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Happy New Year to All!

Lyrics to Auld Lang Syne below:

And if drinking always have a designated driver, but if not call: 1-800-AAA-HELP.

Now go out and have a wonderful time!

Love, Peace and Health to all in the New Year!

The Bad, The Good, and the mmmmmm, mmmmm good, part two!

Gettel Dodge Chrysler, Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda, FL

Magdella called our home at 8:45 A.M. first thing this morning, even after all her colleagues consistently told us that they had nothing for us or if they did they could not meet our needs or price range, we had requested them to stop calling and emailing, but they when we received a call stating that our price point and requirements could be met and that Danny had the exact van we needed a new 2018 Dodge like our 2015 with all our current bells and whistles plus a lift that I need for my motorized wheelchair and coming in at $100.00 less a month we foolishly went down to see it... Danny was not ready for our 11 A.M. pre arranged appointment so he handed us off to Ryan, and Ryan had no clue what was going on. We did meet Magdella in person, she seemed to be only told what they had and did not verify any of it, so innocent of the deception apparently, this very close to bait and switch scam... next thing Ryan wanted t…

Some things in life are great to be redundant, ya know?

And somewhat reassuring too!
Any-who, yesterday, last night I left you here with another cryptic message or mini blog, and for that I am vey sorry, well not very or really sorry, since who needs to apologize these days unless harming or insulting someone, truly, agreed? Never solves anything in entirety anyway, but a nice lame jester, hmm?                        Thus the knowledge of thinking before we speak or act again, oops my bad...

Although, none of that has anything to do with what I was going to say here tonight, really?
Last night I left any of you with more questions than answers I hope.
PT= my usual of massage, ultrasound, and icing my calves and feet, yup the whole shebang, boots back on too. Only due to cooler weather.( Don't get excited; just high sixties and seventies here folks!)
Number One Son= came down for a visit and from there, the sports rehab, we all went out to lunch at....= THE THAI CAFE!
From there we came home and went out on=our boat an…

Interesting day with highs and lows

PT, Number One Son, Thai Cafe, boat ride, dolphin spotting, body collapse, pizza and Greek salad...
Elaboration tomorrow.


To think about all that has been happening...and yet...

Not knowing where to begin or what to say here.
Op Ed?
Oops same as above that.

So I suppose I can-do brief blurbs on each topic?

Health= inconsistent daily
Lifestyle= in spite of good choices above occurs.
Itineraries= plentiful and just full.
Future= cloudy certainly.
Politics= I didn't vote for him.
Op Ed= why don't I count now?

Inconsistencies in life can confuse and frustrate, and cause many emotions that run the gamut from joy to tears most often at this time of year.
So keeping busy and seeing family and friends helps or can cause the problems... thus the dilemma.
Let it go, let it go is all one can say though.
Sorry about that.
Any-who, we all know that many of my topics we all have in our lives and how we adjust to handling these things will stick with us forever so take deep breaths and wait to be calm before taking actions you may regret.
Experience from my own mistakes are why I recommend this simple logical calm m…

Pea soup without dried peas!

Much of my life I have had to be an improviser, not such a bad thing when I think about it really...all due to it being someone who thinks out of the box due to usual or unusual need.  That said, Hubby enjoys pea soup, and most people, not all because not all people in life do things the so-called conventional route of using dried split peas for a soup of this nature. Although, nature? Fresh peas would make the ultimate finest specimen of this hearty soup with ham and healthy, full of iron and other necessary components that we all seem to need in life 11 grams of protein, 4.1 grams of dietary fiber ,245 mcg. of vitamin A,potassium 305 milligrams, vitamin k 18 mcg. and when homemade you control the sodium so not as high as in commercial brands or eating out. Using Kosher salt too because it is lower in sodium. Good stuff! Below you see my ingredients in the cup I chopped my stalk and half of celery including leaves, and a handful of baby fresh carrots also chopped, on the cutting boa…

Geez! Every day something new.


No, I did not forget the Christian world was celebrating this holiday today.

God bless you everyone.

Remember your Sunday school training to love thy neighbor, that's all.
Oh and that means no matter what they might believe even if it's not what you believe.
Tolerance, forgiveness, and love and understanding is what we all were taught at one time.

Sadly, too many have forgotten their simple beginnings.

Please world be kind to one another.

My prayer for the world.

