Saturday, November 18, 2017

Boating day

We had visited around our neighborhood via our vessel a cruise of our local canals to see how they were doing post Hurricane Irma.
You see, we do have a whole lot of snowbirds in the area.
Definition of snowbird: northerner who has second home to travel to when the snow or cold weather begins where they live the other half or quarter of the year!

We were never snowbirds when we moved here the deal was final, back on August 19, 1986.
 Although we did vacation here in Florida for short term visits on and off for ten years as a family; once as long as three weeks before then.
But I personally had first come to Florida the winter of 1957-58, and then again the summer of '67.
So we really knew our way around.

Charlotte County has significant mileage of man-made canals, yep fifty-five miles!
All the blue stuff is water and waterways! So we decided to do some touring nearby our own waterway B-7 and the rest of the alphabet area!

We found that many people had more damage than what we had thought.
And many of those who had not had repairs done yet might be of the snowbird variety.
As many lovely yards were there, destroyed looking unkempt were there too... waterfront properties that famously are of the more expensive nature, ya know?

Many hurricanes can do that.

So these people will have a lot to do when they arrive.
And I had mistakenly thought that we did not suffer that badly in our county.
We are on the front lines for most all storms, although no storm surge was incurred apparently we all suffered different amounts of wind damage.
Wind can be nasty!
Leveling homes from the top down.
That is the reason we cover windows to prevent the wind from entering and imploding our homes, not just fear of broken glass!
So tape is just ridiculous!
And portions of pieces of wood of coverage is the same, just plain stupid!

You must logically have the entire window shuttered with fasteners or in recessed windows 3/4" plywood covering with Plylox:, creating a suction seal!
Garage doors should be reinforced on the interior with two by fours nailed inside the metal brackets, and/or roll your vehicle against it.
Garages are notorious for allowing the air/wind in to destroy your home!
Lanais now have pop out screening. 

There are so many ways to minimize damage, but if you are not here... you can call a neighbor to do it!
Many folks when they leave to go home up north for the summer they close up their homes with all hurricane protection, sounds like a good idea, hmm?

Not necessarily, fires are harder to put out when no entry is available causing house loss, robberies occur due to looking empty, and on and it's damn if you do and damned if you don' the friend idea is the best or hire someone.

After Hurricane Charley I wrote an item for the paper about ghost pools, homes were gone but those in-ground pools stayed without anyone to enjoy them, and became hazards for children and health.
The law went into affect to fence them around that time.

So much weirdness after the disasters, a truck was thrown into a tree, a very high tree... but, ya know something, no matter how many times nature misbehaves we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again!

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here, ya hear!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Hubby!

His celebration began Wednesday with...
Number One Son purchasing his birthday cake!

I on the other hand extended it through Friday, his actual birthday!
And he is the one with the recent removal of his cataracts! Mine were removed in 2010 and 2014!
Sorry, he threw me off with his entire height thing, he should have been sitting, really, ha; it's my excuse and I am sticking to it!
So actually I should have NO excuse.

Imagine the rest of his handsome head, heaven knows that you have all seen it before enough.
Although, just minus the cataracts, now, hee hee!

So what did Tobi buy for Hubby for his birthday?
A great card and a fishing shirt, sunglasses with so-called cheaters in the bottom (reading glasses), and lunch at his choice of restaurants!
Oddly enough he chose Ruby Tuesday's since they also have a healthy choice section with calories stated, he did it for me... what a guy! On HIS BIRTHDAY!
I protested and wanted him to go to his favorite Mexican restaurant, but lately I have been saying how unhealthy their menu was... he remembered.
Better for both of us; brainwashing does work with love!

We did try wine a few weeks back, and oddly enough to me it tasted like straight rubbing alcohol, could be our cheapness in choices, and no I have never ever tried rubbing alcohol internally, i.e.
Hubby too lost his taste for the stuff.
You see, with my bariatric sleeve surgery I had to sign an agreement to not drink any alcohol for one year, but Hubby and I chose about a year before that to discontinue it, ha joke on them!
So abstaining for two years and so we thought why not try it?
And we decided nah.
Any-who, with Hubby now joining me in quitting smoking for nearly a year for him now!
We are goodie, goodie two shoes with more money to spend elsewhere! Aha!

We are only on drugs, physicians prescribed ones that is... with lotsa of vitamins too!

On that note of now knowing Hubby is once again a year my senior, hip, hip, hooray!
Allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night, and HUBBY A HAPPY BIRTHDAY another oldie but goodie, and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's not like my ...

...head was moved to another location, ya know?
Then how come I cannot remember where it is when I bend down to get something?
Again I hit my noggin, this time on the inside of the fridge!
No hard surfaces too hard for heads to make contact with that is one that has been injured due to my stupid moves!

Same side as the other head banging, but lower in the temple area south of my farhead where the other lump resides, but both on my left side.
Ice pack is being applied as I write tonight, but I also have been applying it to my farhead bump too! Not as easy to do as one might think while trying to tap on these keys to do this!

In the old days I would have smacked myself for this ignorant self harming maneuver, even by accident it is ridiculous, but as we all know now that would just be foolishly redundant to do and probably just cause the need for a third ice pack and I do not have enough hands for that, hmm really?

Actually, if I lean back just right in my bed where I am currently lying the one on my farhead and the one on my temple just lie nicely flat in their locations with their ice packs doing their thing, and allowing my both hands to be freed up to write, Ta DA!

By George I think I got it!

Moving on...

