Wednesday, May 24, 2017

An Ode to the Rain AKA That WET STUFF!

Rain, rain, please stay for awhile do not leave us high and dry, flood not us or anyone!
For we all need water to survive, but not too much we will not thrive, but of course it is also needed to have some fun, and to give us all a break from too much sun!

It has been too long and we did miss you so, please do not go.
But we do not want you to wear out your welcome either, be here for a time to bring up the waterline and then move on until next time!

Daily we will say hello when you are here for we will become a bit mellow!
You see, that you are a cure for our drought woes, and we may even dip our toes into the coolness that from you flows.


So glad that you had not forgotten us and now we hope to always remember not to make any fuss!
For when you are part of our lives we know things grow and that does brighten the skies!
And then too we must easily surmise that for you are always creating colorful
prizes for our eyes!

Moving on...

Hubby got the mini cement ramp done today, when you see it you too may be surprised to see that it took an entire sixty pound bag of  high strength concrete mix to make it! Below there it is and that will turn into a more white color once completely dry; and what you are seeing is our white painted cedar cottage styled gate from the pool, and that squished cement ramp is onto our lawn just a smidge to smoothen the bump there.
Yes, the grass is rebounding! Oh did you notice one of our pineapples sticking out from the plant in the forefront there that is in the garden under the sunroom windows.
PIC was taken through the screened window.
Yup that's it, amazing, a whole sixty pounds of concrete there in that one little spot of high strength concrete mix to accept BIG Blue, my Permobil motorized wheelchair that weighs in at 300lbs. plus me! And no, I will not go there, yet!

Happy night to all and to all please share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How many of us Americans actually knew just where Manchester England is?

That is before yesterday?
My maternal grandmother was from the next village over where a famous band was from too, The Beatles in Liverpool, another seaside village. But she left England at the age of two, in 1895. The only reason I mentioned this at this horrific of all times for that area is because when CNN posted the map last night and I noticed Manchester's proximity to Liverpool. So heritage wise, now this might sound a bit ridiculous to some, but I feel a bit closer to the those and saddened more as if they were friends or maybe even some of my relatives from there? Weird, but who knows, I have no idea if I still have any relatives there. The point is that we are a worldwide family anyway and each horrid death by the hands of these inhuman hateful terrorists is a black eye on all civilization! And each time they rip our hearts out! It seems that only decent people seem to have the ability to feel the loss putting themselves in the parents place of all those children that were murdered, twenty-two killed on the twenty-second day of the month, does it have any significances to these horrendous perpetrators of destruction of lives?
Did the date 9/11? How soon we forget if it was told. And if that is the case, perhaps the brilliant minds of the world can determine by that illogical logic if it is a key to figure it all out, before it happens again?    
Plus with my recent binge watching of BBC programming on Netflix it does give you a good reason to understand our Mother Country that we fought to gain independence from, but have maintained a wonderful relationship with in modern times. If our new pres. doesn't screw that up too!
Tap on the map to enlarge.
Oh I don't know, another horrendous murderous happening for no good reason at all is so definitely upsetting and WRONG, and should have never happened! But no matter what we seem to do to prevent these things these people get through to do their commit their evil... our hearts and prayers go out to all of the UK since like with us with 9/11, Boston, Orlando, and on, and on, and on... we are one country when we are attacked we feel we all are attacked and so must they feel that too, and yes we are one world!
So we all cry together.
Moving on....
This seems so silly now, but Hubby has been working very hard, and that is not silly at all!
Those bunks as you can see in the first PIC, and Hubby took all four pictures, by the way, the old bunks are bowed due to age. According to Hubby even if we were not getting the new pontoon boat they would have had to be replaced. He took the pictures in order of his work, although, even though he removed the old bunks he did not take a picture with none showing.
The little float below is sturdy enough for a jet ski, or motored smaller boat. It had been on loan to our across the canal new neighbor, but he went back up north for the summer about a month ago and returned it. Good thing since Hubby uses it for just these sort of projects. 
(1) is a side view of the old bunks, (2) is a front view of the old bunks, (3) side view of new bunks, (4) is a front view of the new bunks, Ta DA!
He also bought two bags of cement to make a solid ramp from the pool area to the lawn. Oddly enough I have not been out in the back yard for over a year, would you believe? The last will be building a ramp to go into the boat from the bow, since that is where it's gate opening is nearly thirty inches wide!    

Great work to accomplished in just two days Hubby!
Moving on again...
Please send all our condolences to all of Manchester for their losses, all our losses.
Who knows a great future leader, brilliant scientist, or medical doctor to cure so many ills may have been murdered by those heartless souls!
Too terrible to think about of what might have been from those children who are no longer here, but they will remain in our heads and hearts forever, and so we shall never forget, again...

PS Oh I almost forgot, while a college student I had been to London England, Edinburgh and St. Andrews in Scotland, Dublin and Shannon in Ireland, not to mention other countries way back then.

Monday, May 22, 2017

People have to learn, as I have that...

Nothing and no one can ever be taken for granted!

I was almost scammed today by someone who claimed to be with Publisher's Clearing House saying that I had won 2.5 million dollars! I said that I hadn't entered, and he said that they had gotten my name out of a selected drawing from one of the companies I deal with.......hmmm...
Yeah, I know what you are thinking, or maybe not.
Of course knowing about such things as scams, being a business person and dealing over the years with all sorts of people and Hubby being retired law enforcement so sure we have heard of just about everything under the sun. And being in the Sunshine state, I do believe that is where the cons come to sharpen their skills, in the sun, ha.
And as we all know the expression that if it seems too good to be true you know that it is most definitely is the case that it is!
So like anyone in their right frame of mind with such things I asked up front how much is it going to cost me?
Oh nothing, except subtraction of 7% or 175K for taxes, as he said my name, leaving you with 2.325 million, this fellow said, calling himself Andrew Goldberg who just so happens to be the real name of the CEO of PCH in NYC, not Philadelphia as he was saying, red light there.
The next one was that he wanted to ask me if I have an active bank account, I said yes, and he then asked if I wanted the monies to go into that account by direct deposit or would I prefer a certified check. I said give me the check, knowing full well he was going to ask for my bank account number.
Next he told me that my delivery charge on the check was going to be one thousand dollars, I said to him that is fraud.
A contest winning does not require payment from the recipient.
Oh then we will split it, only $500?
I asked him his phone number and oddly enough he gave it to me 1-215-486-8021, his address too was given as: 1960 or 1916, not clear on which, Welsh Road Philadelphia PA. sorry I forgot to get his zip code.
THIS IS FRAUD!!!!!!! I shouted and hung up!
I then called the phoned number he had given to me and he answered saying hello using my name that I had not said yet!
I said PCH does not have only one employee, I hung up.
Meanwhile, Hubby tracked down the actual Publisher's Clearing House toll free number in Manitoba Canada 1-800-566-4724, a customer service represenative confirmed what we all know that PCH does not call winners, they knock on your door with the winning check in hand!
He the rep said while we were chatting that he notified the federal trade commission, and recommended that I contact, and I did.

