Friday, June 23, 2017

Dry, dry, and more dry= hot, hot, hot!

First day here in a long time without rain.
Right now, after five thirty in the evening it is ninety-one degrees, but feels like 100, according to the meteorologists!
It is true that out west , California, Arizona and Nevada in our country in many states they are having actual temperatures in the over one hundred degrees realm, even in some places it's over one hundred and twenty!
So I guess being inside in air-conditioning is all any of us can do.
The sky is a very pretty shade of blue though.
If one must go out you must wear sun screen and hydrate and best to go into a cooling swimming pool due to many natural waterways harboring bacteria with these warmer temperatures and not proper cleaned with chlorine or special Bio Guard or even those salt water swimming pools prevent bacteria and other nasty things more so than the seas, lakes and ponds these days!
So be careful and you can still have lotsa fun!

Hubby and I did go out today, and we spent a small bundle at the grocery store, but food is always a necessity, and yes, we ate lunch at home first! We had a list, but deviated from it considerably on things that we mostly forgot to add to it prior to leaving the house.
Publix employees in our Publix were very friendly, as usual... the only thing is... that they were mostly new faces that seemed to be saying hello, how odd?
Nah, that is their way there; making you feel welcomed.
How truly nice to know some things do not change!
To be helpful, polite and knowledgeable must be their requirements in training their employees, great policy for most all businesses.
And especially now when even groceries may fall by the wayside of being brick mortar stand alones to online shopping and delivery services that already exist in so many places!
With the advent of Amazon who just bought Whole Foods this mega machine of a conglomerate will definitely take advantage of the needs of the too busy or infirm to shop out of their homes, and make ordering and delivery more than likely speedy and cost effective for the masses via computers and phones!
No wonder groceries are now the ones under the gun to make sure their personal touches are so much more desirable to us old fashioned patrons who actually go inside to be that touchy feely type of retail brick and mortar supermarket customer to buy what we see smell and touch, and in many cases taste by sampling first!
But alas Publix has always served its customers well, with baggers packing your groceries for you to helping you out to your car and loading your purchases into it, really what more can any of them do?
Sadly I fear for them and us when that other shoe drops and there are no more buildings to enter just surrealistically through CGI in our techno devices?
No more smelling that melon, checking those berries by turn the carton over, speaking of cartons checking to see if any eggs are broken, why? Why will we miss that? Because "they" will make sure ahead of time that all is complaining on overcharges even by those computerized cash registers, since like most things that are only as accurate as the person who enters in its information, now all other computers will be entering your information into another computer and another computer will set up delivery and a drone might very well deliver it to your front door within minutes!
The future is here!
I don't know about you, but by now 2017 I really thought that our lives would have been more like the Jetsons, ya know?
Robot maids, flying cars, push button houses, etc., etc. etc... although some have SMART HOMES that their cell phones run, but goodness gracious not all of us...yet... but so many things can be run from our smart phones, truly amazing!
Not mine personally, but you hear and see things on the TV, ya know...
We have flat thin TV screens, three in fact, two thanks to Number One Son, and even one that is SMART, so I guess we too are modern, futuristic here also!
Even our Android phones are considered SMART PHONES!
No key locks on the car all done from buttons on the key or dashboard and it has a back up camera too, hey with that it is still using a key-bob to get in, confusing.
We have Energy Star appliances nearly all of ours that means they all use less power and therefor are more efficient to run, although utility bills continue to go up and down, also confusing. More than likely due to Global Warming, the up part! We are always Hot, Hot, Hot, here in FLORIDA!

Any-who, we ate well for dinner, salmon broiled, sweet potatoes baked, and chilled cucumber salad, made with Greek yogurt and Stevia and sliced cucumber of course! And we each also had a stuffed clam.
I barely ate the clam or the salad, but no worries tomorrow is another day!

On that note of enjoy what is out there and even go out there before it's too late!
A world where Agoraphobia is an acceptable behavior; I sure HOPE NOT!

Share and count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Last night we discussed the return of Lady Misty Bennington and her bling...

... and tonight... where shall we go?
Inanimate is my thingy and I, at one time, could verbally make the non-live come to life in word!

But unfortunately my silly bone is not coming through right now and so... I will go over what has transpired since we last met here.

Last evening a representative from Best Home Services called and verified that they will be here today between 10 A.M. and 2:00 P.M., and today, this morning...A fellow named River called at 8:20 A.M. apologizing since he was stuck on I75 in traffic and since we were scheduled for eight A.M. he felt it prudent to call...huh?
First of all we were scheduled for in between ten and two we told him, and he was calling backwards if their policy is to call a half hour before. Hubby told him to be here at ten.
And River said that he would see us at ten.
Twelve thirty came and went so I called and told the receptionist on a taped call line exactly what was said.
While speaking with her he came in on our call waiting line telling us he was a couple of blocks away.
He mentioned the street that actually intersects ours, and yet it took him twenty minutes to get here from there, perhaps a quarter of a mile away, if even that!
Again this administration influence... is this what is making people believe that lying is OK?
Anyway, he finally arrived and checked and cleaned the system.

Last night I also received a few other calls to set up my Solu Medrol IV infusions, first a nurse and then from the medical supply company who told me that in order to have it at home it would cost out of pocket $225, Medicare does not cover in home, but at the doctor's infusion center it would be 100% covered; a no brainer!
This doctor is less than two miles from our home, so why not?
Three consecutive days have been set up for next week.
Meanwhile I had called my chronic care nurse for a standby vial of insulin. You see, the very first time I showed latent signs of type two diabetes was in 2009 while hospitalized and receiving my first of now sixth time infusions of Solu Medrol infusions, and in the hospital they checked my glucose and felt it necessary to give me insulin, and each and every time since then whenever I have had I had a diabetic reaction, but most do. That first time it took six months for my A1c to go back to nearly normal, after that it also took a few months, but by then I was labeled a "Pre-diabetic" which annoyed me. My A1c has fluctuated as high as 7.1 to as low as this January 5.7, but now it will be screwed up again, just when I thought I would finally get rid of the threat! Not happy about that.

It had been nearly two years since I had my last infusion at home on 8-7-15 The only reason I know that is because we still had the insulin bottle nearly full in the fridge that I only needed a couple injections from back then during that three day period.
Darn, wouldn't you know it was no good after April of this year!
Any-who, my internist Dr. Nord personally called me last night and asked for all the information off the bottle and that she would call it in for me... whew!
Actually, my chronic care nurse, Debbie, did call it in so everything is coordinated to come together at the same time.

And the news is we should be having a drier weekend, so maybe we will get in some fishing, yay!
Hubby is going to catch some bait fish in our canal with his net off of our dock.
If we go out early in the morning or late in the evening for me that are safer, temperature wise, and as long as it is after dawn and dusk the mosquitoes should be a lesser issue!

Hopefully, we will have something to show for our next boating trip...dinner?

On that high note please try to have a very happy good night!

Share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

She's back...! With itsy bitsy bling!

Showing off her rear! 
Hubby was called this morning that she was almost ready that the FL registration numbers and name had come in.
Miss "T" 2, AKA Misty too? Usually, these days...ha!
You see that Miss "T" was the name we gave our deck boat when we first moved into this house and the one we had traded in for our Sea Hunt, "Seas the Day" that we had named also.
The name is on the corner due to the motor being dead center stern/aft (rear) port (left) side.
Nice touch gold. I thought I only had choices of white or black, since the background was black I thought white would stand out well, but the gold looks even better in my opinion.
Who doesn't enjoy a bit of bling!
Heaven knows I even enjoy a Goldie Gator, ha!
Homemade golden porthole with Martha Stewart five mirror set for $14.99 at Home Depot back then, still have two left, besides the portal the rope one to the left is from that set, and below that is a seashell covered one, the wooden pegs were glued onto the porthole made to look like bolts, made ages ago. 