Any-who, Hubby now has had both of his cataracts removed and his eyesight so far is doing what it should be doing... working just fine!
No glasses already!
With lefty just done yesterday pretty great!
Righty was done just over a week ago!

I do believe he is very happy with his outcome.

On this note allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night, and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

You know how you know you should feel something?


Feelings are sad when any family member passes, no doubt about that!
Rocky roads of decades to have fixes or failures and friends and foes, family or estranged family, trying and giving up, realizing that sometimes you have no other choice.
Although, you cannot change the fact that you are related, whether by marriage or blood... FAMILY can make you joyful, overwhelmed or incensed, such is life of decades of how it could/might be?

My parents both passed away way long ago in 1982 and 1986, Mom first a week before her seventy-first birthday, and with her no matter how angry we made each other within hours we would make up and we were so very close and spoke daily on the phone, I miss her still.
Dad too was a forgiving doll and never ever let anything fester for long even if it was way crazy, as a teen as I could be, but I always knew that he too loved me, he died at seventy-nine, back in 1986.
I truly had their unconditional love, and so did Hubby from them.

Hubby on the other hand did not have it as easy.
And his parents came with conditions to their love, and so in many ways this meant there would be highs and lows to his and therefore my relationships with them.
Foolishly, in the beginning I tried to be miss fix it, and tried to encourage overlooking harsh realities of how they were.
Condemning us for not doing things religious wise as they would have preferred.

Hubby and I were raised in two different, very different religions, and though my parents never interfered in how or in what religion we should raise our sons, at first Hubby's Mom had.
Though, after a while she respected our feelings and we chose to raises them as heathens, ha! 
Yes, without formal religious training but knowledge of their roots of their families heritages.
As adults they found their own ways and are happy with that freedom of nothing being shoved down their throats; thank you very much!

Over the years my MIL, Mother-in-law who showed me much love and compassion even calling me more like a daughter than a daughter- in- law!
We showed her a wonderful time whenever she visited us, and for that she did seem very happy!
Even when she started to lose herself from dementia she seemed to reach out to her middle child, my Hubby with moments of rational thinking.
She even cut from the newspaper something that she had difficulty verbalizing... a picture that spoke volumes of what she herself was unable to enunciate. What it says is, "From the Heart, I love you." Written in the sand.

This woman who gave Hubby, his sister and his brother their lives as well as sadness and strife and perhaps many times over also much joy, passed away yesterday peacefully in her sleep somewhere in a Pennsylvania nursing home or a hospital after having unsuccessful surgery for a blood clot at the very good age of ninety-six, not far from her ninety-seventh birthday this coming January 17th.

Mom farewell, knowing you for me has been if nothing else interesting, heart-stopping, infuriating, loving, and at times rewarding and you allowed your middle child and myself to say good-bye to the most of the old you before you were totally lost to us forever, and for that I thank you.

A church going woman who volunteered with the church and never said no to helping elderly friends when a younger woman.

Mom leaves in her life's wake, three adult married children, eight grandchildren, six or more great grandchildren, (sorry lost count) so in a way she will always live all families do!

Adelaide Kruegel 1/17/21-11/14/17, may she rest in peace, she will be sorely missed by many.
Me included.
To be factual, Mom hasn't been Mom since before 2010, due to dementia, sadly then we had to say good-bye.

Odd notification from an unusual family, sister in PA calls eldest brother in WA, eldest brother notifies middle son/child in FL via email.
One grandson, son of middle son, visiting is told in person, youngest son somewhere in Fl also told via email, that he hates for this sort of thing, but again no choice no other way.
And the sad legacy continues...!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Going to be a quickie tonight.

Number One Son visiting earlier today!
Went out shopping and to dinner... relaxing now.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Good news!

We left the homestead late this afternoon 3:50 P.M. for Hubby's check of his right eye and according to the doc he is doing just fine!
That news allows for his left one to be done this week, YAY!

From there we thought we were going to pick up something hot for dinner from Winn Dixie's prepared foods, but we did not see anything we liked, so... we actually picked up two big Macs and one medium fries and one chocolate shake to share right in their parking lot at the local McDonald's.
I ate less than half of the big Mac and handed back some of the fries I took to Hubby, he also finished my big Mac; I had taken less than half the chocolate shake and added skim milk to it and it was fine.

I had a bad night last night and a mediocre day today too, rest wise.
Yesterday, I did something stupid, as usual.
I bent down in our shared shower room seeing something on the floor, and hit my head, basically clunking it on the porcelain toilet edge.
I saw stars and felt a bit dizzy, but got into the shower anyway.
After, I rubbed the sore spot and was somewhat relieved that there was no bump.
The bump came later, much later.

So I put one of my many ice packs on it that night switching out with cold ones all night long, and I was apparently afraid to sleep.
You see, over the years I have had three medically diagnosed concussions, so you remember what to do for them.
I even had a cracked skull once that showed up on one of my MRIs.
My head seems to get in my way a lot, and for some reason with balance issues I have a chronic problem of hitting my head first on my way down in falling.

Thus so many headaches, besides from my allergies.
Caffeine helps headaches as well as Vicks Vapor Rub under the nose after using Simply Saline for sinus related causes I have found.
Thus what makes me, me are a culmination of those noggin knocks?
Not unlike football players I suspect, and with Multiple Sclerosis lesions I am screwed brain wise!
Legal/legit excuses I suspect?

Oh darn.
And lack of sleep, since fear of blood clots or hemorrhages... makes sense to me...

Night, night, sleep tight or loose, or not at all, whatever is better for you personally, ha!