Last night oh what a scary night... is when the eye or eyes in my case jump.
To me it is like seeing one of those silent movies, that I was not around for, before my time decades actually, but I must have seen it on TV.
That's it on TV, yup!
Any-who, add into that joyous problem, NOT, my now having exacerbated my intention/cerebellar tremor:, where my fingers and hands jump; without music.
And I Googled them both to see what is the treatment and now get this...1200 mg. of Gabapentin and possibly a pump for the Baclofen that I have been taking nearly 80 mg. nightly due to horrid spasms too! In my thighs legs and feet, just horrid.
Now the Gabapentin is the scary one and it is great for all that, but I had been on as much as 2100 mg., but tapered down in one week increments, since that is what you MUST do to ward off negative unwanted side effects.Most recently, these last several months to only 600 mg., three hundred in the morning and three hund…

Boat Parade!
Be there tonight!
You too!

Two Nice Guys

Dime Time Media, LLC highlighted tonight.
A local business with their office right in the Charlotte County Cultural Center ... spelling out convenience. Or call (941) 625-DIME (3463) This stunningly eye catching window is a sampling of what's in store for you upon entering this professional office of a unique styled marketing office that's ads add caricatures into your sales media pitches, maps and logos or both, whoa and WOW!  Henry(right) and Andrew (left)
Sample above.
Moving on...
Today Hubby and I went to lunch at:

We ordered our usual there, two broiled lemon pepper rainbow trout fillets with three sides a piece.
My sides were their delish sweet slaw, fried apples, and a Brussels sprouts, pecans, dried cranberries,  a lettuce species, and slaw too combo salad mighty tasty! Hubby's sides were his usual aversion to vegetables, with mac and cheese, fried apples and mashed potatoes with a double amount of gravy... Dr. Oz just said mashed potatoes and gravy are not conside…

I had another PT appointment this afternoon.

Disappointment at this time for I thought I had something more interesting to write about for tonight, but who knows I may get more info by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back to my days journey...
Hung out a good part of the day at home, since my PT appointment was scheduled for one forty-five P.M..
But after physical therapy we stopped by the Cultural Center to see what they had in the way of decorations and if anything was going on... I guess we missed it, since there was not much going on there except if you count some wicked games of chess played by more senior than us folks.

So we moved on to check out our larger Habitat for Humanity store that we had yet to go into, and  not unlike the Cultural Center end of year furniture donations made for very crowded maneuvering for me. Hubby stayed in the van, but opened the door for me.

We always check out thrift shops for trying to find something... anything that might just jump out at us asking to come home, ya never know, ya know?

Nothing did t…

Prepare to be disappointed.

Yup, no pictures tonight.
Although, my somewhat cryptic comments of my previous night, that is prior to the pictorial last night, shall I continue?
I will take your silence as a yes!

Any-who, I mentioned that I had gone to Fantastic Sams a bargain discount chain hair salon that has been around for many, many years.
And so I have gone for those many years on and off according to who was cutting my hair the way I want it or had their own fashion concept that suited me, got that?

If they screwed up I would not complain I would just ask for another stylist or try a different place.
I had gone to an individually owned place for several years, since they were very good to the non-profit I volunteered for by giving away free haircuts at fund raisers as well as styling my models hair for the fund raising fashion shows we had done. We had clothes from Beall's, the regular store, not outlet one and makeup from one of those places that also does wedding parties, all donated time and special…

Uplifting kind of day...

Waiting for my pics to transfer here, but it was a nice way to spend the day after an early PT at nine thirty this morning.
Oh, how is that, one might ask?
Going over to Fishville AKA Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda Florida.
Not far from home.
Just over the bridge.

Barb with Bella the owl.
Funny sign in our restaurant.
Leslie Jazzmaster Dacosta Jr.
Lady I cannot remember sorry and Luna the little owl.
A huggie bear, yep those arms open and close, beware of the bear! Mister watch out!
Bruce Neumann and Tiki D

Tom and Blossom the possum. All wildlife presented on behalf of Peace River Wildlife Center 3400 Ponce Deleon Parkway, Ponce Deleon Park, Punta Gorda Florida 33950 941-637-3830
Enough said! Another brilliant sign in same restaurant.
Look closely the dolphins line the sides of the entrance...
A rare white gator in crocs, ha! 

Fantastic Sams, Beall's Outlet, Fawcett Sports Rehab, Dairy Queen

Fantastic= not so much
Beall's= found something and lost something
Rehab= well done!
Dairy Queen burgers and fries= too much gave back to Hubby nearly half.
Tired now, just got home...

