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Calming day...

Hubby and I took on a project to clean our bedroom faux-wood PVC blinds that I had bought from JC Penney’s (They still sell them there, but their sale price is what the regular price was ten years ago, interesting, hmm?), when we renovated after Hurricane Charley caused the need.

To this day Hubby thought they were wood.
His blinds in his bath are oak but his are not in the shower, of course! My bath window is in my shower and so when it was replaced I had one of those old fashioned bubble glass ones installed.
The faux wood blinds are only in our bedrooms and the wooden valance that encompasses the windows on three sides that I had hand painted them years ago, vines in one room the guest, I call the garden room, and sponge stamped seashells in bronze in the master is also on them and in order to remove the blinds you must take the top valance off with a couple of screws.
I used to be able to do it all by myself but these days it is nice to have Hubby helping me. I wash the wi…

More visits with PICS ta boot!

There is always lots to see here in Charlotte County Florida and today the weather was so much nicer than most everywhere else in our country, sun shinning with blue skies, no filter on my camera, what you see is the actual color, and in the low to mid seventies with very low humidity too. Below is the Punta Gorda Florida, Farmer's Market today that I have spoken of often but seemed to forget my camera, today I did not!

Fisherman's Village, what can I say about our home away from home. Our goto place when we want something fun to do.Right now they are lighted up for the holidays with displays I showed you just last week when our Number One Son was here. Today's PICS are of their marina and fishing boats that you can go on, full or half days, plus they also have evening cruisers to see the lights this time of year as well as cruises down to our nearby islands like Caya Costa, Cabbage Key and a few there to get all info:…

Galleria Mall and Peace River Seafood

Looking for something to do today away from the BLACK FRIDAY CROWDS I Googled antiques and museums and this place came up. Oddly enough they have been there eight years and somehow we had missed them. Perfect for a day like today when sadly our perfect Florida weather was unfortunately too cold for us locals to go to the beach anyway with highs only in the sixties, brrr!My maneuverability was not too bad, I was able not to hit either the other patrons or the goods! I felt a bit like a bull in a China shop, but to my surprise I did great, in other words I managed NOT to hit anything or anybody! And neither did Hubby when for a while he had to transform my chariot into its transporter mode... Interestingly, while there I met and chatted with two women who had relatives with Multiple Sclerosis and one man who had it too and also had my current Dr. Happy in Sarasota too, what a coincidence, hmm?
The Galleria Mall is not far from the hub of Punta Gorda, it is only out on Duncan Road, also kn…


The history of this holiday is two-fold, literally...
The original Thanksgiving with the Native Americans and the Pilgrims happened at harvest in 1621 and the holiday became an official American holiday declared by Abraham Lincoln in 1863; yep, over two hundred years after that momentous happening. Weren’t we in the midst of the Civil War then? The whole timing of the when is quite curious; as many things in life are, but good for him just the same.

Ah presidents, not unlike men in general, can’t live with them and apparently we cannot live without them, hmm?
Get it guys?
A turn around of the old joke?

Oh well… any-who, the verdict is in!
And no, I am not speaking about Ferguson.
At times although I have been right there with all of you on the story watching and reading and all the other stuff that goes with another travesty of justice creating havoc with all the part…


Years ago the lost generation meant something other than offspring deciding NOT to have children. I had no grandmas, they both passed away before I was born and I am still not one. And I really had hoped to become one.
In those long ago days it meant something more prolific, but also non-controllable at the time for people who felt as they had. Somehow if I had been a truly great writer as the ones mentioned below I more than likely would have joined their group…in my heart I was there incarnate as I sometimes believe I am. Being of a mindset to be allowed to think and do and write what you truly believe in should be within all people’s abilities that is unless they are putting themselves or others in harms way I truly believe it to be one of the ultimate freedoms.
“The ''lost generation'' of the1920s was a group of writers born from 1883 to *1900. They moved to Paris (Paris was the advant *garde for all areas of creativity. Escape from the austere materialism of *American…

Got two!