Take care and be aware of those wayward toilets jumping out in your way! Shelves, counters, desks, tables, walls, doors etc, you get the idea...

Allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sorry folks.

Nothing earth shattering in our inner world, re: to our home that has occurred.
Although, the news on the other hand was flourishing with many fake and true newsworthy information for our souls to see and hear and learn from with access from many modes.

Hubby and I for some odd reason sat in the same room and watched a Stephen King novella based movie, 1922. Mixed reviews.
We were not that frightened, some of King's stories are scary as any of your worst nightmares!
When I was a child I read all of Poe, i.e. Edgar Allan Poe.
To me Stephen King was/is a modern day macabre stylized Poe, so I read him.
In the 1970's he could not write fast enough for me!
My favorite to this day, is his, The Stand, that I must have read four times, yes several hundred pages and newer versions with additional pages!
As a child and into adulthood I read all of Agatha Christie, Erle Stanley Gardner, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc. those sorts of oldies, but goodies!
To be fair I also read Anne of Green Gables, Bobbsey Twins, and Nancy Drew series.
So many authors since then from Robin Cook to James W. Hall to Randy Wayne White and on and on ... many women authors too.
Reading does help with writing as any English teacher will tell you.
But forget about helping with grammar due to dialects, mannerisms of how real people speak in dialogue in most stories...see I do have an excuse, ha!

But really folks if you can give your children one gift, a cheapo one, it should be the joy of reading and the enjoyment of BOOKS!
Besides helping with mandatory studies in all levels of school, it is downright fun, and the original bargain basement escapism! 

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tonight's tale... sadly true.
The quiet has been and still is deafening all day long.
We chilled in the truest sense of the word... oh, wait... no, not like our northern friends who did actually chill, meaning brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the cold air type of chill! Tis their season though.
Ours was of the relaxing type; never that cold here in Florida! Well not never, almost never, maybe a few days in the year, but that's all, really!
Nearly the do nothing type of chillin'.
Needing hard to think what to write type.
Oh, here is something... I made lentil soup!
And I did a load of wash, but I think I forgot to put it in the dryer, oops!
Hubby mostly napped that is when not taking Gus out.
I've been streaming Netflix's Luther series, after watching a few PBS how-to shows.
I have streamed so many one season shows lately that I have lost count as well as the names of many of them.
This latest one, Luther, is mesmerizing and you really are hooked to watch the next one.
Good stuff, if you enjoy that sort of thing.
And I do.

Tonight's dinner menu is leftover chicken and salads from last night, too easy peasy, help yourself whenever you care to meal, hmm.
The best kind for a lazy day.

That could be why we still make too much, leftovers, although we did share one chicken breast last night and the leftovers are from that, wow we have been eating less!
"They" say so.
Yup, "they" those obscure insolent speaking in the deepest darkest background, "they" persons of faceless non-identities.
Never betraying who or whom, "they", are?
Sneaky little or big men or women, ya think?
Always taking censuses and filling out questionnaires?
"They" seem to have the say.
"They" might even betray what we have to say!
Something to think about, wouldn't you say, that is if  "they" wouldn't contradict you?
 Never mind.


On that weird note...

Happy good night to all, share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Venturing out...

... when does a venture out turn into an ad-venture?
No, really?
I will leave you with that thought for a while.

Any-who, we did go out to the outer world, not staying in our immediate inner one, and we did attain needed items today. Hubby's reading glasses at Walgreen's for one that he calls his, "cheaters", at least I hope that is the only thing he cheats on, bud dump bum. They were a twofer, and he got his flu shot, mine was gotten in September. Somehow we ended up months apart; how that happened is beyond me when we had originally started off together.

Next we tried to deposit the insurance check at our bank, but we had forgotten that when you have a mortgage, as we do, actually now a much smaller one, though we do have one, with our bank the one we went to...the insurance check has to be sent to the lender first, their mortgage department and signed by them with the break down of what it is to be used for that we also sent to them as requested and then it comes back to us to get everything taken care of, it was mailed out today, so all is in their ballpark now.

It had been thirteen years since Hurricane Charley and when we last had to do that, though so much larger checks due to much more damage and the rebuild, but we had forgotten all that; maybe due to the traumatic affect?

Well, all that money was unexpected so waiting on getting it back is no big deal, since the end of hurricane season is this month on the thirtieth and nothing is out in the Atlantic nor the Gulf coming towards us or expected to either! That'll teach you to have a professional check your home for damage after a hurricane or any other major weather devastation, ya never know!
And there is much less severe damage this time that can wait to be repaired.

After Walgreen's and the bank we picked up groceries at Publix, and came home and ate here.

Nothing horrific was happening on the lunch time news for once, how refreshing.

It was beginning to seem that whenever we would go out when we came home and I read either the headlines off my welcome page on the laptop or saw the TV news something awful had happened!

Makes you think about the correlation of going out and coming home that we had made it back safe and sound was perhaps a small miracle!

The world today is a much scarier place.

On that given note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you kindly to share all you blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Oddities in life, can be quite unexpectedly surprising...

...and here's what I mean...
You know that I had wanted to be reimbursed for our $97 worth of gasoline for our generators due to being without power after we returned home after we had left due to us having been mandatory evacuated? And that was because we have a waterfront home with only a nine foot elevation, and Hurricane Irma was supposed give us a fifteen foot surge?
Well, it didn't, thank heavens.
But when I was told to contact FEMA for the gasoline possible reimbursement they said they no longer pay for that, but they pay for the hotel that you had to evacuate to, they said that although even though you feel your damage to your home does not meet your deductible you still must notify your homeowners' insurance in order for them to even consider the reimbursement; okay.
So I applied to both, FEMA and Tower Hill.