 Thrift store picture frame was white wood now gold, and wooden tray also from a thrift store was white but left the grape motif on the inside, about three bucks for both, years ago.
 The above basket weave wicker, but fake really plastic was once brown I had gotten that for about a dollar at another Flea Market for a non-profit. I had painted it poppy orange and later decided to gild it. The goose and seashells below were free the goose is actually a saccharin dish the prongs are long gone, it needed to be re-gilded and so I did it, and the clam shells are from those stuffed clams you buy at the grocery, bleached like all other shells and then displayed or enhanced like these!
That's all folks for tonight!
And make that a very happy good night!
Count those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oddly enough a not too hard of a day today!

Hubby motored over our new boat to the Beach Complex to be picked up for its application of all items that we have been waiting on, the motor cover, the dressing room draping, now a new prop, story later, the FL lettering for registration, and the boat's name Miss "T" 2.
The older gentleman, yep older than us named Allen this time, did not realize that besides picking up the boat there he was to drive Hubby home too!
He gave him a twinge of orneriness, but did take Hubby home, saying they hadn't told him that.
He also told Hubby while putting the boat onto the trailer that he should gun it since it wasn't in place, and that is when its brand new prop was damaged since the guy Allen didn't realize he was hitting the cement ramp and chipped our new prop on our new boat on each side!
But Hubby was home within an hour of the whole process.
A little while ago we got a call from Lane the Service Manager over at Ingman's Marine telling us that everything was installed except the FL numbers and the name that will be most likely tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow afternoon we should have her back, YAY!

Moving on...

Today I went back to another local neurologist, less than two miles away from our home, the one with the billing issue but not the doctor problem. Dr. Montoya is a very good doctor, had an annoying billing department, and she is the one who had put me on my first course of Solu Medrol in the hospital back in April of  2009.
All went well with the meeting with her assistant an ARNP Lynn, who did the initial exam, and next the doctor came in and discussed other medications in the interferon's category with me other than the one I have been on for seven years next month Copaxone. She felt I was getting worse via my symptoms and exam and paperwork and reading of my MRIs even though my MRI's stated that my brain lesions appear stable; she said they do not tell the whole story.
Although, right away she felt that I should go back on a course of Solu Medrol to see if that helped my hands and arms and blurry eyes symptoms and to verify that I am in secondary progressive, then the other meds would not do any good to go on them.
I must try this and see what happens.
I told her what the other Doc had said about the IV steroids causing necrosis and she disagreed.
Most others have too.
So they are setting up an in home infusion, my sixth. My last one was in July of 2015.
I will have to call my internist for insulin since the infusions create spikes in my glucose, as high as 300, but go back to normal when all done.

So there you have it another day in my not too exciting life!

And what do you know, in spite of all the bombings and killings and horrendous happenings for some strange reason we are still here, thank GOD, me and Hubby that is, oh and you too!
How do I explain
Counting those blessings here nightly with you!

And try very hard to have a happy good night!

Please next time be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Okay, so the supervisor calls back...

...from Best Home Services in Sarasota Florida and this man tells Hubby that the thermostat was never recalled, and Hubby says you should inform your repair man since that is what he told me. And get this he says that the fellow called our home at 4:16 P.M. and it rang for a minute and a half!
Hubby told him no it didn't we were watching the news and had the phone right next to us!
Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
And besides their policy is to call a half an hour before they arrive and the last time I checked 4:16 P.M. is over an hour before 5:20 P.M. when he did actually arrive without a phone call at all!

Any-way, they are to be here again Thursday between ten and four; not likely! Ha, make me a believer!
This time it is for a complete cleaning and check up as was originally scheduled last week before the emergency call!
And yes, no air-conditioning with a person who has Multiple sclerosis is an emergency, and I also have asthma! The weather daily is into the nineties before the rain comes, and then during and after the humidity is unbearable if we were to open the windows when the temperature goes down to the seventies while raining! Plus on occasion the rain's angle could come in through the screens!

Anyway, it should be interesting on Thursday when they finally do get here?

Moving on...

I was right!
Hubby did want to use his new toy, the power washer, but... it is very powerful and the paint was coming off the fence and he was just trying to remove the mildew/mold from all this rain!
Yep, the dirt caused on the rear fence turned to green!
And he was trying to get that, but now as soon as he gets a chance he will be spraying the bleach/water 50/50 and then get it with his power washer that is electric, so rain is the reason he had to stop!
Meanwhile I do have some PICS to share:
Little orange froggy sitting on the fence!
Ponderosa Lemon tree Hubby grew from its momma's tree seed! It is the one in the middle above in that very pretty light teal or turquoise planter on a wheelie system to move easily if need be. It is in-between two pony-tail palms that also are very easy to propagate here too, sticking their branches in good soil. 
And below is a broken lemon tree branch that Hubby just stuck in the soil and it began growing by throwing out leaves! It is sitting on the bench/ live well that is alongside the fish pond and serves doing double duty as a bench and as a holding tank for our fish when the pond is cleaned out, Hubby had spar varnished its teak wood top, the tub is made out of fiberglass.
Guess he finally did receive his Grandma's green thumb! 
                                                                                                       Mandevillas in pink below that replaced the two white ones that did not survive, they now seem to be acclimating nicely, attaching to their trellises. They are on the other side of the fence to the pool, and behind the lemon tree and palms are on the other side.  

 The fence will be cleaned once the rain stops for awhile.

Happy night to all and do share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Sure it like Mothers Day and Grandparents Day and Children's Day should be everyday, but... we shall always celebrate our families everyday no matter what?
Yup, even the estranged kiddies and siblings and aunties and uncles, cousins etc. etc. etc...think about them and do not ever forget them!
Because if they are truly blood relations a little bit of you and a little bit of them is each one of you, got it?

And tough nuggets!
I guess that above expression makes me an official old fart for the definition itself is that when an old fart dismisses someone else's misery!
Thanks to:
A bit harsh, okay so I'll take back that "tough nuggets"!

 Deal with it though.
I might have the record of pissing people in the family off with my brash honesty of my opinions, and excuse my language please though, but... that is what I have apparently done.
Not only, "family" but many "friends" who thought of or considered themselves "family"!
Sorry folks my mouth at times tells all before I have time to edit!
No excuse.
Although, many people also involved in those relationship dissolutions were very bad quick to misinterpret too or interpreted correctly in the heat of aggravation from other sources!
Or were the cause... more than likely!

Oh where was I?

That's right today IS Father's Day!
And our sons were not able to be here, but Number One did call two days ago saying he would be working long hours today and so he wished his Dad, Hubby, Happy Father's Day Friday.
And the younger one hasn't spoken to either of us for over a decade...
So I made Hubby a card on the computer.
And a special breakfast too.
And we also went out to Lowe's where he got a brand new power washer, his old one is over thirty years old and iffy on whether it will start or not?
And it is a very handy item for cleaning the stucco, walkways, fences, decking, cars and boats, and it was on sale for Fathers Day and new toys tend to be used a lot!
We also picked up a great big planter pot in light teal for the Ponderosa lemon tree Hubby grew from one of our trees seeds!
He has been nursing the sapling, that is quite large now, more than three feet tall!
And since our landscape plantings are quite abundant it has been decided to be place at the end of the pool on its wheelie base that we had also bought today with potting soil that has fertilizer in it that is supposed last nine months, same as birthing a baby, how odd or perhaps apropos!
Any-who, we were going to go into the Flea Market when the sky opened up with a teaming downpour, so instead we went to lunch at Plaza Mexico, one of Hubby's favorites.
We ordered crab enchiladas that came with rice and refried beans, and had iced water with lemon on the side.
I ate about a third and the rest came home with the chips and salsa they serve there. Hubby ate more than half of his, but what was left also came home.
We had the cooler with the ice packs with us, we had remembered.
For our last stop was Publix to pick up my Gabapentin 300 mg. 2X a day, only a thirty day supply, I usually get a ninety day supply from Humana Rx, but I am almost out, since I had gone to only one pill a day for a very long time then went back to two just recently!
Super vitamin B complex that we both take and I am trying Capzasin HP for my painful hands it says it for muscular pain, but I read somewhere it is also for nerve pain.