I had contacted the news reporter I just met, but she no longer does this type of investigation, and she had done this scam alert back in 2011 when she was at her Orlando station.
I got the impression she felt that everyone knew about it; I told her many seniors are too trusting, and many people in general want to believe that they were chosen to win that sort of a prize!
Not all are greedy and stupid, just ill informed and so consider yourselves duly informed again, if you remember this one of many out there!
Simple rule is... just remember that... if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

She did say she would pass it on to the appropriate on air person, and she just emailed that she had.

Happy night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Before it is lost, I must add this PIC in, and how truly interesting that the REAL PCH read my blog?

If you tap it you will see their ad., I suppose this is my man bites dog story? 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Plugging on...

No matter what I must be resilient!
Things cause me to get down.
Like everyone else, I suppose.
From time to time.
Disappointments have been known to traumatize me, but only for a short time... I do prevail in spite of my at times of right on reading of a situation or when over thinking of one.
Abilities lost as well as inabilities profound.
Jealousy: the threat of losing something (usually someone), as well as envy: the reaction of lacking something.
But gosh, I don't have to tell you anything, you all know too!
And I shouldn't tell anyone anything anyway.

Moving on...

What is the true meaning of a curmudgeon: a bad tempered or surly person, hmmm!
Lately Hubby has even called himself a "grump", and he has met the criteria of a curmudgeon, a little too often!
But I rack it up to his finally quitting smoking over these last five months! Congrats and soldier on Hubby great job!
Mister thin man who was always like 155 at five foot eleven, lost weight there for a while and scared me and even the doctor put him through a myriad of tests, all thankfully coming back negative. He had gone down about ten pounds, in the 144-145 range!
This morning he weighed himself on the big scale at the grocery store and he now weighed in at 162!
So he is just right according to most all weight charts.
See men even gain less weight from quitting smoking than women!

The first six months that I quit nearly eleven years ago on July 11, 2006. I had gained fifty pounds, but that was just after my MS diagnosis that April and my ability to exercise as I once did diminished severely.
Hubby always has physical projects, even these days.
The new bunks on the boat lift are his next big thing!
Our neighbor across the street in the rental on the corner who shared his boat mechanic with us, helped Hubby get the sixteen feet 2X10 and 2X4 also 16 feet, two of each off of the top of the van's luggage/roof rack They were very heavy; the people at Home Depot strapped them up and on.
Hubby drove home very slowly.
Now that the snowbirds have flown home the roads, especially on Sunday, are very quiet.

Oh and that Range Rover is theirs, the rental neighbor on the corner with the pool, as well as a new truck and a bigger than ours boat too!
Classier rental neighbors than we have had in any of the homes in quite some time.
The house directly across has a group of twenty-somethings with a few cars, newer models and a motorcycle without a muffler, it sounds like anyway! And they are in and out at all hours of the day and night, which causes Gus to bark, even in the middle of the night! And have left a delivered phone book in its bag on their lawn for months without taking it in or throwing it away, bugging Hubby tremendously, LOL!
On our left side of our home where they were long term renters they had moved out a few months ago and it was rented right away, but no one fixed the outside up, needs painting and yard work, we do know that the inside was taken care of, we saw all the workers going in and out!
But the outside needs some TLC, and those new rental neighbors are very quiet with two quiet vehicles, no complaints. Only wish they would pretty it up!
Our empty lot next door I have been known to see if anything sales wise was going on with checking with those real-estate sites, and yesterday it said that a sale was pending!
More neighbors that will have to build and hopefully a new home. The previous ones bought to build when they retired. I guess they changed their minds, they were from Germany, who knows.
I suppose after all the ups and downs this neighborhood has been through, finally things are looking up! I really do hope so.
After us living here in this home nearly nineteen years that is a good thing, although with improvements... taxes go up...
They have been going up anyway!
Death and taxes two sure things.

Happy night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 Hurricane & Business EXPO at Charlotte Events and Conference Center

Hubby and I left the manse a little after ten A.M. for my haircut appointment at Fantastic Sam's for ten thirty with Bonny, Hubby was to drop me off and then go over to his barber around the corner. His barber wasn't in today, and so he decided to try Fantastic Sam's today of all days, not a senior discount day, oh well you only live once! We left there both happy with our cuts.
After our mini beautifications treatments we went over to Ingman's Marine  to get measurements for the lift for the new pontoon boat's lift's bunk requirements. It is a Bennington 20SF fishing model. Then since we are getting it within the next week or two, we picked up cheap lunch at Mickey Ds, kidding, maybe not, we had our brought with drinks so we ordered just two Big Macs and small fries to share, as we sat starring at the water and chatting at the beach complex while we ate. From there on to Walgreens for my Calcium with D3, but their generic brand was considerably less at $17 for two than the name brand for $21 bucks for only one! Then down to the events center for another freebie event, stated above in the title!
Lauren Sweeney in an emerald green dress is an investigative reporter with Wink CBS news out of
Ft. Myers Florida. She is from the Pittsburgh area and moved to Ft. Myers after college at age 23 from 2006-2010 she came to work in Ft. Myers, as the eventual executive producer for the investigations team then she moved on to work in Houston and Orlando. Her return to Florida, her husband's home state, was due to her missing our much milder weather, and her husband's professional component having to do with the grounds of golf courses!
A lovely person, and is very interested in my concerns about where our Charlotte County is spending the most recent 17M they are getting from Lee County for the water that we are sending to Cape Coral, and other items that I mentioned. She gave me her card and email; a nice touch.

Another anchor of the news I missed by minutes is Lois Tome who has been with WINK news for a few decades now, great at her job too, lovely person, and she also took a PIC with me awhile back.
It was a meteorologist day though teaching all the newbies the ropes in the audience. Matt Devitt and Zack Maloch, Mary Mays are the newer meteorologists, but all great in what they do, helping us understand the weather!
Jim Farrell below with me is a seasoned veteran of meteorology for decades and has helped many people, ourselves included keep out of harms way during the worse of our hurricanes, and many other types of inclement weather systems, from lightning to tornadoes to anything one might imagine or even not want to.
Below another, no longer newbie after fourteen years now, gosh how time flies. I remember Scott Zedeker when he just started out! Meteorology is his profession, but smiling is his best asset these days, just because he and his wife  had a beautiful baby boy seven weeks ago! Although, sleep deprived as all new parents usually are, he couldn't be nicer He is around our sons ages.
This is the section entitled which way is up, and your assignment is, if you wish to try real hard is to read all of the below pictorials any which way you can! Enjoy and enter at your own risk!
The above is the cover.

 The above is the cover.
The above is the cover. And below is the list for preparation for an emergency for pets. Tapping might enlarge it, if not call you local Animal Welfare League or go to their site. 

 Below is the list of names of this seasons storms.
 Red means get out of town! We live in the red zone! Oh only if emergency management says so!
Or if you think you should, whichever comes first, your call, or theirs.

Most days...yes, we are blessed.
See, I am easy!
Watch that!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Crafts, not art? Yup! Blog 3249.