And last week although I had sent the receipt from the hotel to FEMA they denied giving us anything due to not receiving anything from us from Tower Hill our homeowners insurance that I was certain would deny us due to not meeting our 2K deductible, but they didn't and they sent us a check instead.

The adjuster who had been here on October 28, 2017, and he carefully examined our home and even climbed up on our roof. He told Hubby that he felt we did have some wind damage up there and he looked at our fence, and gutters and garage door and felt they had proven they too had some, but minimal.
He told Hubby he did not know if the roof would need just some repair or replacement.
And Brian Robertson from Alabama our adjuster came he saw and said he would get back to us in a week.

Today was well beyond that week, and so I called to find out what was happening and left a message to see why we had not heard back. While waiting for the call back...
Hubby went out to get the mail, and there was a check, but not for the three night's stay at the hotel for the price of $251 plus bucks, but for $XX,XXX.XX! ( I almost wrote the amount, but had second thoughts. I redacted it to be safe.)
With a breakdown on all that it was for, we were flabbergasted!
Good grief!
And if I had let it go?
Meanwhile, Hubby and I know it is not enough to replace the roof, but a very nice repair with that special white coating that our neighbors are getting is possible, no metal roof yet.

They all flew through the hurricane without any seen damage, but who knows we felt that we hadn't any either or I should say minimal.   
The garage door should be replaced, and maybe some of those new composite white fence sections in the front would be nice to replace the wooden ones.

We will have to price everything out; but Gee Whiz, I suppose that fortune cookie from last week, ya know the one about our finances, this is maybe what it was referring to?
What an interestingly nice surprise.

So now I am left with the dilemma on whether or not to go back to FEMA for the hotel monies; what would you do?
When they had sent me the forms it did not indicate the time they needed the info from the homeowners but now since now they denied us due to the lack of that information it is a more complicated process to resubmit.

Oh well.

On this note allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

This is up there with ya never really know, ya know?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The eye has it!

Hubby's that is; one cataract eye down, righty, one to go, lefty; yep odd the one that is left, is lefty, ha!
That is why Number One Son was here to help with transporting his Dad to the surgery.
Hubby said he was awake for the whole procedure and talked fishing with the doc, ophthalmologist/surgeon M.D. Eric R. Schaible at Community Eye Center. My eye surgeon, Dr. David M. Klein that did my miracle surgery back in 2014, doesn't do surgery anymore, sadly, but only due to partial retirement; after all he is our age!

Hubby's whole process took about an hour and a half.
Hubby said that he doesn't recall actually how long, as he quoted, he said that he was in," LA-LA LAND." The very same descriptive use of that expression for Hollywood California, sleeping, and dreamland! I recall my dearly departed, since 1986, i.e. Dad had passed away at a mere 79 years old, he too had called it that, and the expression is so much older: "

Definition of la-la land

:a euphoric dreamlike mental state detached from the harsher realities of life"
Thanks to:
Next week we will start the whole thing again one more time!

Number One Son had to leave to go home for tomorrow he has to be at work.


But he will be back next week, YAY!

Life is so much better with family in it, most family that is, ha!

Moving on...

So due to surgery no cruising tonight.

My steak and potato and veggie slow cooker dinner last night was a big hit as well the pizza lunch and blueberry pancakes breakfast today.

In fact there is a mere one serving of the slow cooked dinner for Hubby, meanwhile I still have one more serving, believe it or not of my lobster lo mein! And that is what I will be having, yum!

After that for the next few days I will be creative with our meals.
Our freezer is well stocked as well as the pantry.
There are a few more blueberry pancakes, I had made too many, but Number One Son had doubles, and Hubby has had many too, and still more!
Number One Son also had doubles on dinner too!
I so love to see them eat, it makes me feel good to know they enjoyed the meals.

I had also made peanut butter oatmeal and raisin cookies, about two dozen, just a few of those left.
So much fun cooking for family, even when there is only one more of them visiting!

On that note, allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Last night...

...for some no good reason I had difficulty sleeping and finally fell asleep around three A.M., and awoke around seven A.M. not a lot of sleep by anyone's standards.

By rights I should have been able to drop right off to lala land, (not just Hollywood California, also meaning a sleeping place) due to being a pedestrian in the truest sense of what that means.
WALKING, although with my walker, but even down to the boat.
I had asked Hubby to remove BIG BLUE to the van, since I was doing more bumper cars than maneuverability with him indoors, outside I am good even in not so wide open doctors offices, but in our tiny realm here not really having that drive-ability that one should have to be able to get from point A to point B, so I left a few marks, if you know what I mean?

Any-who, in my minimalist prep time for the holidays I had asked Hubby to provide me with our wall and door white semi-gloss latex interior paint that we use for touch ups, to take care of my motorized causal blemishes in our interior of our home so I could fix them.
And that I did do a few days ago.
As I sat admiring my handy-work it made me consider the plausibility of trying harder to manage with only my walker, even to go down to the boat, and so yesterday I did!

Only with my walker I made it all the way down to our boat and no longer needed my plantar fasciitis boot on either. I managed to make it there and back with about an hour rest in between due to again going on our cruise for the sunset, but because of the time change of daylight savings' time the sun set by the time we got out there!   
So we came home and I made it up the short hill to our back door!

Since I was not going to fall back to sleep this morning so I decided to start the crock-pot for tonight's dinner, steak, veggies and potatoes all go in nicely, and ready when we are tonight, or this early evening for regular folks.