We also picked up a few food items.

Dinner was leftover salmon croquettes I had made yesterday, homemade fries, salad and peas.
Dessert will be Entenmann's marble pound cake with chocolate chip Breyers ice cream.

Boy is it coming down in sheets the rain, WOW!
Gotta go now TTYT.... hope all you Dads had a great day!


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Air-conditioning unit!

Thermostat was mal functioning, when the temperature would be manually lowered the unit did not go on, it has been as warm as eighty-one degrees in here!
You set it for let's say seventy-seven and it reads seventy-nine and shuts off before reaching the lower temperature.
Best Home Services installed this new fourteen seer unit in September, we do have a very small home so it was sufficient.
In fact our bills were half of what our older system's was installed in 1996, two years before we bought this home, we sure got our money's worth out of it though.
But the last two months our bills have been slowly climbing up, not too much though, by most standards, eight then twelve bucks a month.
When installed the new system last September, and our temperatures were just as hot as now, and so that is not the reason.
There also was a ticking noise with the outside unit; Hubby just told the repairman about that too!
Hubby saw that it had shut down and ticked then went the wrong way and then reversed itself. He just so happened to be out nearby it due to Gus being out with him to make.

The problem we had was that as all repair services do they gave us a time between noon and four that they would arrive.
They also tell you that they will call a half an hour before, neither of those things happened.
After several calls from us, three actually, starting at three forty, and the receptionist stating the repairman was finishing up his other call and that he would be calling us at any minute, and he never ever did... he arrived without any phone call at twenty minutes after five.

Are we too concerned with business people should that we should trust them to be taking them at they're words?
In the olden days your word was your truth and your businesses honesty when followed through.
But times have changed...sadly.

This repairman is undoing what the last one did, the other one sped up the motor and changed out the fan.
Apparently, that wasn't a good idea, according to this guy.
Sorry no distinct description of the man, due to Gus, our Havanese mix rescue dog and I are held up in Hubby's and my bedroom for many reasons.
Gus is not that much a people person, only us and Number One Son and his gal who he loves us all.
But since in his past he had shown occasional aggression to some people and yes, he is selective and so we don't want to take that chance.
Better safe than sorry, ya know?
So here he and I sit with fortunately although the door is closed the overhead paddle fan is comfortable and now I do hear the air system purring once again!
Even with cooler temps seventies the humidity has been out of sight, and I do have allergies besides asthma and so it is best for me to stay in the air-conditioning.
Also a bit upsetting we did have an enormous window of opportunity to go out in the boat, but alas we had to wait for him, the repairman for all those hours and now it has been raining since just before he got here!
Supper was a whole other matter... Hubby gets a bit uneasy when someone comes during it, but we did have so many leftovers from last night's, baked chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, and peas and carrots with home made mushroom gravy that we had just made ourselves what I call TV dinners and zapped them on our plates in the microwave just before his van pulled up!
No call, so we really did think we had at least that half an hour they promised.
I took mine into the bedroom while Hubby I think pointed to where everything is as he sat and ate, but got up periodically.
For good measure, I did something nasty... I called the house phone from my cell to prove that it works fine!
I thought I heard him tell Hubby that he had called... LIAR!
We had not left the house all day waiting for him!
My goodness, why?
Why do people lie?
Do people now feel due to our  Mister T, AKA Pres. DJ, Orange Frothy Haired Guy doing it, lying that is, that it is an acceptable behavior?

I think not!

Is this that trickle down economics I heard discussed again?
They hold all the cards so the heck with us/US?
Not going to allow this.
Tell them you won't.
Their supervisor is not in any longer today, but Hubby did ask to speak with he/she on Monday!

It was the thermostat! A bad batch this guy said, and had been recalled.
We now have another new one!
Hubby had diagnosed it last time, but the other guy disagreed.
He still knows his stuff from engineering and working as an apprentice plumber while going through college, over forty years ago!

So far I still hear that cooling system humming along, yay!

Happy night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Show me your Da das!

I have shown mine.
Why not make Saturday and Sunday post fathers pictures days!

Mine, Irving Wenzelberg, lived from 1-27-1907 till 5-11-1986, Mother's Day that year.
He was funny and kind and passed away without any regrets and a fight for staying alive and when his heart gave out they worked on him for a couple of hours. They loved him already with his short stay at that hospital, he told jokes to their staff! He had had a brain stem thrombosis weeks before and he lived five and half weeks with that, when most people lived only twenty-four to forty eight hours with that type of stroke, he even was going to physical therapy, but he died of pneumonia since he was allergic to penicillin and they could not find any other medications to save him back then, even in 1986!
My Dad was always the one to make me laugh at myself when my teenage self took things too seriously!
He felt I was capable of doing my first non-babysitting job at fifteen, as a short order cook in the snack bar at my Dad's Bowling Alley and Restaurant with nightly entertainment too, the Eclipse, in Hasbrouck Heights NJ, back in 1965.
He paid me a dollar an hour and I could eat and drink whatever I desired so long as it was any non-alcoholic beverages behind the bar where I wasn't supposed to be due to ABC, in NJ Alcohol Beverage Commission did not catch me, but I had to go there to get the soda for the kids who were in the Saturday Bowling League to go with their sandwiches, I made it like a spy game to make sure I wasn't being watched!
I made hamburgers and hot dogs, and sometimes I burnt them, but smiled at the kids and called them barbecued and they ate them anyway when I served them, a few I remade. I made fries the same way many places do today in that oil bath fryer, but not the healthy oil then.
Dad had shown me how to measure/weigh the meat and place it in the handmade patties shaper way back when.
Great experience and I got to see my Dad more often.
By seventeen I worked for Ohrbach's and then Lord and Taylors while in my senior year of high school and all through college and after too!
But this is about my Dad.
He was one of six children, his youngest brother died as a toddler.
Probably from some horrid ailment they had no idea how to treat way back then in the earlier part of the 1900s.
Most all of my aunts and uncles on that side of the family had at least two children, so lots of cousins!
I was told Grandma Gertie and Grandpa Abe came to America in the 19th century from Austria, but since then it is confusing since many genealogy trees show that they came from other eastern European countries, so to this day it is still unclear.
Dad though was born here in New Jersey, USA; I think only the eldest, his sister, my Aunt Rose, was born in Europe.
Dad was the middle of the five left.
He had three sisters, Sophie just the next older from him, Anne was the baby, and Rose the eldest, and his younger brother Morris who he helped financially get through law school.
Rose and her husband had a men's wear store for decades, Sophie's husband had a pocket book manufacturing company, and Anne's husband was a structural engineer.
Kids all went to college, a few even went to the  Ivy League.
Considering Grandpa was a house painter and very hard worker!
The new world was everything I bet he imagined.
When I was small Grandpa Abe, Dad's Dad was a small slender man when in his home he loved to watch TV westerns, and drink Schnapps and eat dried fruit; all kept in a cupboard alongside of his bed.
When Grandpa visited us he loved to go out and work in our garden at our home in Paramus NJ.
He was quiet and always busy, I think he lived well into his late eighties maybe early nineties.
He was like those Blue Zone people.
Grandma I never met, she passed away in the late 1940's before I was born. I was told it was from her diabetes that was not under control and caused gangrene to both of her legs and she died while hospitalized.
Dad in spite of many sad things, he was always positive and loved the world and found the good in most all people, when no one else could.
There is so much more I am forgetting... oh when I was small and most parents read to their children he told me stories about his growing up and numerous jobs he had before becoming his own boss at the age of nineteen when he left law school since he thought his brother was better suited to it than him, and he opened Irving's Dairy with his siblings help. I guess similar to convenience stores of today, but more like a small grocery back in 1926. Dad was forty-three when I was born.
He had that for nineteen years and then with his cousins bought the Eclipse in 1945!
for another nineteen years then tried retiring for six months and decided after Mom helped to decide he was driving her crazy with his antsyness he signed up with Snelling and Snelling the temp position agency and did some interesting jobs from delivering false teeth to ending up become a toll taker on the Garden State Parkway in NJ!
He died the year after he retired again, on May 11, 1986!
My Mom, Sylvia, had passed away in February 15, 1982 weeks before their forty-first anniversary March 9, 1941, and he remarried in 1985, for the third time. Dad had been a widower at only thirty-one; his first wife had had a heart condition, Anne. Yep they, he and Mildred, his third wife, celebrated their first anniversary while he was hospitalized.
So he had had a full life and as he said without any regrets.
What more could anyone want or need really.