Hubby cut the board, and I painted it a deep teal, glued wooden letters and embellished with dried flowers and clip art, located over the bed in the guest room. Trying to make any guest feel at home.

 Beige ceramic raised patterned lamp painted the monotone colored piece, and even the beige shade was painted white too!
Wrought iron and glass Walmart picture frame set, my idea of the famous encouraging lament. Card stock, clip art PICS again, and wooden letters again.

Hubby cut the wood that I requested to be shaped like drift wood, and then I painted it that color, driftwood, and again light blue calming wooden letters.

 Decoupage on a wooden plaque from JoAnne's , wooden letters. Clouds unicorns whatever calming dreams are made of...
I did not carve these flowers if I could I wood/would, ha, instead they were from an old friends no sale at our garage sale. Skipper was a pup then and teethed on them so to fix the all natural wood problem, I gave it some loudness!

 Bought letters again , but painted and polka dotted them, hard to see, but they match the store bought lizard to its left.
 This one you most recently saw, cork letters on old floor boards.
 My $1.80 thrift store metal rusty fish, I like his blue mood!
 This one too many have seen, 6" wooden letters from Walmart under five bucks, sprayed gold, and hot glued to the nautical rope.
 Hubby's plastic coated chart of Charlotte Harbor, our canal is seen pretty much where the heron is pointing down to!
 A cute door rug that I loved the edges had frayed and Hubby had leftover cedar fence and voila!
 Card stock artwork in our/my seashell themed bathroom. Frame painted by me, most all frames are bought cheap at thrift stores.
Metal mirror came with the house, was olive green and paler, I jazzed it up, but it is in need for a redo!

Another city flea market sale, plastic brown wicker mirror, a dollar, painted poppy with gold flecks, by moi!

Hubby did the wood cutting and I did the designs and painting, coming and going! The yellow one is So long, goodbye, with emoji's crying. The blue one welcome's you with a design copied from the artist know as INDIANA, he did PEACE and LOVE signs notably in the sixties, stacking letters on top of each other. 
 Dotted design for eye test for MS

with raised lettering again bought.

Chalk board with spray chalk paint and wooden letters!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meet Goldie the Gator, or she thee, "Goldgator", as I like to think of her.

full topside view below
eye side view below
Myth logically speaking she has what most in the science of reptilian studies will tell you none have existed; that is until now!
She is not only a rarity and unique creature that truly is a no-such-thingy, but if she did exist her rareness would be due to her metallic golden coloring, including her metallic copper colored eyes that makes her less than believable! So she is not ... except in our front garden!
If seen in the wild, not going to happen, she is thought to be good luck, and that is if you have your running shoes there on their fast speed ahead button setting, because if you think her typical looking family members are speedy, you've yet to see her moving! There's nothing like the full glowing glistening of a mighty Goldie at warp speed; truly nothing like it! And no one has seen her, but now all of you! In my dreams.

Suggestion, never go into the glades without a friend this way you can confuse her on whom to choose to chase down when you both head for Florida's non-existent hills!
While she pretends to ponder which way to go, you and your buddy can zoom, zoom outa there!
All kidding aside, I felt that our Alli-gator needed a more glitzy gender change, yes, while Alli-gator was a green male, not meaning inexperienced, that was his coloring, and there was nothing wrong with that, Goldie Gator is female and spectacularly golden, how timely! Oh no! I made her a GOLDEN GIRL, but she is younger than they were, at less than twenty years old or there about!
Doesn't matter, no way Jose.

Oh, of course, I have no issues with males wearing metallic gold, didn't hurt Elvis, thank you very much, but for some unknown reason I feel women wear it better, just my opinion.
I do recall me personally enjoying that attire in small increments as a young gal myself!
But this is her skin!
Whoa, am I myth-ing something?
She is not alive, nor dead for that matter!
I do believe that she is, underneath it all is a hard hearted Hanna comprised of cool molded cement!
Not moldy, molded, nor scales, and cool not cold. Cool chick, no a cement gator, this is getting silly! Getting? HA!
And this is extremely important to designate the difference, but why? No good or bad reason.

Why, you might ask?

No? Didn't think so.
I will tell you anyway, too bad, my blog, my rules.
You see, this makes HER a throwback, since it is Thursday, to a newer version of Ian Fleming's, James Bond, 007, Goldfinger circa 1964 and that's the movie's opening credits gal:
Whole new 21st Century concept to that movie's opening song, think Goldgator, Jane AKA Goldie Bond, 0053, that's since the last one, years that is for a golden one, get it, this being circa 2017, hmmm?


Just an idea?
Can I hear a deafening, NOPE!
Don't have to tell this gal nope twice.
Night, night, make that a happy one and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS: And thanks for visiting my own idea of the/my theater of the absurd!
You are very welcome.
My present for a respite from reality!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Energenic this morning!

Determined to clean and organize and repaint the under the kitchen sink cabinets inside.
Of course Hubby did much of the work, but I did empty and thin the herd of unnecessary items and redistribute a few to more logical locations.
I did wash out the bottom section utilizing our longer reacher with Lysol and water on a paper towel, and even the removable shelf I was able to clean that is the one that Hubby had made years ago.
He took that part out to the courtyard alongside the garage to paint it, and let it dry in the heat, and I also did the same by cleaning out our laundry room's broom closet floor. It too needed a dose of cleaning, organizing and repainting.
I once again have been in that mode of purging unnecessary things like carpet cleaner, since we have all tile and even marble on the guest room floor and haven't any carpeting for years!
Not even area rugs, too hazardous with my equipment, and before that they posed a trip issue.
But I do love them, although in Florida they are not that necessary, tile is cooler.
The mini project was done before lunch and the paint was dry after so all was put back in an orderly fashion.
Oh my other project was cleaning my dinette cushions.
I so love the pale blue ticking type stripes that are my summer styled ones.
As many larger washing items how I clean them might appear odd, but I wash those items in our tub with normal detergent, Clorox 2, white vinegar and baking soda, and Hubby takes them outside to our retractable clothesline and in this case tied them with their straps onto the line.
The stackable washer and dryer are nice and convenient, but do not accept king bedspread/comforters or any pillows, so the tub I no longer use since I have the roll in shower that I share with Hubby is and has been used for those larger items to get clean.
I suppose we could go to a Laundromat, but this is more convenient and cleaner in my opinion.
The tub is maintained clean, although, no longer used and anyway this also makes sure of that with the laundry soaps that I mentioned, it sparkles, especially after I rinse my wash.
The bath has still my old hand held shower head so it is easy to use for the whole process.
I do close the drain to allow the items to soak and I do slosh/agitate them around too, and today I took a finger nail brush to scrub stubborn stains on the cushions. The nail brush was from my last fall's hospital stay, my own nails are cleaned with washing my hands too often or in the shower daily, thank you very much!
The seat removed from the tub and put outside of it is the one that I used to use makes a fine staging area for me to work in the tub, since neither my walker nor my motorized wheel chair fits through this bathrooms door! Fortunately, the toilet is right inside that doorway, so accessible!
TMI, forgive?
Hubby brought in the cushions just before the rain!
Yep, we have been getting rain nearly daily, not a lot but enough to make one think that we might already be in rainy season early, why?
I will tell you why, because for the next week six out of the next seven days have rain in the forecast!