Number One Son should be here soon and we are either going for a cruise before or after dinner.

Hubby knows that it will be a few days till we can go out again after his surgery, and the same with his other eye too, next week.

We cannot even go out together shopping due to my manual ramp for the motorized wheelchair, no lifting, it weighs about forty five pounds.

So we wait, just a few days each time.

His third eyes' surgery for his lids will be after the first of the year we decided, since he will be having better coverage by then.

Number One Son called around two thirty that he was already on his way so... he should be here soon!

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Saturday night.

Fisherman's Village at night from the harbor and photographed by Hubby from our boat. All pics by Hubby I again was driving.

                                                          Sunset 11-4-17
                                    Full moon rising, 11-4-17, and yes, we did get our half priced pizza at Bocca Lupo, two actually; due to Number One Son Visiting! (One we have frozen.)

                                        Our new lights doing their thing very well down at the dock.

Yesterday, we went fishing thus our nice day that I had referred to last night, and we did not catch anything. We did see dolphin who are hard to photograph unless in large pods and doing acrobatics, but on occasion we have been fast enough and have snapped a few, plus in our old days with our young water skiing sons behind our boat on movie super 8 film.

Consequently, live bait had been caught too, I suppose dolphin come back for that too, ha!

Last night we were pooped and so when Hubby suggested Chinese food from China City, and I agreed whole heartedly.
And so without further ado here are the three fortunes from the cookies given to us with our dinner.
He ordered roasted pork egg foo young and I ordered lobster lo mein, and we shared egg drop soup, and of course we still have plenty more.

"You soon will have the opportunity in improve your finances." Improper grammar I do believe it should be "improving", I think, but I am no grammar specialist as all of you know. And I have no idea of how that could be, except the increase of 2% in social security income this coming January, hardly a large improvement in "FINANCES". Although, the first time in years, but not that much really, who knows.I would give that back if you know who would step down.

"A person of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds." HEY!
I used to be both, i.e. words and deeds, now only one, words, so weeds have grown, yup, but real ones outside, Hubby hates gardening, ya know, ha! And sadly I no longer can do.

"A beautiful person is with you, confide your problems." This one must have been Hubby's, ha,ha, ha; oddly enough I think it really was.

On that lighter note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night, and ask you to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


And we call ourselves human beings?
Today, again, another mass murder this time in Sutherland Springs Texas at a Baptist church at 11:15 A.M. CST this morning, at least twenty-six murdered and two dozen injured, the shooter is dead.
Information is still coming in, so not everything is known at this time.
Monsters are among us, horrifying animals who seem to exist only to lay in wait to commit these evil deeds.
Another reasoning for Texans to rethink their feelings about the NRA and all gun laws, we need tighter legislation on background checks having to do with psychological testing, and previous histories, and NO ONE NEEDS AUTOMATIC WEAPONS FOR HUNTING! They should be outlawed and the gadget that turns tamer weapons into killing machines!

People, not taking any of you rights away, just using common sense????????????
Please think people, and learn by these reoccurring incidents with major murdering capacities.
No one can consider these things hunting equipment unless they expect their meat to be chopped when they capture it?

I am baffled at the illogical dragging of feet on all the real deadly incidents that keep happening and nothing changes?

Let us all do something, get after your local legislatures and tell them you want action now!

Stop being whishy washy on this too important issue!

I had a very nice safe day... and feel so sorry that twenty-six plus people did not!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

You know how sometimes nature makes you go WOW!

This was one of those many times...Last night's sunset and moon rise.

Ya know how small we all are in importance in the universe when you see such enormously amazingly extraordinary complex beautiful things that make us realize in the realm of existence we and all we have in the way of problems are minutia in comparison to everything else and we are so very tiny, ya think?
So calm down, this too will pass.
Love and peace to all.
And the next time things appear too overwhelming, literally look up!
It helps to put life into perspective, ya know?
Happy good night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  

Friday, November 3, 2017

Escaping the manse for a couple of hours

On our specific journey we had our main objective satisfied.
The reason for our trip was to finally attain some additional lighting for down at the dock.
Initially I had thought that LED lights strung from post to post would not only be efficient but attractive.
When faced with all the prospects the dilemma was jaunting.
Especially since now the multitudes of choices were enhanced due to the seasonal factor added into the mix.
Yes, Christmas displayed lighting was really an asset to widen the possibilities we had thought, but when all was examined and tossed aside, metaphorically, we chose to widen our search to more customary forms of exterior lightning and so while still at Home Depot, nothing untoward was occurring... we proceeded to look at the exterior choices, and one fit the bill.
The look is nautical and Hubby will have the two matching lights installed by most likely tomorrow.
And that is when I will show you how they look!

The crazy thing is they are the old fashioned type with 150w incandescent bulbs, and for a momentary short circuit, again not actually, Hubby and I and even the store employee, Laura, who was just helping us try to find the elusive bulbs, she was not from that department, but did succeed, none of us could remember what an incandescent bulb was? As if the bulb lit my brain into action, ha...I caught on immediately, saying EDISON! The original light bulb! How truly ridiculous for the three of us not to recall such a common object's name. They used to be called just light bulbs, but on the box of the new lights that did not come with any bulbs it said that they took 150w incandescent bulbs! How truly silly of all of us!
So many new bulbs to deal with that in the year 2017, it is amazing that they have to distinguish between the original and all the generational newbies, but I guess they do, sure they do!