Most recent photos of Dad in Bamber Lake NJ where we moved from to Florida after he passed away just a few months after in August of 1986.

Me and Dad: His birthday our kitchen there and the other one is a Father's Day photo receiving Best Great Dad Grandpa certificates in our living room there in Bamber Lake NJ. Love you Dad and I miss you daily!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Life is hard, but I am not ready to deal with the alternative.

As we all know what that is?
Many, billions believe in life after death as do many others believe this is it!
And others who want to believe that if you are good you go to heaven and if you are bad you will end up in hell.
When I was a kid we all thought that when buried that the worms go in the worms go out, period. Others, mostly adults, would say dust to dust. And as a child I thought, why wouldn't they just dust 'em up? ( A very young child.)
Even now my beliefs change daily, being slightly closer to that last quarter of life, Gosh that would mean I will be living till eighty-nine, so I better hurry up here...Although, that also means that I am not ready, yet.
Does that mean it is my choice?
Nah, or maybe or maybe not or perhaps it's someone else's?
Since I am a firm believer in no suicide for me, and G-d has enough to do for him to have total control about my fate in my opinion, I think, the medical profession has found ways to extend our lives if they have our willingness to cooperate or not, many others believe.
Some say I never went to a doctor and here I sit at one hundred and fifty, kidding, but who knows somewhere maybe?!
Others go to the doctor and die before the age of thirty!

And of course there is always vice versa in these things.

Blue zones, are throughout the world where people live long healthy lives without any intervention from anything.
The one constant vein of truth I have gleaned from these documentaries from PBS to Maria Shriver's investigative reporting is that the people almost all of their lives continue to work, walk, and eat their own non chemically treated foods, that they tend to in their own gardens where they do their own harvesting, and live on mostly vegetable based diets and that seems to be the common thread.
The terrains in their villages are usually somewhat mountainous so walking is a vast test of physical dexterity and abilities as much as the tending of their gardens are.
All the interviewees were healthy and amazing!
No major illnesses were discussed or noted, including their mental faculties were as sharp as ever!
All have lived this way all of their lives.
No one that I saw interviewed had decided mid-life to change to this criteria of lifestyle and diet.
So the rest of us are basically screwed?
Not so much.
In theory, we all have the power to change.
Even cure our own maladies miraculously!
Not necessarily, but conceivably with a strict adherence to change.
Although, I would be amiss to state that these ways will cure my diseased body or any types of cancer or any other extreme ills, but it just might help, a little?
Attitude is everything, in everything that is being positive has always proved to be beneficial.  

Every night we as civilized people listen and learn from reading and watching and communicating to continue to be knowledgeable, right?
Using our techno machinery to make the planets' information appear so much closer, and therefore our world smaller.
Thinking our world is very small after all, and this is all due to our ability to get the info, the need to know info almost instantaneously!
But for what price?
No, not monetarily.
Stress, anxiety, anger and frustration; joy, and happiness not as often.
Could these things be shortening our lives?

Gosh I have no idea; I am not PhD or even a medical doctor.
But we have been told they are dangerous to our health.
Those Blue Zones do they get news, I don't think so?
Do they have electricity?
I think the only one in Loma Linda California did.
But isn't California known for air pollution?
And yet one of the Blue Zones is there.
Oh that is in Los Angeles anyway from all the cars.
Thanks to:
All where people live to one hundred years old and beyond.

Wish I knew this before I was born, ha!

Something's in life we have no control over, like who our parents are, our genetics, even in our other portion of our beginnings i.e. where we are born and raised.
Until adults we pretty much have not a lot of choices.
And after that it could be a crap shoot that is if you do not choose wisely.
Seriously, how do we know what is a wise choice, hmm?
Again, it's the luck of the draw.

Now that I took us all on a journey far away from life's slap in the face harsh realities, not really, did I make you feel any better, worse, or indifferent, and did this respite from the real world last long enough or are we all doomed to think we are the only ones that can save the world?
From tyranny, our cruel and oppressive government of current rule.
I am an American, born and raised here, but sometimes I find I need a refresher course on definitions of our English words.

Any-who, happy good night to all!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The shooter who tried to take lives on a baseball field in Alexandria Virginia was so WRONG!
He had asked if they were Democrats or Republicans playing and practicing for a fund raiser and he commenced to firing with his automatic weapon when told they were Republicans.
Five individuals were shot, all will survive, thank God.
The shooter was a nondescript sixty-sixty year old, overweight, Caucasian man from Illinois, now just another dead domestic terrorist.
He had been known to have joined anti-Republican groups.
These groups do NOT attract non-violent types, they are the kind that commit criminal acts to get their ideas across!

Disagreeing with our current administration should never ever come to this!
People we can intelligently change things that we do not agree with in non-violent ways!
Speak with your local government officials.
Sign petitions!
Call your state representatives!
Go to local government meetings and most of all do not complain if you do not vote!
We the people can change things with consistency and by non-violent means!
 Being squeaky wheels will work!
And looking for legal loopholes too, ha!
There is a protocol in doing the job of the highest position in the land and once all is said and done legalities will prove that dishonesty doe not pay!

Moving on...

All of sudden we have people listening to us.
Complaining about things that did not make our neighborhood look nice, and now a health hazard.
The city commissioner came to our home after Hubby called Code Enforcement about three homes surrounding us that are quite unkempt. Even with all this rain Hubby mowed two times in one week. Meanwhile none of the homes have mowed for months and they are adding to the mosquito problem!
The grass is over a foot high!
The Code Compliance people who closed the accounts when Hubby called for a follow-up with them  stating that they were not an issue. Hubby and I felt they were incorrect and so he called the commissioner's office and immediately got action!
They were cited as Hubby watched out of our front window by the same people who felt it was NOT an issue previously, hmm.
All three are rental properties that previously had lawn services mowing there, why not now?

Also our new boat is also being taken care of due to no one initially getting back to us with the items missing, next week all will be installed.
Squeaky wheel again.
The owner's son had called us and even gave us his cell phone number and said if we have any problems to call him, and when no one got back to us on Monday when they said they would Hubby called him.
They will have it for two days to put the registration numbers on, the name MISS "T" 2, the curtain for the dressing room the cover for the motor, and the new boot for the Bimini, brand new and the stitching was coming out!

The empty lot next door had been sold! Hope they build a home there. There was a home there for decades that had been completely destroyed by Hurricane Charley back in 2004, that is how long it has been an empty lot.
It had sold in 2007 for 112K, and according to the latest records it sold now for just 30K!
It is waterfront so someone got a great deal.
Our neighborhood has had prices go up and down ridiculously in the nearly nineteen years we have been here.
Also only in Florida that you can have homes from under 100K to nearly 1M in the same neighborhood!
Our own street/block have homes from the 80K to nearly 400K, crazy!