Of course, I always feel badly about my wonderful spurts of energy and guilt... oh yes guilt, why?
Because now my right hand is black and blue and I have a weird purple right ring finger, and a strange bruised inner left elbow as if I had blood taken, which I haven't had for quite some time, months actually!
My neck is hurting and I am dizzy, and I am showing signs in my skin of dehydration, it sticks together, but I am drinking/sipping my club soda.
Although, now I have in my drinking repertoire included are caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated green tea, as well as my occasional warm milk with honey and turmeric, not so often the honey is too sweet, but the concoction calls for that and I do love it, but calorically not such a good idea.
  Oh I did make dinner too, chili!
Lean ground beef, leftover from our last night's hamburgers, mine without a roll though with caramelized onions, mushrooms and jalapeños, and our homemade fries that we had frozen for just this sort of thing, believe it or not we only used half of what we had frozen, and originally we had used only three potatoes. Boy we sure are getting a lot of mileage out of those homemade!
And salad finished last night's meal, the rest of the only a pound in total raw defrosted chopped meat went into the fridge for meatballs and spaghetti or for what I decided was my chili for tonight's meal!
One can of pork and beans, one can of stewed tomatoes, sautéed onions and garlic and the rest of the meat browned, and two slices of bacon cooked and crisped in the microwave, and a decent amount of brown sugar about a half of a cup, cumin and chili powder to taste, and a few hefty dashes of Tabasco, simmered until ready!
Can go hours and hours.
This was about an hour and half.
I do love one pot dishes.
That's why I enjoy making soups, and this week I already did make homemade chicken noodle.
My aches are taking me over now, especially my shoulder on my right side.
And I am typing with two fingers again.
Not GOOD!   

Happy night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS: My blog from two nights ago has somewhat of an addendum added into it, if you get a chance please read it, its title is, "Take Archie Bunker, please!" I did not know about Tim Allen's controversial commentary prior to my publishing that night. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Frustration getting you down?

You betcha!
Between this administration's daily enormous faux pas, ignorance, stupidity antics, irrational behavior and on and on and on...
My own little world collapses daily just when I think I have a handle on things...
I finally subscribed to a dental insurance plan last month.
They took out a processing fee plus the May payment and today they took out the one for June.
Minimal cost plan that included free X-rays and cleaning yearly and percentages for other necessities like fillings and root canal etc. after six months.
Easy peasy, except when you try to find dentists that accept the plan, a Humana PPO dental.
I have been given local names through the plan, but oddly the dentists did not exist at those addresses or phone numbers, and also dental offices that misunderstood the type of plan stating that it was part of Medicare, which it is not; it is a stand alone plan.
So I reversed my strategy and I Googled local dental offices and many were screwed up in the fact that these offices did not ever have the dentist listed or had they ever worked there.
To top it all off one office asked me for my social security number when they were going to check for my coverage, and foolishly I gave it to them, later it upset me so much that I called back and asked the receptionist who asked me for it for her last name! Her reply is we cannot do that!
Not fair, she had all my info and I had no recourse if someone stole my identity due to her carelessness with my too personal info!

Our accounts have been compromised before, that is our VISA has been twice, and so we had to close those cards and open new ones, and one time it was right after we received our new ones for that year.
Ours are usually good for a couple of years, then they send new ones before they are up; like everyone else's I believe.
Darn, those computer chips seem to not be helping!
They do in Europe where they have been securing cards for years there, but for some reason not always here it seems, could be our machines are funky.

Another thing Hubby and I have both been noticing are CCTV, close circuit television,  camera security monitors for interiors and exteriors in all our mysteries in England, Australia and Scotland, even on the Shetland Island, with them having a very small population! I most recently streamed Dr. Blake Mysteries from Australia, and I am currently and nearly done with Shetland, yes, the islands off of the Scottish coast, UK was the setting for the Midsomer Murders that I finished a while ago all very enjoyable mysteries. Hubby is still watching Midsomer Murders with 19 series/seasons that is why, he's on 12 nearly 13.
Here in America so many think of the cameras, CCTV, as too invasive and compromising to their own privacy, stating the BIG BROTHER analogy, but there they help prevent or help aid in getting crime under control. A wonderful crime solving tool.
Although, many here use them inside and out for their homes.
Double standards I suppose.
Personally, I think they are a good idea.
Fort Myers Florida has them and many US cities have been using them too.
I say look up at the cameras and smile!

Oh so I cancelled my 'new' dental insurance plan due to all the aggravation, and still worries of hyper extending my neck during the exam and transferring to their dental chair for x-rays.
I am to receive an entire refund for monies taken from account and my X-agent Steve did finally call me back and he promised to discuss what I told him happened at his next meeting, which is bi-monthly.

On this note of frustration I know that can be as much a part of life as happiness can be, but we must make that happen too, and then we should be grateful, so now allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very "Happy Good Night", and ask you all to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Take Archie Bunker, please!

A list came out today of shows being cancelled and one on that list was one that Hubby and I both enjoyed.
A half hour comedy on Friday nights at eight P.M. EST, on ABC, called "Last Man Standing".
Starring Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, as a sporting goods store co-owner with veteran actor Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate, as his partner.
In this he is also the father of three daughters, his previous show he had three sons on that one, and that was Home Improvement, and in real life he has two daughters, in this show each daughter is with different political leanings. His eldest, Kristin, played by Amanda Fuller, is a restaurant manager and is married to a very liberal/vegan with beliefs that their son's team should all get participation awards, Ryan, played by Jordan Masterson who had gotten her pregnant in high school. His middle daughter, Mandy, played by Molly Ephraim, is A-political and used to be boy crazy, but now is a fashion designer and has found her niche in that very field within her own basement designer clothing factory, add into her life having a lovable dumb boyfriend, Kyle, who works for her Dad and Ed as their gofer, played by Christoph Sanders, while the youngest, Eve, tomboy, played by Kaitlyn Dever, who also was excellent in Justified, follows his extremely conservative beliefs and is on a fast track to go to West Point. His wife, Vanessa, played by Nancy Travis who was a geologist, but quit when her eldest daughter pointed out that she was compromising her beliefs due to the company she was working for was actually fracking! And so Mom quit and went back to school and got her teaching degree and that is what she does now.
Tim Allen to me comes across as a better educated, but still narrow-minded curmudgeon Archie Bunker type, who seems to be straightened out many times over by his bevy of logical strong women and son-in-law.
ABC is cancelling this show with historically high ratings that has been on for six years.
Their reason is being guessed upon due to everything from too conservative with this current political climate of negativity that being the administration too conflicted, to the other obtuse logical thoughts of leaving an opening for better programming in that primetime timeslot.
Who knows.
Tim Allen who will be sixty-four next month, with a degree in communications specializing in radio from Western Michigan University has also had to deal for many years sporadically with his own demons, from drug possession and arrest for 650 grams (1.43 LB) of cocaine at the airport that he pled guilty to trafficking charges and provided names of dealers in exchange for three to seven years rather than life imprisonment. That was back in October of 1978, and he was paroled in June of 1981, after serving two years and four months in Federal Correctional Institution, Sandstone Minnesota.
In 1997 he was arrested again this time for a DUI with a blood alcohol 0.15, he entered an alcohol abuse program as a part of his court obligation.
*Tim Allen Wikipedia data/info
This guy has made it in spite of severe missteps so cancellation I am sure will not create havoc for him, but it's just a shame that all these talented people are being purged for reasons unknown to consumers who like their show.
Of course all business decisions are usually traced back to CEOs calling changes due to their bottom lines, but this hasn't been proven for this show that has been an equal opportunity employer from its diverse cast to its showing both sides of the coin, and yes they have smart good looking Afro-American/black, played by Jonathan Adams as Chuck and Carol Larabee, played by Erika Alexander, are the neighbors that are there to give Tim Allen's Mike Baxter character a run for his money of his going by the wayside prejudicial beliefs, but in the end the respect shows through between the uncertainty. The entire cast are A-1 quality performers and it is a shame to not allow more years for this to go on; I do believe it is timely and with the Trump card in Mike's repertoire oh what comedy writer's couldn't have a ball with that, why only late night, doesn't prime time have any pull?