Hubby also saw the wheelbarrow that he needed; since his ancient one had broken beyond repair a while back, and with all the jobs to do around here it is a necessity!
So we also purchased that while there, i.e. Home Depot.

Only one stop left... lunch!
And since it was my choice we ate at Paneras. I had a free half sandwich acquired from their program. Hubby had some poultry barbecue flatbread thingy with French onion soup and their baguette, and I had half of an Italian style sub with creamy tomato soup and an apple, half was wrapped to come home, we both had iced water, mine with lemons, but of course! Oops all done! Should have taken full pictures... silly me!

We arrived home just before two P.M., we had left around eleven A.M., time well spent and efficient in accomplishing. Although, this time Hubby had taken measurements of the dock, in the end we did not need them.

The two new lights will be on the posts already down there, and oh I forgot we also bought an outdoor timer so they will be adjusted to be on from dusk to dawn. We always have the option to switch to more efficient bulbs if these prove too dear in price to run, but we doubt that will happen... who knows.

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thoughtful meditation

When you do get a day of reflection, what do you do?
Well, for me, besides watching mindless entertainment on the TV I did something today that I do not do as often as I should ... I took a nap!
Yes, I am at that other end of the age spectrum where napping is not considered goldbricking, especially if you are retired, not still working, it then is considered beneficial healthwise.
So I finally did something right!
Well, it's not like I haven't before...I used to work it into my day fairly regularly and at that time I did not know that it was a good thing.

Adults who nap seemed so lazy to me.
Oops did I say that out loud?
Yeah, I did.

Oh, so I did mention reflecting, this is it, thinking about what I have done today, gotcha!

Hubby was more productive physically than me that is, he trimmed our palm trees in the front and back of our home.
The weather was in his favor, still not too hot nor too cool anymore, high seventies to low eighties with much lower humidity.

I suppose since he is in much better health than me that has more to do with any of it!
What is that? His ability to accomplish. I set goals daily too, when things need to be done, but I am all caught up!

My energy levels diminished with different daily physical abilities waxing and waning issues, and consequently also having an effect on whether or not I am depressed for the day.
Then also how I feel that I am treated in the outside world, or even my immediate in home world.

Some days are better than others emotionally.
Not uncommon with chronic illness people, and I have many, illnesses that is.
I know that I am not alone with that, but no one has exactly the same medical problems, even with people having the same illnesses.
So like everything else in life no one can really understand how you or I am feeling at any specific time, truly.
But I bet you get that.

Medications can cause depression as well as the illnesses themselves, so it does seem futile to throw more medication after the the "problem", to me.

I kid daily about the reason I do not let depression get the best of me due to me having a short attention span, and to feel so very low you must also be able to harp on that sadness for very long periods of time, and I don't. My answer for me to snap out of it is that I seem to be able to easily distract myself with entertainment such as Netflix or network TV or conversation, or reading or arts and crafts or cooking, so many other things that I find to do.

But of course my sadness is due to problems that are not fixable, many aren't till they find a cure, and so adjusting my attitude is how I handle these too difficult topics. 

What a Debbie Downer am I... oh well!

Somethings that I do not write about on here make me sad.
Lets put it this way...I am a lot of work.
But I am still capable of cooking, doing laundry and light housework, and paying all our bills!
Even though my bad days outnumber my good days, so it seems at times.
I do take care of many things.
I still can take care of all of my own personal needs too.

People see me in the wheelchair and on occasion they assume otherwise.

Some even talk to Hubby and not me, like when I had a manual one that Hubby had pushed me in; hurt my feelings. They seem to think I am not able to communicate!

Not the right track... let me get back on the right one!

The world actions depress us all and make us angry without knowing what we can do?

Uh oh, same negative track, but if we cannot feel others pain than what are we?
Truly, our hearts break with all these mass murders for no reasons!
THERE IS NEVER EVER a reason for this!

Yes, horror is an emotion we must feel free to express.

And if these things do not have an effect on us then we must find out what is wrong with us!

I still cannot understand people who refuse to watch the news though.

Pain in life helps us appreciate joy.

Nah, pain is just pain and we DO NOT NEED IT, and JOY SHOULD STAND ALONE, AS OUR HAPPY PLACE!
We must find a way to make the world a better place for all...!

Now on that better sweeter note allow me to be the very first wish all of you a happier good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Veterinary medication at people pharmacy.

Gus, our rescue Havanese mix bog, boy dog, had a hard life before coming to us, as a pup of the streets in the wilds of Naples Florida and then he had been picked up by Animal Control and brought to the organization Canine Castaways in Arcadia Florida, never having the interim spacing of foster placement, but instead thrust into our open arms for permanent placement. A whirlwind life, and not particularly his choice and for that we are more than sure!

And quickly he was chosen to be ours at a pet-shop hosting the many rescues for the non-profit organization mentioned above... we were made to fill out paperwork and received an in-home evaluation prior to the last and final stop for our then Gaston, now Gus. Changed due to Gaston in French meaning stranger, and since we had adopted him he was a stranger no more, and who wants to call anyone Gas for short, really? Plus in the movie, Beauty and the Beast he was a villain, and Gus means majestic.

Although...he has found it difficult, we think, for him to see in the not too illuminated lighting at times causing him to lash out in fear by biting us! This has simmered down mostly over these nearly three years he has been our four legged son.
When he was dozing though about a month or so ago he did get Hubby again.
So our conclusion is when the expression said, let sleeping dogs lie, there was definitely a reason, at least in Gus's case.
Meanwhile, he had been prescribed the generic of Prozac, Fluoxetine capsules 10 mg. for the last maybe a year or so, and he is much calmer these days. Capsules are perfect for we sprinkle it on half of an egg every morning for him that he gobbles up with gusto. Get the intentional pun, GUS-to?