Any-who, the rain has continued to make us landlubbers for days.
Hubby and I did some straightening of cabinets.
We have quite a collection of plastic bags that we have saved for wastebasket liners.
They have been less than they were due to using for years canvas bags for groceries.
Unfortunately, they have the store's name on them and since we shop mostly in Publix, Hubby feels it an unsaid improperness to use them in Winn Dixie or Walmart, thus the continuance of the plastic bags.
Beside using them for liners, they also come in handy for food shells from shrimp, chicken bones etc. to take outside not to smell up the indoor garbage cans. And we used to use them for doggy waste, but we have different specific ones for that!

So editing that massive collection was in order and we did that through all those important phone calls received.
Those thinner clear veggie bags are great BTW for bones and shells, we do double bag them to protect them from insect invasions etc.
Embarrassingly our one drawer above them was sticking out slightly due to their massiveness!
For shame!

Enough of airing our dirty little secrets!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the shooting and their families.

Happy good night to all!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Somehow Google's Blogger has changed its posting protocol, and so far I have no idea how to use it to get the most coverage ever.
I used to just post on the icon at the end of my blog, as I still do for Facebook, but now it is gone when you tap on the G+, it has been replaced each time with a red triangle with an exclamation point in the middle; as if it is a warning to not to post... could it be my most recent content?
Should I become paranoid?
Russia is showing up again in somehow finding my blogs, although the amount of people reading it from there has diminished exponentially!
A few compared to hundreds.
Oh well.
I wonder if on my anniversary date of this month on the twenty-fifth when it will be nine years if I should just stop the whole process of writing this?
I so enjoy writing nightly, it feels so right and is cathartic in some ways.
And this forum whether two or two hundred read me a night is still so simple to use.
Not being in a professional setting I am my own boss with no actual constraints.
Although, an editor would be nice.
Being more careful and rereading before posting might work better.
I do most times, but at times I look at the clock and try to post before it goes onto the next day's numbers; in the summer that is eight P.M. EST, in winter it is seven P.M. EST.
I am the only one competing with me.
No different than what I used to tell my seniors, not high school or college, people over sixty-five years old like me now, when I worked with them in the non-profits that is you should only compete with yourself physically.
That is unless in a competitive sport of course.
Being that the mean age at the time was seventy-five, it was more often for that than as you might think, ha!
 I was in my forties then.
And yes, I am aware of the Senior Games, a competitive physically able game contest!
Ahhhhhhhhh wellness!
Nice way to get older.
If I had had a choice I would have chosen that!

Moving on...

The rain is loud and so very noisy!
Thunder with lightning has taken over the ability to hear.
And I am inside with windows closed.
Being outside and romantically walking through the hazardous wetness is not advisable, even without the lightning the mosquitoes would make it quite uncomfortable!
This is NOT the RAIN we all requested!
We wanted the tamer sort.
The come and go kind?
Not the heck with ya' all!
Or build an Ark type!

Eventually, the meteorologists believe it will level off soon!
The sooner the better I say!

Happy good night to all!

Share those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, June 12, 2017


Insidious: as an adjective
1. intended to entrap or beguile: 
    /an insidious plan
2. stealthily treacherous or deceitful:
    / an insidious enemy
3.operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but with grave effect:
   / an insidious disease.
adverb: insidiously
noun: insidiousness


1.corrupting 2. artful, cunning, wily, subtle, crafty. Machiavellian, astute, corrupt, crooked, dangerous, duplicitous, designing, dishonest, disingenuous, ensnaring, false, foxy, guileful, intriguing, like a snake in the grass, perfidious, perilous, secret, slick, sly, smooth, snaky, sneaking, surreptitious, and wormlike!

Thanks to:

Thy name is Donald J. Trump, insidious.

Moving on...

This started out being a remembrance, and thoughtful composition on the deviousness of the shootings that occurred one year ago today at the Pulse Night Club here in Orlando Florida.
Forty-nine human beings were mercilessly killed for no apparent reason at all that night while enjoying themselves at the club.
The only thing that made them a target for disturbed minds was that the club catered to the LBGT community, that was it, they weren't mean or undermining evil beings they were basically happy decent folks who were out at a club much like many go to to listen to live music and dance and have fun, that is all.
Why then did anyone think that was not a good idea????????????????
People having a GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!!
What makes some believe that their way in life is the only right way???????????????????
Love is love, like is like, friends are friends, no matter what your definition is everyone is entitled to their own ideas, get it??????????????????
No one should be killed because of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that is why I chose the word "insidious" as the description of  the doers of the deed of hateful murderous insidious behavior upon taking the forty-nine human beings' lives who were doing nothing more than being in a club have a great time!
Sure "insidious" applies to what they did, but gosh almighty if while reading the definitions and synonyms didn't that definition also apply and hit me like lightning, since it being exactly on the spot of the description of our current PRES. DJ????????????
I know, I know I too was shocked on the definitions being so much on target, it was uncanny and a bit frightening!

And no, it is by no means a joke or me being funny I truly believe it is a PERFECT DISCRIPTION OF THE ORANGE FROTHY HAIRED GUY!
I even reread it a few times and rubbed my eyes nearly in disbelief, but there it was spelled out literally!
It was reassuring in the respect that now knew there was a definition for this person, and I use the term loosely, of one word to describe him, "INSIDIOUS"!

Maybe those red impeachment T shirts should read "IMPEACH THE INSIDIOUS"... that is all!

Something to think about, hmm?

Happy good night to all.

Share those blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another day another binge watch!

The weather was iffy once again and so we planned our day accordingly.
Lunch at Olympia and groceries at Winn Dixie?
I know.
Not Publix.
We spread the consumerism around.
And sometimes you go where you are closer to, true?

At Olympia Hubby had the hot roast beef dinner with split pea soup, string beans and mashed potatoes and extra gravy.
I had the broiled flounder with tomato cabbage soup, broccoli and rice pilaf, and took half of it all home and just had it for dinner, except the soup! We both had iced water with lemons.

At Winn Dixie Hubby added on to the shopping list from their prepared food department a chicken pot pie, and all flavored wings already cooked for another meal.
In their fish department they too had jumbo shrimp on sale for $9.99 a pound, but with your Winn Dixie card only $4.99 a pound! We bought two pounds steamed to be frozen!
Strawberries were on sale too, twofer, but since fresh we took one only.
I do wash them and freeze then these days, but we already have some in the freezer as well as blueberries!
It kills me buying, blueberries that is, since when we lived in NJ they grew wild around our home in fact I would ask our sons to pick them regularly for things like blueberry pancakes and pies!
Any-who, they are loaded with anti-oxidants and I use them with my Greek yogurt and protein shakes!
And oh yes, the occasional berry pancake.
Cherry tomatoes also were twofers.
I prefer them lately to plum tomatoes or even vine ripened, due to they are so proportionately right for all things. We used to grow our own and other veggies in raised beds, but the feral cats started to use them for litter boxes so we had to stop, thus us only having fruit trees. 

I even use the cherry tomatoes in place of canned stewed ones adding them in with low sodium V8 for my chili, soups or for sauces too!
Garlic cloves, and scallions, radishes were also picked up, but no lettuce for months now; it sadly goes bad before we eat it all so we just stopped buying it, and instead use the salad take out ones sometimes in sandwiches even!
This way waste not want not!
We did buy three cans of stewed tomatoes though, they were ten cans for seven bucks!
Our room availability is the only reason we did not take any more.
I was able to get my no sodium chicken bouillon packets though; and I had forgotten how high in sodium regular was at 38% sodium! I had looked on the regular beef bouillon and left it there, oh well. I really did need both.
I will improvise.
Or wait till I get the beef one without sodium.

