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Happy Halloween Folks!

Not too scary tonight I hope for the little ones, but just enough, one would desire... BOO!

Here are some sites with scary Halloween stories for the children to use at your own discretion with care:

Now here’s my NOT so scary at all story for our little darling/bog/pal, better known as Skipper!
I suppose it should be called a tale of a tail?

Trying our darnedest to help our little guy and so we do whatever it takes and now that we have been feeding him via the tube it feels rather harsh to have to do that to him or anyone really!

Ta Da!

The below medication does offer some help and some hope to perhaps within days not needing to do that to our four footed friend…


Another medication used for both people and dogs/cats.
This is the one that I mentioned that I had Googled and came up with how to increase the appetite of a dog with cancer.

How this Med…

Hope we are not too late!

Sure we love our Skipper, and that goes without asking …  and sure we want to do everything possible for him and so after trying to get him to eat everything and anything suggested by knowledgeable people and reliable Internet sites…we finally have given in to contacting his doctor again and the holistic doc too for the first time, who is a VMD!

Now his Dr. Randy DVM has ordered medication to help with his appetite stimulation that should be in tomorrow afternoon (I had Googled to see if there were such a thing and then waited for the doc to reply on what I found.), and the holistic doc will be seeing him next week at the soonest.

It is nice to know that there are not too many divas in the veterinary profession, ya know?

We seemed to, at times, have found a few in the people medicine arena, ya know that too, I am more than sure of this.

Skipper’s appetite is iffy at best and it also becomes confusing on what to make for him when the doctors first tell you to use a specific diet that he sp…

Copaxone shot gone wrong!

Was due today for my right arm shot of my Copaxone, and after four and a half years I was bound to get a nerve sooner or later, and it feels as if I did!
I am writing lefty and I am no lefty!
This is it for this evening and thanks for understanding, but my right arm is both numb and in pain, and yes both can happen and to me it does way too often... 


Found the culprit! Or so we think!

Foaming at the mouth sounds so ominous, especially when speaking about any  wild animal and definitely when discussing a domestic pet it is downright frightening!
Not to worry, Skipper has had all his shots, including rabies, and even if he hadn’t he is never ever left outside alone; he is always with Hubby or in the old days me. And although he has gone nose to nose with our local opossums neither has bit the other, plus they are less likely to carry rabies than our roll out of feral cats over these last few years that seem to love our yard too.
So his foaming and spitting was due to an ingesting property, sadly administered by either Hubby or dare I say or me! Nay! This one was purchased by me, but Hubby gave it to him with me encouraging/egging him on to do so. Those drops from the holistic online company appear to be the cause of his diminished appetite and foaming at the mouth! All we know is that it happened when he was given it and now since he has not been given it he is no longe…

"Soon, your old friends will remind you of your forgotten childhood joys."

If it's Sunday it must be China City?

Nah, any day of the week that we get the desire for Chinese comfort food we will probably get it.

The above title was actually opened by me, but I wanted it to be shared with Hubby since again they gave us three fortune cookies. His was actually not bad either, you be the judge, “If you wait too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by.”

I take that back, about it being good. It sounds more prophetic as if a warning?

The last one was mine alone, and to me I think it is telling me that what is happening now, oh wait let me tell you first what it is, and “It can’t rain all the time.”
Now if rain is a metaphor for illness or problems or bad times than I do believe it is an uplifting message. Although, if it means the literal “rain”, than it is absolutely correct for we haven’t had any rain in days, only lower temps and lower humidity, but it is supposed to rain, perhaps next week and by then we will be looking forward to it!

Winner, winner...

...Chicken Dinner!
Oddly enough, it has been a heck of a day. I awoke at, would you believe 3:50 A.M.?
Sure I have done this before and it is usually only after I had tried without much luck to go back to sleep for quite a while, ya know?
I bet you do!
Why else would someone like me, a retired person need to get out of bed at that ungodly hour?
Any-who I did accomplish a lot, laundry washed and dried and put away all before Hubby awoke at eight.
Unfortunately, my coffee consumption has gone up most recently due to this very tired me; oh did I mention I have been also going to bed real early, like a child between eight and nine some nights… so it was pretty much inevitable that eventually I would also start waking up earlier too.
Not to mention the long afternoon naps, an hour and a half just today.
So in reality I am not sleep deprived I am probably attaining more than my fair share these days, hmm?
Skipper is such a sound sleeper next to me or Hubby and so, you got that right, and as if he is …

I actually heard from a few of you last night...