Streaming movies, TV series etc.

We have been watching movies in the same room, a rarity these days and we chose a few Steven Spielberg movies of the 70's and 80's, so we watched ET, one of my favorites, Always, Gremlins and Batteries Not Included then moved on to Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3D, and lastly Jaws the Revenge! Scary, found myself hiding like I did as a young mom during the gory chomping scenes!

Too bad they did not have Close Encounters of the Third Kind available I loved that one too, wish all the Indiana Jones were available on Netflix that we loved, but so far they are not either.
We avoided too serious content ones that most we had seen though before when they originally came out.

Our goal was to enjoy our ride without too much involved in too deep thought, pure entertainment was our goal, although all of those were done so well and that made mindless entertainment take a nice concise slick turn.

We also watched, if I recall, Men in Black; fun stuff!

All ones that brought back memories that we used …

Poor planing ahead on my part...

because this should have been an easier project, but it became less so... by starting late for a slow cooker for dinner. So this is what I did fifteen minutes prior to the picture of the time on this first clock is when I put everything into the crock pot, notice the "original" one  the Rival, yes it is thirty years old and we had had two in the restaurant back then for soups and chilis. 

In went the brisket into the olive oil, but first the pan was sprayed with PAM and then the 2.67 lbs. piece of meat was first browned in my large skillet with a coating of flour embedded with garlic powder, sea salt, cracked black pepper, thyme, and a packet of no sodium beef bouillon. Then I went to relax and watch some Netflix in bed with my iced packs smartly covered in wash clothes and attached with the top Velcro fastener off of my boots, Hubby's brilliant idea!
 And instead of me doing the ridiculous fireman boots slip on/into every-time I have to get up I have these nifty orthotic…

How is it...

that a magazine like Southern Living, cannot deliver your completely paid for one year last August subscription, supposedly due to it being undeliverable?
Our This Old House, Coastal Living, and Better Homes and Gardens all get here to our mailbox in timely fashions!
Last time this happened, also with them, we thought after speaking with the post office and them denying telling the magazine that our magazine was undeliverable, so now what?
Who do you believe?
And we are the ones still not getting our magazine again, until I have to practically have to beg them for it and we will be getting this month's and next, thank you very much, finally. But if I hadn't called...

What they tried to tell me, the one who called them last time this happened is that they received a new address to finally send them to? NOT TRUE!
I said you spoke with me and we have been living here in this particular home nearly twenty years and it is the same address!
She said back to me our…

Third day of Hanukkah and eleven more days till Christmas....

Tra, la, a, la, la, la, la, la, la ,la la,la! Now spin that dreidel!
Are you done yet?
With your shopping of course.
Good luck to all and do not forget to enjoy it all!

Moving on...
Today I had my eval of my feet at the Fawcett Sports Rehab, that over a twenty year period has become my home away from home at times. Actually, I have lost tract how many times I have been there, more than twenty, but this is the first time for my feet. They are both swollen and sore, but oddly enough lefty hurts more than righty, that is slightly more swollen. James was my PT, physical therapist this time, a newbie of being there for only a year and a half, and the first time that I have seen him. I have been scheduled for a whole month, three times a week, forty-five minute sessions, so far.
From there we went over to Winn Dixie where Hubby loves their chicken pot pies and chose one for his lunch, and we also picked their roasted turkey that I served with homemade gravy mashed potatoes and peas for din…

Renewed feelings of goodness and decency in people.

Letting the world know that some times when repeated multiple accusations of sexual misbehavior means that they must have some legs of truth! And when so many people who do not know each have similar or same incidents allegedly perpetrated by Roy Moore in the end most Alabamians felt they were true and voted accordingly for Doug Jones a man with excellent ideas and a modicum of  honesty and decency that is needed in public service of all jobs. Moore, for once be a true gentleman and concede the election sir, you did lose.
Good judgement.

Moving on...

We are lumps today, as we had nothing much going on.
But in a way we both needed that rest.
Hubby actually felt better today!
And I am the one waiting for the other shoe to drop.
You see, I have not had severe flu symptoms, Hubby had.
I suppose it is because I had my flu shot in the beginning of September and his was nearer to the middle of November.
Mine had more time to work, and no the shot does not give you the flu…

Words of wisdom

Our children are listening and learning from our commander and chief.
And what are they learning?
If you do not admit that you did something wrong, you didn't.