The reason we ate lunch before going grocery shopping, it is recommended so you won't buy things on impulse or due to hunger pangs!
We do go in with a list, but even so seem to remember things we needed that we forgot to add to that list!

After we got home and put the groceries away we chilled... by watching Netflix, since I had finished the Death in Paradise series, Hubby was kind enough to try and find me another BBC mystery that I might like and he found Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries situated in Melbourne Australia and set in the era of the Roaring Twenties! Just watched the first one and so far it is just up my alley with the genre I so do enjoy! It has just three series/seasons, but that should keep me busy for a while.
And who knows a few that I watched previously have more coming up and they might be ready soon for viewing once again! 

Hubby had detangle the fishing lines and found a few rods in need of repair, but he did fix them.
So as far as being ready for the next fishing expedition, we could be!

On that note I will wish you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

And a Very Happy Good Night to All! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Every month there is some non-profit or organization celebrating their month...

...and usually they have chosen a color to represent their organization.
Pink for breast cancer.
Red for heart disease.
Orange for Multiple sclerosis.
Blue for arthritis.
Purple for Alzheimer's and epilepsy.
Rainbow for LBGT.
And I just found out that children that are born after a mother has had a miscarriage, still born or other premature fatality with their infant and then has a healthy birth that child is called a rainbow child, and we have one our younger son!
Color is so expressive for so many reasons.
Forgive if I had forgotten your organization, but this was just an example for some, I do realize that they are so many more.
We should all associate our caring for others with the brightness these colors represent!
Finding one's that are near and dear to us is so very important.
Whether personal or just because... it means so much to have something you truly believe in whole heartedly.
Enough said.
One of my Facebook friends was wearing on her face-page the rainbow to represent pride month and I agreed.
We all should be proud of whomever we are, LBGT or heterosexual or any religious beliefs, races etc.!
Pride month though is specifically for LBGT, and as always I believe it should be every month not just one!
Respect and understanding of all peoples is paramount!
Except for our Pres. DJ!
Sometimes it gets truly difficult to accept some people who hate all people, and lie, and won't listen to reason even when he asks people for help...he is definitely mashugana!
The song from the Sound of Music keeps playing over and over in my head, "What are we going to do about Maria?"
But her misbehaviors were so adorable compared to our lunatic Orange Frothy Haired Guy!
Although, I wish we had a pat answer with what we are going to do about him!
Everyone has ideas.
But what and where and how and most of all when??????????????????
Can't we Nike this?
What color is that?
I would say angry red, but it is taken for heart disease!
He is breaking all of our hearts though how he is running our country into the ground... Soooooooooooooo RED it is!
Impeachment RED!
Whose with me?

Moving on...

Today, again, it rained, so we stayed home.
The end.
 I was continuing to stream those BBC mysteries, most recently, though nearly done with Death in Paradise, five series/seasons, and I am halfway done with series five already!

Hubby, put the boot on the Bimini and mooring covering on just before the rain came, and then he spent much of the day going through our abundant fishing gear!
Tackle needed untangling, rods and lures were good, but we usually use live bait caught with a net off of our dock, everything else was fine as well as most all other items like hooks leaders, swivels, weights.
In the old days we caught so many fish and blue claw crabs we would have neighborhood fish fries, and that was for the few years that we lived on the Peace River in Punta Gorda.
That was wonderful those days.

Since we have been in our home in Port Charlotte Hubby used to put out his crab traps that we have many, and we're allowed a few for each of us and we would catch bushels of crabs, and all kinds of fish while out on the boat.
When I was well we would take the boat down to Sanibel and go shelling, and swimming, and then over to the other islands and eat lunch and fish along the way and we did that often, several times a week! My idea of the best day ever!
Gosh I miss that, except for the swimming due to sharks too close for comfort.
Shortly after that we had decided to put the pool in this house too.
We had put in a  pool on the other coast in our first home there although the beach was across the street!
And the boys surfed, in fact our rainbow child had gotten bitten by a shark and needed stitches over there when he was surfing at age fifteen in Ormond Beach.
Both boys also water skied on the Halifax River that was on the other side where we lived on that island when we had our other new boat there, a Bayliner cuddy cabin one.

Oh what joy the water has been for us, and how I did miss that priceless commodity of utilizing its many attributes for the purest of enjoyment!
Well, we're back... now only if the weather will cooperate!

On that note of chomping at the bit for more watery fun, allow me to be the first to wish all of you a very happy good night and share those blessings please and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS: Just last night!

Me waving happy good night!

Friday, June 9, 2017


Full strawberry moon tonight and so our local pizzeria, Bocca Lupo, have their half price sale!
And I bet you guessed it, one large plain thin crust and one small Greek salad!
This guy is from NJ so you know he knows what he is doing when it comes to pizza!
As you might have also guessed since we eat rather early we have already eaten!
I had one slice and a little bit of salad!
I have a habit of adding my special accoutrement of Romano parmesan sprinkle cheese, hot pepper flakes and garlic.
Tomorrow I might add shrimp, mushrooms and jalapeƱos on my luncheon slice!
Thus my reasoning for getting one pound of shrimp when on sale at Publix, our grocery, $7.99 a pound this time for jumbo shrimp, they steam them and we freeze them to use whenever, yep that oxymoron, jumbo shrimp, ha!
So far I made a yummy tri-colored veggie pasta with frozen peas and shrimp with a low fat mayo, apple cider vinegar and Stevia.
Tomorrow that slice!
Usually salads I add in the shrimp as toppers.
Or when I make that paella like I did the other night, with leftover chicken breast, and believe it or not frozen turkey breakfast sausage, brown rice, stewed tomatoes and Cajun spice, and of course that shrimp.
I get a lot of mileage out of the shrimp.
But also the meat loaf I made last night, Hubby had a sandwich of that today, and there is still enough for me to use for chili and bolognaise sauce!
See, with just two of us creativity has abounded, although with our sons I did those sort of things too.

Oh our other plan is since there is no rain expected tonight and smooth waters we will be going out for another sunset cruise!
Being into boating for nearly five decades you realize how important the weather plays in your safe boating trips.
Filing a float plan too.
In the old days we told a neighbor, friend or relative our destination; these days I tell you!
Neighbors though seem to notice, as we float down our canal on our way out.

Another thing is with all this rain we unfortunately have an enormous quantity of mosquitoes swarming in the grasses, so Hubby mowed the lawn which is filling in nicely again.
These are not the Zika mosquitoes, ours are called salt marsh ones.
Hubby called our mosquito management division, yeah we have one in each county here in Florida, they spray the neighborhood grounds by trucks from dusk till dawn, and by air too with helicopters and planes. Thus the problem being taken care of by our taxes. So Hubby called after he mowed and the issues of the mosquitos seemed pretty darn bad, and for him to say that after living here nearly thirty-one years is really something!
He left a message on their phone and within four hours a enthusiastic young women called back and said it just so happens that they will be spraying our area tonight at seven thirty!
Next moment we see on the TV news that our particular local management of the mosquitoes received one thousand calls just today alone!
Geez, I wish I remembered her name, so unlike me, anyway thanks lady from mosquito management control!  

Hubby just announced our cruise has been pushed back a half an hour due to it still being so very hot right now!

That is fine, I usually finish this by six thirty on a good night.

I suppose that is my cue since right now it is 6:26 P.M. EST!

Happy night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Quieter; Spin City live!

Rain wise.
Not too much today.
Less is better.
But enough is just right.
Sun did shine too.

Moving on...

