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Imagine a place where...

...a tall thinish older man stands online at a Dairy Queen awaiting his turn to order two small Sundaes to take home, and when he finally gets to the front of the line a young punk puts his hand on his chest pushing him back and attempts to cut in line after saying, "My turn old man."
And that "old man" takes the kids arm and twists it around until he falls to his knees, don't mess with a retired cop as his background will always kick in, and this the kid's entourage laughs at his discomfort, while another man intervenes and says "I think you all better leave now", and they did.
Cast of characters: Hubby, as tall thinish older man, a young black fellow, as the fresh punky kid, and a decent adult black man as the good person who intervened.
All true, last week.
Fast forward to my respiration doctor's office parking lot, where a physically challenged older fat woman in her transporter wheeled chair, foot pushing, circling her vehicle to get in,…