With all the Netflix shows that I have been streaming these days it behooves me to pay more attention to actual free network TV programing.
Although, many shows that leave the freebies either end up on FOX also free, or Cable, not free.
Many do eventually get to streaming, but again ...not free!
Albeit, many people have no qualms about paying for any entertainment even when it all used to be "free", or at least priced right and we were then able to choose what you actually wanted to watch!
Nah, Last Man Standing deserves better as many that have gone to that great big cancelling shelf room space on the TV Kingdom's back lots!

Not having finales are just upsetting especially when they cut the cord before we all get our closure.

These comments are solely my opinions, after all that is why this is called,  "Speaking My Mind", not yours, mine, ha!
What do you think, and have you felt saddened when one of your shows was cancelled before what you felt was its/your time?

          OHhhhhhhhhhhh TIM ALLEN! Shame on you when playing yourself. I do believe you do better with a script. As a Jewish woman I too take offense of your comments of Hitler's Germany and how the annihilation of six million Jews comes no where near to your half assed commentary, your oppression will be self inflicted if you do not check your so-called wise quips at the door!
As an actor you have it, as a human being please keep looking!
My opinion only, that is I speak for myself here.
Someone write for this guy so he has time to think before he speaks ever again!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hubby and I went out to lunch today and I wonder if anybody at NBC-2 and WINK, CBS there too news in Ft. Myers knows where we went?

Only in Florida would a couple go out to celebrate Mother's Day at a restaurant named Hurricane Charley's! And the plaque in the reception is at the entrance of the Jim Reif room named in His memory, a southwest Florida meteorologist who worked for both stations during his tenure. He died horrifically in a freakish bicycle accident in 2014, falling over his handle bars in a stop!
 The next picture there too is when Jeb Bush our then Governor and his brother the president came here locally after the devastation of Hurricane Charley 8-13-04, a Friday. That is also our head of emergency management in the photo, Hubby also worked with Wayne Salade on different Charlotte County Sheriff office business, while a deputy.
 A homeowner's warning in the aftermath, below.
And after lunch we went to Fishville AKA Fisherman's Village. We found a handicap spot only after one go round!
The restaurant, Hurricane Charley's, just over the bridge into Punta Gorda from Charlotte Harbor had an enormous quality buffet today in honor of Mother's Day everything from prime ribs to lobster, shrimp dishes scampi linguine etc., soups, salads and amazingly decadent desserts!
The cost of all the fanfare was $28 a person; and from what we saw was well worth the cost.

We did not go for that though, too much food for someone like me who consistently takes home doggie bags, and Hubby agreed for himself too.
He had a blackened Grouper sandwich with believe it or not a fruit cup! Not his usual choice.
And I had what they called lotsa lobster or some such other cute name, truthfully I forgot.
Mine was basically a lobster roll with Cole slaw and lobster bisque soup, yum!
We both had iced water with lemon and limes.
And yes, my half of my unfinished lunch is in the fridge.
For dinner I had leftover homemade vegetable soup from two days ago.
Hubby has a cold and a nasty cough and so with a big lunch like he had finished he is snacking.
Not so terrible we both had a big breakfast too! Bacon, eggs and home fries. I actually share my egg with Gus so his medicine can go in, but today I did splurge on two thin slices of bacon, usually I have only one, and a smidge of the home fries that is made simply from one potato, cooked for three and half minutes in the microwave then dunked in cold water for easy peeling, skin lifts off and then chopped and fried in same frying pan as eggs. For crisper bacon we do it in the microwave too, on a plate wrapped in paper towel for a minute less than the amount of slices. If still not crisp, put back in thirty second increments.
Number One Son called when we arrived at Fishville's parking lot and Hubby took over driving my chariot into the shade of the place to continue my Mother's Day chat with Number One Son while he was in his car, hours away from us, on his way home from work!

Share those blessings and we will too!

I hope everyone had a great Mom's Day, all and all mine turned out to be not too bad after all was said and done.
You see, there is a double whammy for me on this occasion, when my Dad passed away way back on 5-11-1986 that day was also Mother's Day, so I do have too many reasons it is an extra effort to try harder on this day as well as we all need to for most anyway to understand the happiness it should bring to all, Moms, Dads and all children, true!
Life is difficult enough, due to this administration, i.e.!

 Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Distraction, organization and easy peasy dinner!

Everyone in this day and age needs at times a distraction from the horrors of the realities in this world, true?
So...turn off those techno devices and kick back and chill or even get out of the house and get some retail therapy, as us old timers used to call it!
 In our case nothing extravagant just a diversion from what we might have been doing if we hadn't gone out.
Destinations these days are a must, although in spite of gas prices we too have been known to just get in the car and go for a ride.
Today though was my mini project, more organizing, this time the top of the fridge; lately it looks as if a frat boy lives here with a high salt intake diet with all the chip type snacks up there.
Don't worry they are mostly skinny Hubby's and not that highly salted as one might think.
Mine are the gluten free pretzels, now low fat ones, occasionally pita chips with humus(kept in the fridge) and lightly salted sunflower seeds, Hubby's are potato chips, cheese poufs, Tostitos, shared with my homemade guacamole, and not one of those hand injuries oddly enough from clumsy me in the dealings with the avocadoes, ( I am the one who nearly cut off her thumb with the mandolin slicing a potato years ago,) cashews, also shared but not as often, and of course pistachios. The nuts are now all contained in the pantry and the chip stuff is in appropriate containers without chip clips and no longer falling over!
The sealed containers were purchased for $6.88 x 3= $20.64 x .07 for tax= $1.45 = total of $21.09 for the three sets of four different sizes in each one, including their lids, so a total of twelve containers plus their lids like Rubbermaid quality, but not. They do pop closed from the top middle.
Lids are white, and the containers are lightly opaque, albeit mostly clear.
Any-who a bargain, and everyone of the pieces were used and now have been stored appropriately either on top of the fridge, actually only three, the others are all in the pantry.
I have been trying to find containers for quite some time, many were in the hundred dollar range, but  way too dear in price for me, and so when I saw these I took them!
That was at Walmart, I know, I know some people have very harsh feelings about them, but I think they are trying harder especially with healthier food choices, more light and lower salt and fat free!
More women working there appear happy and I hope they are being promoted with an equal/proper pay scale.