We had to order his medication this week, and we had been paying around $15 for a 90 day supply, very reasonable for what it does, but we requested they mail it, so the great deal with mailing was over $24.
Only thing is the only vet that has it is his old vet the one in Arcadia and that is an 82 mile round trip that is why we asked for it to be mailed, since we had tried their suggestion of ordering it online, their site did not have his dosage in capsule form, and neither of the main pet medication ordering companies did either Dr. Foster and Smith nor Petmeds,
  both did not carry what he needs, plus the tablets they did have at one time were out of stock, and  were $28 for only a thirty days' supply, plus $6.95 for shipping!

A while back we had tried our local pharmacy at the grocery that we frequent and they wanted $60 for the same medication, and then for some strange reason I told Hubby to try Walmart pharmacy today, he gave me their number and I called. We have one of those smaller version neighborhood ones about three miles away, and they gave us a price of... drum roll please... of $10 for a ninety day supply!
Right now we are set for the next three months and two weeks plus, but at least we know that we can do this at not such a crazy price point.
His new vet that he has gone to for grooming is less than eight miles away, so sixteen round trip.
Big difference from eighty-two.
He's worth it, i.e. all this leg work to assure he gets what he needs without feeling gouged, no different from ourselves with our perseverance to get the best care for the best prices. We make sure our meds are priced right and I changed doctors to be closer to home, my old neuro's distance was 100 miles round trip and now less than four! See similar to him.

On this note allow me to be the first to wish you a very happy safe good night, and ask you to share all you blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We left our home this morning with errands on our mind to complete,  we had some accomplished like registering our boat and car for their yearly events' of county licensing, done.
But failure in acquiring dock lighting since my concept of LED string lights had not properly been measured for, or even another Halogen one was not located where we had gone, Walmart, next time measurements and Home Depot... oh well.
I will get back to that momentarily.
Then we ate lunch at Firehouse Subs, and Hubby had his NY steamer, corned beef, and I had their salad with turkey and ham over lettuces, cucumbers, Greek peppers, etc. 270 calories 300 with the Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing I chose, iced water for both, lemons for me.

Then To Hubby's eye doc appointment, and after Publix for regular grocery shopping, and then home... turned on the TV and again!

More horrors this time in NYC in the Lower West Side a rental truck from Home Depot driven by a 29 year old man who ran into a school bus and down a bicycle path running down dozens of people killing eight, eleven injured! Pray for all the families involved!
So far it does appear to be a terrorist attack, again.
A few blocks from the World Trade Center, the attack occurred from Houston Street to Chambers with a few schools in the area having to go into lock down at the time, now lifted.

Halloween should have been full of fun and joy for all those children in that area and now horrifically that has turned into a day of terror.

They believe the perpetrator was from Tampa Florida!
Everything is still just under investigation, so nothing is certain yet, even that he was acting alone.
He was caught and is temporarily in the hospital with a minor gunshot wound.
This time perhaps they will be able to get some answers?
Who sad.

Meanwhile we have our stand set up for our local trick or treaters:

 Be safe, and happy good night to all and also try to have some good old time fun, and a Happy Halloween to all!

And next time please be here or...
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  BOO on YOU!

Monday, October 30, 2017


Since my right foot is still looking funky I called the doctor and got an appointment for this afternoon at 1 P.M. and we were taken in within moments of our arrival, a few minutes before the agreed upon time.
It was only a week since my left foot visit, but both of my feet were undressed from my lefty wearing a nifty black sock under the basic black meshy, flannel insert, Velcro closures non-fashionable to my knee boot, my righty was less ensconced with a mere matching sock to the other with a glaring white old persons' hard leather Velcro dual closure Reebok styled sneaker; so my feet were baring it all to be observed by the doc!
I was wondering why both feet were naked when Dr. Tracy walked in.
He took a look at my newest medical issue and said well it's the same tendon as on the other foot, so tendinitis and a broken blood vessel. He offered another boot and I declined. Then I reiterated my question on the problem on the left with the additional plantar fasciitis wanting to know a time span for healing and he said four to six weeks. So I deduced, since between when it started and today it has been approximately twenty-seven days, so I am pretty close, I would say on lefty that is.
I see him again in two weeks.

Oddly enough I suppose due to my crazy gait with my odd foot problems my right knee started to give me another nasty pain, and that is NOT a usual complaint, so now I am back in bed.

Moving on...

And I am supposed to give political commentary now?
Here they are, my mini OP ED pieces/items: His days are numbered! The end is near! Truths catch up to all who lie! (And that my friends is what makes America GREAT!)

Now that some sounded like fortunes in a fortune cookie, hmm?
I do love Chinese food, and no I am not being paid by them either, ha!
Happy I am not under contract or salary for any of my political criticisms or any of this!
Oops I also do love Mexican, Cuban, Spanish,Thai, Italian, Greek, French, Indian, and so many non- American foods, am I in trouble?

No kickbacks from any of those countries either!

YEP! I love to eat!

I am so ashamed... NOT! HA!

On this very silly note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The other foot?

Why, when and how did this happen?
I really do not know?
The LEFT one already has the boot on due to it having plantar fasciitis and tendinitis! This is my RIGHT, could it be jealous? Kidding of course.

