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The storm has passed

We were very lucky with just heavy downpours, still a few on and off, but no flooding here. Many low lying areas did have some. Beaches did have some erosion. The major part of the storm , a cat 1 hit in Cedar Key, over a hundred and fifty miles north from here. A lovely dog friendly vacation place that we enjoy. Not too bad though and it will be fine in no time once again.
We are a resilient state!
We always come back no matter what nature bestows on us!Moving on...My first night was not easy, make that four plus hours with my breathing apparatus.
Four is your minimum.
It was not as easy as I thought, there must be a learning curve.
Mine covers my nose and mouth.
Hubby told the doctor I'm a mouth breather! I do have a rather small nose, but it pinched it and left a mark like a bruise! The respiration therapist fitted it at their facility.
And I thought I was good to go.
Hubby tried tweaking it this morning, hopefully his adjustments will work for tonight. Last night I did not sle…