Quieter again there with the snowbirds gone and we were able to find a handicap space without effort.
We also picked up a rotisserie chicken in the traditional flavor, that was all they had!
Usually you have a choice of lemon pepper, Cajun, or barbecue, oh well.
Lately we have been making homemade fries, healthier than frozen ones even and not that difficult to make.
Take two or three of your favorite potatoes we had bought this time gold ones and Hubby did do the slicing, peel, and then cutting them into fries shape, each potato yields many, sometimes one or two is enough, but this time I felt we could freeze the rest and take out some when we desired some more.
Put the sliced fries shaped potatoes into a pot of water, bring to a boil, let boil for ten minutes, then drain into a colander, and pat dry with paper or cloth towel.
Place separated on a PAM sprayed cookie sheet, lightly spray them on top too and sprinkle with sea salt also lightly or none if you so desire.
Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes, for crisper fries broil for a few minutes, but make sure you watch them, then enjoy them! Freeze the rest and mark the freezer Ziploc with homemade fries and the date and cooking directions if you so desire.
Use when you like.
We also had left over antipasto from the full moon at Bocca Lupo's half price sale, large thin crust pizza and this time since they didn't have any small antipasto salads they gave us the large for the price of the small!
And more of my salad from the Firehouse Subs that I hadn't finished either!
So dinner was easy peasy!
Sure the fries had to be made, and oddly enough our good OXO brand peeler broke when Hubby started the peeling, but we had our old model with no padding no frills for ease of use, but still functions one and Hubby finished the peeling.
And making them yourself are so much worth it, without additives!
My right hand is swollen again otherwise I would have done it, I suppose my crazy/mad desire to remove all the plastic/paper/box containers and replace them with a more uniform neater more organized look took a toll on my right hand that has been black and blue bruised besides swollen too lately. But even though I know it needs the surgery I remember how long it takes to recuperate from it, four months for my left one back in August of 2001, sixteen years ago. I was younger and healthier then, now it could take longer, and I am a righty. Basilar surgery is major surgery no matter how you cut it, ha!

Happy night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!



Friday, May 12, 2017

Brain numbness

Feeling jealous and saddened.
I never knew either of my grandmothers for they passed away before I was born, one from gangrene legs due to diabetes in 1948, story is she wouldn't let them amputate, and the other in 1949 due to an automobile accident due to my grandfather having a heart attack while driving down from NJ to Florida for a vacation.
Both of those women according to all relatives accounts were very special women and both had large families by todays' standards, Dad was one of six, sort of a middle child, no real middle when there is six, ha and Mom was the eldest of five.
And me with all those first cousins from both sides. I think the count was twenty-five, and all those aunts and uncles too!
Most are gone now.
Yes, even some of those cousins.
And many had children, but smaller families and some didn't have any at all...
The ones that remain are scattered all over the country and maybe elsewhere?
My Mom passed away when I was thirty-one, she was seventy a week before her seventieth first birthday, she had a major stroke and lived only eleven and half hours.
Hubby's Mom has dementia and was banished from us to Pennsylvania by Hubby's sister several years ago, she might be ninety-six now, but she and we wouldn't know i.e if she's alive.
They don't talk, so that is why we don't know. The whole situation caused a falling out between them.
Number One Son works hard and many weekends, and lives hours away in this state, we get along well and remember to tell each that we love each other via phone calls weekly.
Number Two Son is estranged, his choice not ours.
So to me Mothers Day will be bittersweet as it has been for years.
I have been bothered terribly by seeing/hearing all the hoopla about the holiday.
It feels as if knives are going into my heart with each happy go-lucky ad and comments on TV Facebook, and emails.
Maybe if we had more kids, and I didn't have my tubes tied after my third four and half month miscarriage, too bad they did not know about Lupus Anticoagulant then that would have prevented those miscarriages by just taking aspirin. And I would have tons of love to give them and from all of them, maybe three or four or more or maybe not... who knows.
We love both our sons very much!
I did this two days before everyone's holiday so as not to spoil all of yours, not that this will.
I am no ones grandmother, I wouldn't be able to chase them anyway, not because I didn't want to be a grandma, because I have two sons that our eldest chose not to be a Dad, and younger might choose to be, but who knows if he will let us meet them?
We still have no idea why he has nothing to do with us.
Although, some people choose not to have children at all and will never feel as I do, and I personally do not know what to make of that, since my choice was to have them.
Oh I do know no one is responsible for your happiness than you! Especially our children, we should help them though to be happy adults.
And that is why I tell myself to do things that make happy happen?
But all the hype for the holiday is so loud and clear!
And aggravates me also nastily so clearly.
I do know I shouldn't let it, but its everywhere!
Like Christmas to a Jewish girl and so I had to have some of that too!
Now that's funny!
I made myself laugh, you too?

And now I will close to wallow in my... what only can be thought as self pity!
I will continue to soldier on...I do love all our soldiers, it's the wars that I hate!

Good night to all and share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS By Sunday maybe my outlook will/might be different. I do have a short attention span, my only redeeming quality for warding off true depression!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I'm not fixable.

I had my orthopedic appointment today.
The PA said as she went over my cervical stenosis and thoracic stenosis and herniations on the accessible DVDs she said that although the cervical area is slightly worse from its last MRI nearly three years ago the spinal cord has fluid around it only a small area within the neck has a bit less on one side and there are spurs here and there, pretty much the same as my thoracic area as well, and so since my main complaint is numbness she feels that it is my Progressive Multiple sclerosis causing all my symptoms. And that although I should come in for a look see whenever the neurologist chooses for my next MRIs to see if it is any different.
Meanwhile, I see my return to neuro, the one from eight years ago, next month.
So that is it for now medically speaking, oh yeah... no promises... that far as beating my dead horse on this topic...perhaps!
Until they find a cure for MS! Probably sooner I will discuss.
Look please.
It might be easier than impeaching Mister T!
Toss up, not really he should be gone soon... I am trying hard to cross my fingers!( not so easy anymore.)
Still hoping for both cures!
Our country and our human ills.

 Moving on...