James Comey former head of the FBI, now a private citizen, was interviewed today on all that transpired during his investigation pertaining to Russia's involvement in our 2016 election .
So the former guy in charge of the FBI who had been fired on May 9, 2017 by our retiring subtle shy shrinking violet.........NOT of a Pres. DJ called James Comey a grand stander, that the office was in disarray and not being led properly, ...what????
I did not hear the whole accusatory reasoning for the dismissal of someone doing his job correctly!
Sort of...
Comey knew that he was being lied to by our Mister T, so he kept all memos pertaining to their conversations and  meetings, prudent.
He legitimized all that he had collected and said his answers with conviction of what actually did transpire. He also admitted certain items were not open for discussion, due to them being classified. Geez why couldn't the idiot in chief know how to do that? James Comey's demeanor and discretion were admirable.
And I believed him.
After the nearly three hours of interviewing by both sides of the political spectrum, Comey looked none the worse for wear.

Orange Frothy Haired Guy AKA our Temp Pres., if only, personal legal counsel put an interesting spin on what was said by Comey. Mister T was NOT being investigated, establish prior to today, and he hadn't had anything to do with Russia's alleged involvement in our 2016 election, don't believe that totally, was what they came away with, and no Q & A was allowed after the attorney gave his statement. All true... sort of...! But all those gray areas that were discussed were lost on them who could not care much or at all to know!
So no truthful questioning or answers were allowed to be asked or heard? Par for this administration's attitude with handling his constituents, all of US! Interesting the US/WE is the same as US, United States... hmmm, coincidental I think not!

This whole administration reminds me of too strict dumb parents who discipline their children for no good reason and never ever hear what the kids have to say! Or elderly ones with dementia who are not really all there anymore.
One way justice?
No justice!
Just plain sad... very, very sad!

The whole administrations' appointees might quit.
No loss there!
Their boss is losing it, or that should read, has lost it!

Good night folks!

Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I am a BIG Sissy when it comes to thunder and lightning.
That thingy you are supposed to do about counting how long the clash and the boom are far apart is never ever comforting to me.
And Gus our Havanese Shih Tzu mix rescue doggy is even worse! So he stayed home, smart move.
Today, I agreed to go with Hubby to return and exchange some items we had bought just last week.
Our stops were only going to be a few.
BIG Blue, my Permobil M300, motorized wheelchair is computerized so water and she do not get along.
In fact if there is a downpour when we go out a plastic bag is the low tech way we preserve and protect her electronics.
Thus my fear added into the highly volatile weather we have been having... I did put on a somewhat brave face and said OK!
After all I too have my own protection an enormous navy blue poncho that was acquired years ago from the Red Cross from maybe when we helped back in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew down in Homestead Florida.

It was something to do going out of the house for some errands.

Our price comparisons on some items came up with Walmart coming in with the better price on three things we had bought at two other stores, one from Lowe's, a battery starter showed up at six bucks cheaper, and a fifty foot white marine hose, showed up nearly twenty bucks cheaper than Home Depot's, as well as the vacuumed brush for the pool attachment was twelve bucks cheaper online at Walmart then the one we had bought at Home Depot. When we got inside of Walmart those two items the battery starter and the pool vacuumed brush were not there.
We supposed that they must be only online!
The hose we had already bought on our way home at Walmart, and so Hubby just returned the Home Depot one and kept the Walmart one; got that?

It was nearly lunch time and we thought perhaps we would go to Steak and Shake that we hadn't been to them in ages. It began raining hard again and they did have a drive thru.
Hubby just wanted to see their menu to decide and then he was going to go inside instead of through the drive thru, yep that's my Hubby!
No rhyme or reason in my opinion with that.
Anyway, I gave the whole thing some thought and said why don't we just buy what we want at Publix and make it at home?
They were asking nearly six bucks for a foot long hot dog, which seemed like too much for me, size and price wise.
And anything we would make at home would be healthier I felt.
So Hubby drove over to Publix, the grocery, but not ours, our alternate.
He went in for the few items that he memorized, and while inside I waited in the air-conditioned car with the radio on and my phone to play dominoes. I was content, that is until...the radio station had a severe weather warning break into the programming!
According to the authorities we were under a severe thunder storm warning, with winds gusting to category one hurricane strength just north of where we were and heading our way!
They were saying to take cover, stay away from windows, look for a strong building to take cover in, roofs and tree limbs may become projectiles and cause damage due to the high winds!
And me in a car surrounded by windows and unable to get out, basically a sitting duck!
So I called Hubby in the store and got his voice mail!
He called me back immediately, and said you know them Chicken Little the sky is falling the sky is falling!
I was not convinced this time and I wanted to get home now!
He said he was at check out and he would be right there/here.
I waited frantically!
When he did show up I had the side door open automatically for him, and he went to grab the shopping cart, but the wind took it away!
Fortunately, he had emptied all our food into the car already!
Pulling out we were both mystified where it had gone... we found it two lanes over between two other cars unscathed i.e. the cars too!

Hubby did some maneuverability moves through the several parking lots to the light for us to go south on the Tamiami Trail Route 41 to our home about four miles from where we were.
The roads were splashy, but not per se flooded, even though the rains were a constantly teaming.
No outages either with street or traffic lights, although it was as dark as night and it was around twelve thirty in the afternoon!
People were being courteous and that was very good for safety is a must when you can barely see.
Miraculously we made it home!
And Hubby did a two parter for delivering me safely inside.
Usually it is pretty straight forward he gets my ride from the back inside down the ramp and raises her up so I can slide from my seat onto her, and then once on I lower her and ride up the front ramp and he puts the car into the garage and closes it and lets Gus in there so he doesn't run out the front door with me going in and also so I do not run over him!
But today, he left the car out when I put on my poncho and the baggie was placed over my computer arm we went into the garage and waited since the lightning and rain was severe.
See, the laundry room has steps up to it and when the car is in even with those steps it is tight, and even then there is no room for me and BIG Blue to maneuver in there, maybe someday we will figure that out meanwhile I use the front door in and out.
Even in the rain.
But this time for the first time this season it was really rough.
Why waiting in the garage this time...So I did not have to wait as long for him to put the ramp away and wait outside by the front door, I was safer in the garage I guess.
Any-who, all was well!
We made our own lunch that I could not finish either and ended up tossing it out, for shame!
I know, I know people are starving some where... but still what I did not finish was pennies in comparison to what I might not have not finished if we had bought it out.
Sure it doesn't make it right, but it was not worth saving either and with my quirky spicy additives Hubby would not eat it either!

A horrid thought of mine...
Although, for about ten or fifteen minutes, maybe less I did not and could not figure out a survival plan in that car, I was frozen and panicked and that makes me wonder, what if? Not good.
But I did survive, again!
What does that mean.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

See what happens when you pray for rain folks!

Some places like Collier County where posh Naples and Marco Island are have gotten ten inches with concerns now of flash flooding!
Meanwhile, in Cape Coral in Lee County have gotten as much as seven inches where they wanted green lawns so badly they spent 17 million on buying redirect reservoir water from us in Charlotte County! Now they too also may have areas with flooding!
And we here in Charlotte County have received as much as four inches, although, it does seem as if  the rain had come down it buckets at times, torrential downpours!
And it has not let up!
Sporadically here, although the copious amounts of the deluge is scheduled to continue over the next few days!

This is not our usual rainy season friends, oh no... usually it rains daily for a half an hour or so around three P.M. to cool us off if we are outdoors... No, this is not our typical rainy season, and according to local Meteorologists this catch up rain has made up our deficit, and even the no burn orders have been lifted....these torrents of rains will taper off by the end of the week. Hopefully no idiots are allowing their sprinklers to go on! For a simple rain gage that has a micro switch that turns them off this wasteful process would be stopped! We sold them with our installed systems back in NJ in the early 1980s, Rainbird made them! Someone must still, they were only around thirty bucks then. 
We can only hope the rain will adjust its generous bestowing!

 Told ya so.

Moving on...

Hubby even mowed our lawn today between our rains' generosity, although according to the news we have received the least in southwest Florida.