I have no measurable pain in this right foot that is definitively bruised and I awoke with this hard to the touch bulbous raised in the middle bruising unbeknownst to me of cause by doing anything reckless or even NOT doing anything reckless by accident!
Curious, very curious.
Downright odd!
And that is the inner side, not the big bony side of the outer foot, it's on the inner side below the smaller bone on that side, and yet there is a bump like a bone protruding.
Does anyone have any ideas on how this could have happened?
I am right here and even I cannot figure it out.
No wandering in the night bumping into anything.
Not ER worthy and so I have iced it on and off all day.
The discoloration has diminished somewhat, but the hard swelling has increased in area, very weird!
I am in wait and see mode until tomorrow...

Moving on...

Hubby mowed the lawn today; probably the last time for a while due to cooler temperatures, beautiful mid-seventies, and sixties overnight for most of the week, although tonight it will be in the fifties!
Eighties though will be back by the end of the week.
Together we made corn chowder for dinner, definitely soup weather!

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Food for thought, or not

Saying something profound sounds so self important, ya know?
Being liberal has no longer taken on the hippy look, have ya noticed?
We as Americans have been yelling, "I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!", but is anyone listening? NETWORK movie, circa 1976:
Some days?
Why are some rainy days romantic at times and at other times they are scary?
Have you ever noticed that people who think they aren't judgmental are?
Here's one for the ages, how can shrimp be colossal?
Threw that one is a joke, an oxymoron.
Okay where did the word, "shrimp" come from then?
Or any words for that matter?
Oh I do understand derivations and all that, but what made German, Latin, and French words end up in our English dictionaries and why didn't they ever use our English or our American words, no originality, really?
Now we tell our children that the sky is blue due to its reflection off of water, but lots of sky is not over water and is still blue, huh?
And not to throw a wrench into the whole concept, but many waterways today are brown and green and red due to sediment, so how come the sky still appears blue?
Gray I get due to clouds, but blue?
Why do people get so upset about not having enough certain types of weather, like too little rain, or complain about it being too hot, or too cold to only realize later that the weather has/will/always does change and eventually comes back to one type of weather that you prefer?
Human nature, but what really is HUMAN NATURE?
I do know that we are all human, but due to environment or nurturing we all react to similar situations in different ways at times, no two people will be able to understand all adverse circumstances in the same way, why?
And how can we disclaim those reactions as human nature?
Horrific actions of violent behavior is never considered "HUMAN NATURE", although concurrent acts of similar behaviors have been noted in medical literature, so cannot negative dangerous bad behavior also be considered, Human Nature? (Hope not.)
Why is home-made sometimes better than store bought, and sometimes vise versa?
It is inevitable that people react to certain news items in different ways, and that I believe has to do with nurture vs. nature and politically taught by ingraining those ideals in their brains, not that much different than hate or love, understanding, compassion, prejudice or bullying, ya think?
I believe that to be true, although changeable throughout life with the realization that some ways are better than others presumably with entitlements form peer groups or not so much.
Decency is set by example, or is it?
Can the worse of us grow up in horrible situations and pull ourselves from them?
YES! But not always.
 And the best situations have the worst results on some adults? But not always.
Life has no rhyme or reason, at times.
So questions are always good, not always, and is it better to think than act at times too?
Evasiveness is acceptable in some social circles, and in some cases thought to be polite or rude?
Balance in conversations is a delicate social grace that at this mature age I still have not yet learned.

Just some things to think about I hope.

Get back to me, whenever you have no or some time to discuss or remain silent about this, whichever is better for you or me.

Happy good night or not.
This is wishy washy or not.
Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
I enjoy your feedback, silence so very much, ha.

PS Moving on...

Great rainy day TV on Netflix ...I have been watching season 2 of Stranger Things, enjoying it as I know everyone else is too... also watching The Mist, that I had started before that, from Stephen King, almost decided not to watch it when the first credits rolled due to it being a Weinstein Production, but I succumbed to my better judgement and watched it anyway for the actors sake and entertainment value with the thought he no longer will be profiting from it, and he has been stopped in his tracks from this while being accused of allegedly of horrid sexual harassment of nearly seventy women, and even three or more counts of rape! In my opinion it sounds true to me. Horrible, but why should the actors lose out because of him?

Earlier today the adjuster came he was here to check our home for damage from Hurricane Irma, we determined prior to his visit that our  minimal damage that we repaired already, the sofits and the gates locks were below our deductible of 2K. But then the garage door has some dings and doesn't go down right, wind they determined and he checked our roof and he said it has some edge damage that might be able to be just repaired or might need to be replaced, and the electric down on the dock that blew off was also considered hurricane related... I had thought it was turning the bunks related, but no. Hubby admitted they were falling off when we returned from our evacuation!
So who knows what will happen now, I thought we were a definite denial, but just needed to contact them for the hotel reimbursement? More food for thought, hmm?  A can of worms.  

Friday, October 27, 2017


We went out to fish but instead found ourselves once again on a photographic safari! No critters were harmed in any way on our day out again!

The fellow/gal below was about eight feet long sunning itself in the mangroves!

See unspoiled areas coexist with developed areas!
In this jungle paradise called Florida!

Thumbs up in my selfie!

Hubby with hands on action! Me, not so much. This waterway is called Shell Creek, a short excursion from our B-7 canal to the Elkam Waterway our main canal then to the harbor up the Peace River to Shell Creek!

                                  A very old railway bridge still being used!

                                       Our hearts in the sport, but not our bodies all of the time.
            Those are our mangroves that harbor wildlife including fish, many varieties of birds, i.e. all sorts of waterfowl.        Let's all...  

                     No automatic alt text available.