Chinese fortune cookies fortunes are what I have two of, but the cookies are Hubby’s and he did open one of the three, again? His was rather ominous, I'll let you decide, “This is a time for caution, but not for fear.” And the two remaining ones that were mine were, “What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.” “Everyone needs to be loved, especially those do not deserve it.”
Odd how moi wanted to edit that last one to read, sometimes I do know the right way to write a sentence, ha, “Everyone needs to be loved; especially those who do not deserve it.” But that would have been tampering with the prophetic gods or some such deity, methinks?
Any-who, Hubby thought his referred to the days breaking news stories. The two I had opened; in my first I think that one is fairly obvious that people have a tendency to take the easy way out of sticky situations, hmm?
And for the second one it is a wee bit holiday-ish, when we are supposed to forgive all those horrid so-called friends and re…

We got up, got out and got active!

I had forgotten to mention that there is a whole booklet that goes along with those bracelets from last night.
Sorry about cutting off the top so here’s what it says above for business is that it’s Open for Business and above that says Charlotte County Community Services IS…OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Alrighty now, and then goes on to tell you about programs and services in our parks and libraries etc.
And so now we all know.
Moving on…
Today I again was able to do my mini circuit of exercise equipment and increased my reps on them, good for me all around, small steps, but my steps, hmm?
Distraction seems to work best and it turns out that this older couple that I have been chatting with and the husband had had a stroke two years ago on his right side is doing nicely even with his speech coming back ever so slightly, his wife told me that he had said Good Morning! I said WOW. She is exhausted and I asked where they were originally from and she said Bethlehem I suggested Pennsylvania she said no where…

Mundane for a name and it isn't a shame...

Although, if something more exciting was happening while we were performing what most considered dull or routine than would it still be mundane?
I think not!

We have been chosen and I am not speaking biblically, I am speaking of now in this time and place to be part of an enormous family!

No, and it’s not just the family of mankind or of Mother Earth or any other new age thingy… we have been recruited to be a part of what is a family that all of us fifties kids wanted to be a part of… THE NIELSENS!

The advertising firm that has been around since the 1920’s but went to polling TV ratings in 1950, the same year I was born! I told you that I have been waiting all this time to be called by them to be a part of letting them know what programming I enjoy. And it finally happened a few weeks ago, they called and last week they sent us the forms to fill out while we watch and we are now a member of the ones who let everyone else know… we’ll know… what we do when not out and about being ac…

A pictorial of mementos from our day's journey...


Life is interesting when things happen that hadn't before...

Have you ever had a sore swollen and stiff pinkie?
That is without injuring it?
Googled, “stiff pinkie all of a sudden?”
Oddly enough someone else experienced the same problem:
LindaRivera1 July 25, 2009 What is causing the unexplained pain, swelling, and stiffness of my pinky finger? Yesterday I woke up and the pinky finger on my left hand hurt to bend and was a little swollen at the base of the finger (where the finger meets the palm of my hand). Today, the pain and swelling increased, and I also have stiffness of the finger. I didn't injure or do anything to my finger; these symptoms just started unexpectedly to just one finger/joint. What could be wrong? Do I need to see a doctor?”
- See more at
Karen Lee Richards Health Guide July 29, 2009 It's hard to say what is causing your swollen and painful pinky.  Since you didn't injure it, it could be something like tendonitis, which is an inflammat…

Working hard to get a policy...

After an hour again on hold for Florida Blue I hung up again and called, and voila!
I am now enrolled with Florida Blue again with are you ready? No? I will tell you anyway, drum roll please… Blue Select! Yep the same one that they gave me by mistake last year since it states that it is for small businesses, but now it is not so Sangai their representative, told me.
As I was told my subsidy did go up over one hundred dollars, but it is another smoke and mirrors trick, since now all premiums have too!
Even though, I am now purchasing a Gold plan compared to my previous Platinum PPO plan which if you recall was costing me with the monthly subsidy subtracted $561.51 a month with doctors GP’s $15 a visit and specialists $20 a visit $10.00 for prescriptions for ninety days and deductibles in the $850-$2500 range, well that policy is now $831 and change a month subsidy included!
This policy is a Gold plan $494.87 with the monthly subsidy subtracted and has a $25 for GP’s a visit …