Friday, March 4, 2016

Imagine a place where...

...a tall thinish older man stands online at a Dairy Queen awaiting his turn to order two small Sundaes to take home, and when he finally gets to the front of the line a young punk puts his hand on his chest pushing him back and attempts to cut in line after saying, "My turn old man."
And that "old man" takes the kids arm and twists it around until he falls to his knees, don't mess with a retired cop as his background will always kick in, and this the kid's entourage laughs at his discomfort, while another man intervenes and says "I think you all better leave now", and they did.
Cast of characters: Hubby, as tall thinish older man, a young black fellow, as the fresh punky kid, and a decent adult black man as the good person who intervened.
All true, last week.
Fast forward to my respiration doctor's office parking lot, where a physically challenged older fat woman in her transporter wheeled chair, foot pushing, circling her vehicle to get in, husband already on the other side waiting, woman is verbally accosted by a fellow on speedy bicycle with battery pack behind seat with cord attached to a fancier than her own cell phone; bike man opens with I feel sorry for you my mom had to use one of those then asks her for a hand out due to his wife and two year old living in the woods and that they are very hungry. She offered to put him in touch with a special agency, one being in just the next parking lot over from where they are talking. He takes a call and the older woman escapes to her awaiting open door to her car, and gets in while husband takes her transporter to the rear of the vehicle and puts it in. Once inside Hubby ask me what that was about.

Moving on...

Next imagine taking in your dog for a grooming and initially being told due to he having to be knocked out the cost will be $140, and verified and then arriving early the next day and being told they will now being charging $274! Due to new medications and them wanting to do blood work. This told to the tall thinish man Hubby again he says that Gus doesn't need blood work he just had it when he was in for his shots just a few months ago there, okay minus $80, now =$194, just for a HAIRCUT! Still ridiculous! But asked for payment upfront where we have been going for over a year and always paid after. Oh and get this, I called after he was dropped off after noon he had been dropped off before ten A.M. and asked again about the new bait and switch in my opinion pricing, of course I did not say that to them, wanting it to be better explained and finding out that although he had to be there early they had him scheduled last!
It is now after five (they called at five thirty, Hubby is there now. Home now, and they didn't even wait until he was fully out of the anesthesia, he's wobbly!) and they still have not called, and this is at a vet's combo groomer's office.
Fortunately, after spending most of the day speaking with many animal rescue/rights agencies, including the rescue that we got Gus from, it now appears they were nice enough to understand our dilemma and put us in touch with their groomer that originally did his first haircut and said he had been fine with her without needing to be put under. In fact he may even be having some play dates with her dogs at her home only a few blocks from us and get this she charges $40 for her haircuts done in her home!

PS Although, Gus was adopted in Arcadia Florida from Canine Castaways and the veterinary clinic there gave him his initial shots, without having to put him under either, we feel maybe these others did not have the patience they should have had with him when they took him out of our sight or they did not acknowledge his fears... and so we will go back to where we started, although a distance away. Wish us luck, but his shots are good till November.
Where there is a will there is always a way.

On this note of imagining things that you wish weren't real and so allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy healthy safe good night and ask all of you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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