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Mall day with a topping off of the groceries!

Geez, it was good to get out into the world and try my ride out in wide open, temperature controlled spaces, although we stayed a bit too long at the fair... as the expression goes.
Meaning we just got home at a quarter to five from leaving at eleven-thirty A.M.!
When we left to go to the mall the temperature outside was in the mid-eighties, but when we got home it had gotten to over ninety and the humidity is also sky high, due to the rain again while in the mall, like a sweeping rush of a warm/hot air from a steam room, yep that hot! So I once again ended up with very nasty spasms getting from the store to the car.

When we arrived at the mall it was nice to see that it was busy and it really must have been later than eleven thirty since it is only five miles from home and the traffic wasn't too bad and it was nearly noon when we got there. Hubby parked near the food court so that is where we ate lunch, he chose Sbarros and I chose the Japanese restaurant, both meals we had our …