Okay, Geez I never tried that even when I was a kid.
Guess I wasn't smart enough to give it a go?
Yup, I even confessed to things I did not do...whoa I was dumb!
Oh that was only on one occasion and I thought I was protecting a friend, but then we both admitted we did smoke, so I did do it. I am an honesty wimp.
I was seventeen though, not in my seventies!
For other bad stuff as a child I usually got caught and reprimanded...verbally.
Probably should have lost privileges.
Wait a minute...

Sorry, did you miss me?
Just took a lighting the menorah break.
You see, sundown comes in the middle of my writing this.

Any-who, when I was a child many a friends' parents were into corporal punishment in the forms of spanking and one large family I recall having a fear of the other side of the hairbrush and or wooden spoon if th…

No excuses, just plain talk about my latest...'s office visit, the nephrologist.

I had an appointment scheduled from August when my GFR showed that I was in stage three of chronic kidney disease and this most recent blood test showed that I wasn't.
And so I tried to cancel the appointment, but I was told to come in and speak with the doctor.
PS the doctor concurred with my assessment from my online access of my blood work.

Even so, he explained to me that I was doing something right with my diet, and so he suggested I comeback in a year after I have my blood test two weeks prior to that office visit to make sure all is still well or better.
I agreed.

And he also was interested in my swollen ankles issue with being in the motorized wheel chair often, and asked if I would want to try water pills, 20 mg. of lasix, taken only twice a week with a potassium pill, and an option of taking them three times a week? (Easier than ice packs down there, and those packs tend to slide off, and for me are hard to do for myself s…

Good evening...

I guess I need a bit of an explanation why I fell asleep so long during the day yesterday.
Well, that night before we had nasty thunderstorms, and Gus our rescue Havanese mix is terribly afraid of them and carries on something awful.

Hubby stayed up with him during the last storm and since his flu is worse than mine, so far, I took a turn at calming Gus all night long.
And we, Gus and I, were up until four forty-three in the morning, so when I fell asleep I awoke the first time around seven thirty.
Feeling not too good myself I decided to take the Coricidin HPB, although I do not have high blood pressure, but the pharmacist nixed the Robitussin DM for me due to my asthma.
Also, my temperature is not as high as Hubby's has been, he had a few days of 102!
That is why I hadn't taken  the Coricidin, it has Tylenol in it, 325 mg., and it is great for lowering temperatures, but I didn't even have 100.

But when I did take it after breakfast I was achy, stuffed up and coughing an…

Lack of sleep and medicines seem to have...

made me really sleep well...
I slept since late this morning until now...

Identical twins

Did you know that these two identical cuties do not come in rights or lefts? Nor iridescence or metallic? And so now you know that I do have plantar fasciitis in both feet, still, again, still... for my next treatment PT, physical therapy for the umpteenth time make that twentieth plus, now in the process of setting that up. First for this ailment though... Serves me right for trying to walk more often!

I do know that I have to keep trying to walk to prevent clots and aid in weight loss. But I do seem jinxed! High protein  diets do aid in weight loss, but create havoc with the kidneys! Actually, my recent kidney blood work shows that my kidneys have improved, since not being on one, i.e. high protein diet. A GFR of below sixty and mine was 53 and 55 that determined stage three chronic kidney disease, and this last test showed it was all the way up to 61, yay! I tried cancelling my nephrology appointment, when I saw it online from the lab, and I did call to cancel, but the doctor's…

Food is safer.

Today was a great day to change to another soup we both enjoy, homemade tomato basil soup.  After chopping in my mini food processor that our younger son bought for me years ago, in went a small onion, baby carrots, celery pieces, and garlic all chopped to be then sauteed in the roux of olive oil and butter and flour with water and chicken bouillon used too. Meanwhile during the veggies sauteing and after rough washing/rinsing the container from the veggies in goes the stewed tomatoes to also be chopped way down. Once in the pot the basil is added and a smidge of oregano, and more basil and powder garlic, a bit of your favorite tomato paste or sauce, and squeeze from one small lemon, and a dash of milk! Then the emulsifier for smoothness!
 The below also one pot meal is my chili with ground beef! I added into the sauteed meat onions and garlic, cumin, and chili powder, Tabasco sauce, and chili flakes, squished through fingers stewed tomatoes, three slices of cooked and crumbled bacon…