After the orthopedics appointment Hubby and I went over to Lowe's for toe kick trim for our kitchen cabinets, all these years we had not put them on.
Reverse engines and go back to about two or three days or maybe weeks ago... now fast forward, to just the other day, okay, continue...
I wanted Hubby to paint that part below the cabinets after washing the scruffy area thoroughly with some nearly toxic but not quite cleansing compound, but Hubby said he has the stuff out in the garage somewhere that is supposed to go on there, oops sadly it was a goner... dry rot and yucky dirt, embarrassingly not redeemable at all!
See that's what happens to things you forget about for a dozen years or so, oops!
Any-who, we now have new stuff and liquid nails to install it with, and Hubby gave me this time a time frame of TOMORROW, YAY!
See, I am easy to please... get your minds out of the gutter, nah, go there but come right back, since there is more to tell!
Bartenders Friend also was purchased there in the large economy size!
I don't know about you, but it does an incredible job on keeping our stainless steel pots and pans looking like new!
They sold it for a mere $2.08!
I know, cheap, especially in that size!
Never bought it there before, usually at the grocery.
But there just normal sized
See, I am easy.

After that we went up to Ingman's Marine where we had bought our Sea Hunt Triton 202 back in 2003, the salesman, Orion, or maybe O'ryan, (I haven't seen it written anywhere yet), there he has a pontoon boat for us, a 2017 Bennington fish 20 salt water that has a front opening that would be wide enough for my motorized wheelchair to go through! The price needs tweaking and he even came down to see our boat for a trade in the other day, and offered three times higher than over the phone, but we still need to tweak the price a bit, looking better though.
We have another place the BoatHouse also working on finding one, but theirs are the Sweetwater brand,  Bob with Rick, with our boat used as a trade in, now that the motor is fixed and purring great we have many more options. Hubby did hire the boat mechanic that our neighbor used too. The fix cost just under five hundred, $481, but it seems to be paying off already with the trade in adjustments going up, tripling and that by several thousands!

Oh we ate lunch at Firehouse Subs where I get my 370 calorie salad and Hubby gets his  NY steamer pastrami and corned beef with cheese and mustard sub, both of us had iced water with even real lemons and limes, less than fifteen bucks for the two of us for our lunch.

So in spite of me not being physically fixable, emotionally we all can work on that, yep and with me that seems to be nearly a fulltime job!
Looking for fun in all the old places.

Count those blessings please and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

They're back.............

The Russians are here ha, ha, ha, ha!
Why me?
Do I look like a great asset for information on United States governmental issues????
The numbers might not be too clear, tapping on the screen may help to enlarge the PIC, if not you will have to believe me that so far just today I have had 166 pageviews from RUSSIANS! Only two less than Americans at 168!  Oh here we go, my minutia of knowledge: James stretch Comey Jr., he is six foot eight, anyway his timing has been way off first with Hillary's October surprise horrifically, and now our so-called Pres. DJ's him not getting the actual evidential proof out about the Orange Frothy Haired Guy's investigation into wrong doing with the Russians, shame on you Mister T, but Comey out!
And for some crazy reason my day is up for this function that goes only until 8 P.M. EST!
As I am writing this it is just a couple of minutes past six P.M. EST, and it takes me sometimes as long as an hour to pump one of these gems out, ha!
That was for the gem part...I do know I write drivel, but it is my drivel; so there! ( I am now doing what you cannot see and that is sticking my adult tongue out at you, or maybe not you maybe that person behind you or maybe all of you, ha!
You have fun your way and I'll have it mine!
Small things mean a lot... can you imagine any reason why this would create such interest with the Ruskies? (Hope that is not a racial slur.)
Yes, my grandfather was one of them, and he was a wonderful man.
He also had come to America in the early 1900's!
Genealogically speaking I am 96% Eastern European, 2% Irish, no wonder I enjoy St. Paddy's Day, 1% Italian, mangiare, and 1% Greek, opa, who knew!
Actually, I did for awhile since Hubby and I had our DNA tested by a few years ago for our anniversary presents to each other.
Those were just my distribution of countries, Hubby's were many and much more diverse too to his surprise.
Interesting to have and really doesn't change much except for them telling you all these relatives are out there and many even might want to meet you!
Oh well...
Maybe they are on Facebook?

Moving on...

Today I did an experiment with my motorized wheelchair and my previous failure to maneuver throughout our home and so once indoors I have been reverting to my walker, since my landing stations are close. None more than ten feet from one another, tiny house!
So even though my walker does have a seat and is a hybrid with the ability to transform into a transporter I do not use it out in the world any longer for nearly a year now, in fact this Saturday it will be a year that I have my motorized wheelchair 5-13-16.
Oh, my experiment went rather well.
I even got into bed by making my chair go up like I do for the car seat.
I got a snack in my narrow galley kitchen, washed dishes, got out dishes for dinner too!
I went down the sunroom ramp to the accessible bathroom off that room.
I used the desk in there to make copies for my doctor's appointment of my lists of meds, doctors, and surgeries that I always take with me.
It's been two and half years since I was to these doctors, and I printed their forms from their site and filled those out too!
All time savers.

Moving on some more with an upbeat...

Our successful growing ability in spite of this nasty drought, xeriscape trees that actually do quite well with very little water! Those green bulbous fruits are young mangoes, mmmmm, oh so sweet, and grown from a pit years ago, this is our second or third year of fruits. Below is one of those County Extension's freebie trees, this one is a Crape Myrtle that had been stunted for so long that we had thought we had a dwarf variety, but now with this nasty drought it has decided to grow vertically and blossomed too beautifully! Aint nature swell!

Please do share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Question America: Are we patients, clients or customers to the medical world?

I believe that we used to be patients, but as medical care became more exasperating we lost our patience, and consequently lost that status too.
Clients sounds too business like and when I think of that I think of more so of law firms.
Customers being the broadest of terms and also never what any of us people/persons/ human being with temporary/ chronic/ or fatal ills would like to be thought of, but due to the medical industry being a bottom line sort of consortium we have been cast into that cold no familiarity type of ranking. I suppose we all have our own bottom lines on the line these days while dealing with the medical professions.
If you think about it they are already like a monopoly in the respect where else can we go for medical treatment if not to doctors, walk in clinics and hospitals etc.?
Heart is missing way too often, except for a few of my friends who had gone into the profession when heart was a very important part of medical care. Although, like me many have retired.
Obamacare/ Trumpcare?
Do they really care?
Money, money, money has been the bottom line for those programs more so than actual "CARE", definitions of CARE are: 1.the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance and protection of someone or something. "The care of the elderly"
2. serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.

Do the people putting our HEALTHCARE programs together even know what they are??????????
Pennies to make many medications, while the over charges to the public are obscene!
Premiums for insurance policies go higher and higher when most "customers" have to do all the work for themselves!
Doctors have more assistants than patients some days, when waiting rooms are empty. And when filled waits go into hours!
Nothing is working right!

Again, today, I received a call verifying via robo call an appointment this week with the orthopedic PA, and so I called back to make sure that they received the MRIs reports I was assured two weeks ago they would have along with their DVDs, and no they did not have them, yet.
And so I called and found out that the person who assured me they would be sent from the Advanced Imaging MRI place had not sent them after she said they would be sent out that day, two weeks ago.
Meanwhile, now Carol in records there has said that tomorrow both will go out via courier, and should be there/Advantage Orthopedic Center, a few miles away from them, no later than late morning so if I want to check by tomorrow afternoon they should be there.

Geez, if I want to check?
Does anyone but me remember when people did what they said when they said they were going to do it and NOBODY HAD TO CHECK????????????