Well, I actually did not hear, I saw what you wrote to be perfectly clear. And thanks to the gal/cuz who did leave more words and her itinerary for being quite a patriotic soul that is helping at the voting locations, BRAVA!
People are so wonderful if you give them a chance I have found. As you get older sure there are some that can certainly rub you the wrong way and their behavior at times can be quite infuriating.
But in an adult way we must control our tempers and react in a controlled way to not to escalate any harsh words or fear of fisticuffs!
Self control, what a lovely concept. Perhaps more wars would stop before begun; less domestic violence by the perpetrators who might to think before they react, heaven knows the robbers and murderers would be much less due to considering all sides of the situation and ramifications prior to a commitment of the act.
Who knows what would happen if the entire world took a PAUSE and a BREATH and THOUGHT FIRST, hmm?
I know just in my ordinary life of …

Let's do this...

You tell me what's going on in your life and I will listen to you, how about that? No answer for me yet? I can’t hear you! Oh dear, did I say that I could not hear any of you? Sure I did. Do you know why I would say such a thing as that? You don’t? Think… I’m waiting…patiently… Da duh da duh da duh da duh da…twiddling my thumbs, but I don’t suppose you can hear that either? I have all the time in the world to wait you out. OH WAIT I GOT IT! I can’t hear you… BECAUSE THIS DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT, it’s sadly only a one way street, aha!
That is with me talking-writing to/at you and you reading/listening to me?
Gosh another one of the world’s too many mysteries/problems resolved! The list is infinite…
Days march on and so does the world with so much violence in it and people just not feeling the love. But that is not the only way to change it all… Any ideas? I at least know that now it’s not worth my wait for you to chime in, hmm?
And I also know that I have been a bit boring to most of you with my mo…

Crazy night again

This time I was sick again during the night. Mysterious too, since Hubby and me both had the same meal for dinner last night; homemade comfort food of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. He was fine, but I was not.
I truly think that my GERD ( is getting worse due to my horrid way of still eating. It all stems from my working years, being on the go…rarely enough time to sit and eat, most of the time I would eat on the road, in the car. Even when the boys were small and I was at home there seemed to be a rush to wait on the children and so I was known to stand to eat while I served them or just had downright bad eating habits of eating too fast, even when I was so-called skinny.
So odd now that at this point in my life that I have all the time in the world, being retired and my time is my own there is no reason to feel rushed or have to gulp anything down especially while eating at home.
I need to try harder to behave at meal t…

Each day is a new beginning.

Now, where did I hear that before?
Not remembering, but knowing that it is significant in how we all live our lives, especially these days, hmm?

The world is in a train wreck with wars and ills and heaven knows what else!
Yet, we all live in it and have to survive here, since we don’t have anywhere else to go, we all know that we must.

Our smallest members of our society sometime teach us things that should be common sense.

And with saying that that no matter how badly you feel that you should always have time for your loved ones.

St. Jude’s Hospital comes to mind with those young critically ill patients, with many becoming survivors after being put through torturous painful surgeries medicinal treatments, etc... Those children truly are BRAVE we can all surely learn from all of them…

These things always make me understand the bigger picture in life and realize that we all have something to deal with and how we handle it is the truest measure of us as human beings on this planet, …

Road trip!

Today we left our compound, homestead, abode, oh well i.e. our home, yes in deedy we left that place as a family unit!
In other words to be sure it was: Hubby Skipper and me.
We all live together in our happy wee house and enjoy our lives there.
But… today’s journey was to find food that our little darling Skipper will eat without being forced fed, and no I have not done that to him. If all else fails I do understand he could go into the veterinarian's office and get IV’S if necessary, but no he is still eating what he likes when he likes it.

The raw food treats that the, oh dear, I am getting ahead of myself… Our first stop as a family group was to believe it or not to fill our nearly empty gas tank. With a car going on fourteen although it still has low mileage, of less than 42K on the odometer, but only gets around eleven miles to the gallon and until they stop recalling cars and we have less monies going to pay off things, which seems to be growing daily… we hope by next year at t…