During rainy season we have in the past had power failures due to the transformers being blown out by being hit by lightning!
So I start to make dinner earlier when a storm is over us or in close proximity.
And we have been known to lower the air-conditioners thermostat too, way down.
All to give us a chance to compensate in the eventual possibility of no power for hours.
We do have two generators, both powered by gasoline.
So due to the extremely dear price of the stuff we try to prepare in other ways.
Although, it is good to know that they are there to use if need be.
I have a cooling vest, and those neck thingies that turn into cooling snake-like scarfs that you place around your neck, I found four of those, with only one neck, I am well supplied, ha! Hubby might even try one?

Our pantry is stocked with can goods like tuna, salmon, sardines, crackers, peanut butter and jelly, and soups that if any outage lasts so long it can be made on the gas barbecue that has a regular burner too.
Our home and all of its appliances are electric.
We have enough batteries for flashlights/torches, and even came across a new lighter for candles if need be, and radios, an old fashioned wired landline to call, wireless ones do not work in a power failure! And in a really bad storm/ hurricane cell towers have been known to be blown down.
I have been known to use it often for notifying Florida Power and Light when we have the failures, their number is very easy and I have it memorized over the years... 1-800-4-OUTAGE.

Many power companies, I am sure by you too have simple numbers to call.
They also, call you back to let you know how they are progressing on the repair.

On this note of letting you know how things go here in the Sunshine State, FLORIDA, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS If a hurricane threatens we are in the zone that gets evacuated first, since on a saltwater canal, ten minutes by boat to the harbor, and we will definitely be going!


Monday, June 5, 2017

It's raining water! All day long...! Run bunny, run... no stop!

I took PICS to prove to myself that it does rain here! After nearly thirty-one years of living here in the Sunshine State, yep even our nickname is confusing to many about receiving any of that wet stuff, hmm? Well... it's HERE!
It has been soooooooo long again!
Funny how yearly we wonder...when is it going to come back... i.e. the rain?
And what do you know very nearly like clockwork it does its rainy season! Unofficially or officially whichever you care to subscribe to from June first till November thirtieth yearly!
Damn that also means the time span for Hurricane Season, which coincides with the rainy season, and it sure does!
Thankfully, none of that yet! Unfortunately, Hubby already had to call code about someone not cleaning their drain in front of their home, in other words prevent your grass clippings from filling the sewer drain, because during rainy season that causes the water to back up and flood the roads, and possibly some of our homes!    
It got so dark from the mid morning rain our Halogen light  on our shed, upper right in the frame of the picture, that goes on in the dark automatically went on all by itself around ten A.M.!

Cars passing by our home started splashing the street water up and that is when Hubby noticed the
problem. The pool and pond finally did not need Hubby intervention from our rain barrels  to raise their water levels today or probably now for the rest of the season, nature has taken over; thank you very much! The drought and dry air diminished the levels in both, the pools filter needs a certain level to work and our fish need water too!
 Barely can tell that is the new boat in the downpour!
                                      A little scrawny bunny, they are a rarity, was searching for food in our yard and happened upon the section left of chain link fencing that we purposely left on the western side to see the sunsets, the white cedar one there would block that, and we needed the fence for the dogs that we have had and still have. Although, I think he figured out how to get out that way, since he must have come through there! We do get opossums, squirrels and of course all sea birds, hawks, ospreys, grackles, cardinals, and doves, etc  to mention a few...and crows and snakes and lizards in the yard, and otters and manatees, even a pod of dolphins once as well as the lonely alligator in our saltwater canal!       Meanwhile, Hubby took advantage of the softened soil and rain break and finally planted our two Arbor Day red maple trees that had been hand cared for up until today, with all the rain expected nature should be helpful to take over for the next several days. While at Home Depot we also picked up two Mandevillaes in pink, we have yellow all over the place, but these were to replace the two white ones that did not survive the drought on the trellises up against the outer white washed cottage style cedar fence to our pool,
and that picture is below!
The darkened discoloration is dirt and will eventually wash off from the rain, I hope! Since Hubby planted them before he did that, although the plants should cover it too, oh well...!
On these notes of our interest, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to share all those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
PS Now we, Hubby and I, are saying no to the ER and so far we are alright, alive!
We both have coverage for any emergencies and very good health insurance, but... those ERs are so busy and so far we have been fine after all was said and done. If that changes we will go via ambulance possibly...or not, under our own power or wait to see the doc; the usual like everyone else!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good intentions...

...but somehow while doing all our errands that we did complete... I got more swollen feet and two purple big toe nail beds! The right more so than the left.
The only times before I had such a not as pretty as they sound toes was only when I injured them by stubbing them or something heavy falling on them, so to me this was/is rather weird?
My left hand is bothersome too, and feels as if it is not there more times than not, while righty insists I should have had the basilar surgery when told to way back in 2001, and now its outer portion too is misbehaving.
My arms, as I write this, appear to be feeling very heavy, and so this may very well be cut short.
I am very tired.
MS, Multiple sclerosis, is the pits!
But LA, Lupus Anticoagulant, could be the purple toes cause?
Hubby suggested the hospital, and I said no.
But...we will see...
It's the weekend and the waits could be forever, and me and the ER do not get along!

Better sign off.

Happy night for all of you!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

To Kathy Griffin...

You sure did F____ up!
Your apology should have been the end of the BIG distasteful, horrendously inappropriate thing that YOU did, but you went way too far with your treasonous threat that you made. So what choice did the Secret Service have; they are just doing their job, by the way...Now your are trying to turn it around and blaming everyone else for your ENORMOUS FAUX PAS/ MISSTEP/THOUGHTLESS ACT!
You have to be treated as a viable threat, 110 pounds or not, who knows what weapons you could wield besides the machete that was presumed that did the deed in your fake, but too realistic beheading demo.
Horrific was the effect and no child Baron's age or even any adult should have to endure seeing that!
Ramifications, sure.
Career dead, maybe, probably.
But no one did this to you... you did it to yourself, take the responsibility to recognize that!
Many before you with thoughtless commentary/ bigoted/anti-Semitic have come back... but yours is too far gone to know what fate holds for you, treasonous against a sitting president!
But trying to blame everyone else is very bad form and no good will ever come from that.
You set the whole thing in motion, yes, you did that, no one else did that... and you are the only one who can stop it before your reputation gets any worse from your lack of admittance that this was a sick, weird not well thought out strange form of what YOU and only you believed to be FUNNY?
Let's get this straight I don't like the Orange Frothy Haired Guy anymore than most of my American counterparts, but I would never threaten him with bodily harm as you did!
Think woman, THINK!
This was so very, very wrong!
You are a big grown woman and once you get your act together and stop and really, really think about what you have done... who knows what will come of you?
But going this route of blaming others for what you did is downright ill advised!
You used to be quite funny and enjoyable, and most of your fans I am sure were shocked too!
We do know that you can say things over the top, but girl this was way, way, way over and way too graphic!
Breathe in deep breaths and rethink logically what can be done and speak with the proper people; if that means a lawyer to represent to defend you as a possible threat to your country's leader, since that IS what you did, whether you did think that you thought it out well enough that at first it was a funny bit or not, YOU did that!
You probably could use a heavy dose of counseling too?
Do whatever you got to do... but the first step is admitting that you were terribly wrong and used very, very, very bad judgment!


Too many in our government do that!

There has got to be a non-violent way, even if so-called innocently projected, in your opinion... what you did was way too BAD!
Now you're fired!
What good did you do, really?
It has only made things worse for yourself!

Gosh gal shape up!
Or it will be over, and many believe that it should be!

And I cannot say honestly that this time I am on the fence with what YOU DID!

Disclaimer here: All of this is purely my opinion and no one else's, so I will take any and all responsibility if I get into trouble for saying any of this, okay?