But of course I will.
This is my lot in life, and I sadly imagine many others, maybe even you?
Verifying our medical care. I suppose this puts us back in somewhat of control, but really????????

You see the issue is important to see my most recent MRIs of my brain, done 4-7-17 cervical and thoracic regions, done 4-11-17 to see if the brain is the cause, meaning my MS or my herniations and stenosis has gotten worse and is causing my problems and it can all be fixed!
Fixable me?
What a nice thought.

I will leave you all with that.

Good night to all folks and count your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, May 8, 2017

A correction... and more

Correction of 4-28-17 entitled, "Arbor Day!" post section in "moving on" to Bed Bath and Beyond and of the purchase of a battery type broom that they make it is not a Black Decker brand, but the Bissell brand Bolt plus model; at around seventy dollars, minus the 20% discount plus tax it is a very nice deal!
We have it ten days now and Hubby finds it simplifies his life with Gus chasing critters into the plumbagoes that its flowers stick to his fur, gives new meaning to the concept flower child! He becomes ensconced with very pretty blue flowers in his hair that drop all over the floor once inside...!

The laundry room's broom closet that holds our regular vacuum, brooms, dustpans, dusters, mop etc. is off to the right front of the photo, and to the left of that is a child's sized toy box that is used as a seat and as our laundry hamper, above that is a seagull wooden carved blue and white colored knobbed rack for leashes and the occasional jacket of Hubby's, and next to that is a nautical themed clock and a drop down shelf for folding clothes that is under that. The washer dryer combo is straight ahead, new, but replacing the identical one that lasted over twenty years, and it has cabinets above that hold laundry baskets, and to the right side of that are more cabinets the one above that used to hold our thirty gallon hot water heater, but a new forty gallon one is in the garage out the door to the right. Now it is additional pantry space for overflow paper goods and club soda etc., above where it had been and below in the other cabinets are laundry detergent, stain remover, white vinegar and baking soda all large economy sizes! Above the doorway we are looking in from is a large shelf that holds things like our roasting pan, sewing machine, and barbecue metal baskets and juicers, yes we have a few. The lowest cabinet to the right straight ahead has a roll out shelf with my craft supplies in that! It used to have a circular entry for Casey, our cat's litter box, without the roll out, Hubby made that, but sadly Casey passed away several years ago, (I was able to attain a solid door from the same company years after Casey had passed on. Still have the cat box door opening one though... you never know.) He was a quite handsome cat, a long haired orange tabby with amber eyes!
Oh, that is not where the battery broom stays, it fits nicely in the corner near its plug to charge. I took it out to take its picture.
You can just barely see the door to the garage there, and above that has a sign stating Captain's Quarters, meaning Hubby's workshop.
The laundry/mud room is compact, but just right for the two of us.
Moving on...
Hubby mowed the dust bowl again today, again due to popper uppers like green whiskers on what used to be our lawn.
Our whole state is under attack from forest fires; but we are very fortunate that they're none too close to us.
The humidity is down, but the wind can come up and spread the damn things! Fires that is; they are mostly caused by carelessness with cigarettes, weather related is less likely, people burning things when they shouldn't, the whole state I believe is under a no burn order!
What gets me is that Charlotte County here in Florida is selling fresh water from our reservoirs to Cape Coral for their fresh water canals that they diminished by watering their lawns with it and our county is 
making millions from that, but our fire warning is more severe than even theirs and so what if we need the water to help fight the fires here!
I guess with Hubby retired we are out of the loop to know how this is a practical idea.
Sure the money, but what if we need it?
Oh well.
I suppose I sound selfish, nah just prudent and logical.... but they were the ones who used up their water to have plush lawns forgetting the fire issue and that we are all in a severe drought!
It's just a few more weeks until rainy season, June first it begins.
I can remember one year it was so dry they were about to cancel the Fourth of July fireworks and then the rain came!
Unfortunately, here people think fireworks are for every holiday and Memorial weekend is coming up soon I sure hope it either rains or people use some common sense!
Share those blessings folks and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, May 7, 2017


*Emulate: to match or surpass, typically by imitation.
*Imitation: the act of using something or someone as a model
Let me get this straight now that blonde woman who ran for president in France was *enamored, a feeling of love for our President DJ and so she copied his style, political platform, ideas, etc. etc. and she lost?
Viva la France!
They are definitely smarter than whomever rigged our contest last November, and according to our pre-president statements that it was Hillary, so he suggested... that is until he won!
And then the rest of us who did vote for Hillary realized it must have been him that rigged it and that is what he was telling us the whole time, still no absolute proof just many of our logical, no other way it could have happened, not even if pigs were to fly that he would have won unless it was opinions.
Sure seems that way though... really!

 * all definitions thanks to:

Moving on...

Today we chilled; although outside was the real chilly weather, last day of our "cold front" it was fifty-six degrees Fahrenheit this morning and eighty-two by the afternoon. By tomorrow it will be back in the upper eighties and nineties during the rest of the week, and still not yet summer here!
That is June 21st.

Believe it or not I saw the last of the Midsomer Murders shows, a UK mystery sent to Netflix last night, all 19 series with all episodes to date. I suspect that their "series" are considered the same in the UK as we call "seasons" in the USA, a lot of shows anyway you look at them and I did, ha!
The shows began in 1996 all the way through 2016, yes twenty years, and it was fun watching the cars and technology with phones, computers and methods of determining scientific ways to solve crimes/murders all change, fascinating.
The series still continues and so I will just wait until the newer shows are released to Netflix.
Grace and Frankie or is it Frankie and Grace, any-who, all caught up, recommendable.
Better Call Saul, didn't care for this one this time, maybe I will try it again, who knows. 

 So since our laundry was all caught up, and Hubby was feeling poorly, nothing serious, but we put Gus's park visit on hold. We have been trying to go when the weather permitted, and here in Florida rain and not too stifling with heat, so cool clear weather is when we would go!
But we stayed home, and chilled by watching more Midsomer Murders together, Hubby started way after me and he is just in the ninth series, but since I think I might have fallen asleep when watching and do not remember them all I sat and watched with him, and yes I was able to, thankfully!
We have only one smart TV that we get Netflix on and of course my laptop, so usually Hubby is in the living room watching on the Smart TV in there and I recline in the bedroom with my special hospital table and my laptop in there/here, where I am now writing this!
I also recharge it and my phone while here.
So it was nice to watch in the same room for a change.

Its just another one that I got Hubby hooked on there were others.
And he has made recommendations for me too, if we don't know each other after nearly fifty years who does?
Yep, we met August 31, 1967!
Both going to work for Ohrbach's department store at the Bergen Mall in Paramus NJ, where we met for the first time.
This was just before our senior years of high school but from two different ones, his Riverdell and mine Emerson, he ended up working in the men's department and they put me in the children's and infants, way back when!
My first job not baby sitting or working for my dad.
Hubby's second job, since he had worked at the Hackensack Fox Theater, first as an usher then as a manager, boy he was young!
We were both seventeen when we met!

Well that's all for tonight, have a happy one, and count all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!