digits of my social security number and I bet you all know why, yep some things we mustn't share... oh and the reference number they gave to me too is gone here too as well as the name of their rep. I hope I got it all.

Jan. 6 at 1:20 P.M.

Dear  Me,
Thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to CenturyLink.
I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you for your suggestion. I will be happy to forward your suggestion to the appropriate department for review. If further information is needed, please call us at 1-800-201-4099. CenturyLink appreciates your business and values you as a customer. Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service. If you need further assistance, please visit us at http:…

With a $500 deductible and a teeny ding...

We do have a claims person coming out Monday, but now that I have seen the damage it's not worth taking it in for what is there.
Besides we have the touch up paint specific for our Cashmere colored car and it cost twenty bucks for just a little syringe sized tube and Hubby will try that or a cute vanity plate to hide it?

(You see in Florida we are only required to have a back license plate.)

But what could it say?

Good question, hmm?

Way over sixty and still going strong?

No batteries needed, we just plod on no matter what! (Too long) or No batteries needed; we have get up and go emblazoned in our brains, otherwise someone might throw dirt on us! ( Way too long!)

We aren't Snowbirds! (No offense to snowbirds that help our economy and keep our taxes fairly low, but we are here all year round and you guys make our roads full to capacity for those six months you are here and some don't even know where they are going, check your GPS please!)

Even though we know where we are g…

Oops I did it again!

Too much!
Standing too long, but standing when necessary yesterday while rummaging in my closet with the desire to straighten and clean the entire area, which I did accomplish!
Actually, Hubby helped a lot.
But still I was foolish and am paying for it with having to up my Gabapentin that I had weaned myself down to just 300MG. I had asked Hubby to bring me one only while back in bed with ice packs that he also brought to me, five this time for each pained location!
Unfortunately, I will be adding on to that Gabapentin ingestion with a couple more I'm afraid.
I just took two more, 900 MG. so far for today and the one at bedtime is still in waiting for me, up to 1200 MG. for the whole day by then. And this stuff needs weaning off to lower the dosage, a week at a time, otherwise it can reverse what it is for and actually cause seizures! It is for spasms in many ills including MS, pain and seizures; the epileptic kind! Neurontin is its non-generic name. I had been on as much as 1800…

What? And what I said I would if only in my head... I did do!

First CenturyLink is a strange company from all my years dealing with companies in my opinion.
For Internet access and landline with limitless local and long distance they charge $81.90 a month bill for those two items including taxes, but...if you know about their discounts every six months your bill can be as little as thirty dollars cheaper each month, and we had been paying up until last month $53.70; I pity the poor fool who doesn't know how this game is played!
Today we received our bill from CenturyLink and the new number was ...drum roll please...$64.11!
When I called to find out why this was I was told our discount of ten dollars had been up on December 23rd and that it had been on my last bill!
And here is where this is like an odd game all you have to do is ask for the discount by going online, I think, or calling as I do.
Now get this I asked why it was .41 cents more than last time, and there was no answer and so now instead of paying the new number of $54.11 we are …