Monday, April 8, 2013

Annette Funicello dead at the age of seventy due to complications of MS...

I think that it is more than funny, no that’s not right…odd, maybe that is it; that when someone dies from Multiple Sclerosis no one ever says that’s what killed them.
Think about it…
The only other ill that I can think of that you hear about it stated that way is Diabetes.
Sure MS doesn’t kill you, but a heart attack, respiratory distress or perhaps a major fall or heaven knows what may be the finality of what causes you to not get up that next morning.
My uncle with MS died in the 1960’s from a heart attack, but he had been in a wheelchair at the time and had lost most abilities to move most all of his body parts, but it was a heart attack, a complication of MS that killed him in his fifties? My aunt also a person with Multiple Sclerosis, but oddly enough also had a brain tumor and they say that is what took her life at age fifty-nine, also in that era of my uncle, both my mother’s in-laws, not her siblings.
Most doctors even today have to admit many people can live a ‘normal’ lifespan with MS? That is unless you have Secondary Progressive or Primary Progressive… those are still waiting on decent medications to give them the same shot as us with Relapsing Remitting!
What’s that, a normal lifespan?
And in what century’s lifespan?
My Mom also lived to seventy and died from a massive stroke, but no one said she died from complications of too high cholesterol and her lifespan was in the last century in 1982 and that was considered ‘normal’ for her century, but mostly for men.
People who get cancer and don’t survive cancer, die from cancer, are said to have died from whatever type of cancer took them, but thankfully that is becoming to be less, and less.
MS still has no cure.
Medications keep becoming more plentiful, but still appear to only be for the most common form of the Relapsing Remitting type, which many are first diagnosed with, including myself.
Odd though, since most people diagnosed late in life, after thirty-five or in my case after fifty, usually are DX’d with the Primary form of MS. But in my case I do believe it just took till 2006 to get to that point and I still feel that I had it for perhaps decades prior to my final diagnosis and RRMS is considered a young persons disease, that is being diagnosed anywhere from twenty to thirty-five usually.
Yes, relapsing remitting can be like that feeling well for awhile and I had four really good years and prior to that a couple here and a couple there. That would explain my RRMS dx.
Many of my online friends who also have MS go the gamut of dxs from RRMS to PPMS, which is the worse to be diagnosed with and to date there are no definitive medications for treatment. Although, some doctors have what is lovingly called the ‘MS cocktail’.
It is probably available through a few good doctors willing to try something, anything, with their hardest cases, and G-d Bless them for that!
Many of the MS group also feels the homeopathic route is the way as another alternative to deal with theirs and have had ill affects from the conventional medications or just want to not put chemicals in a body that is already very ill and compromised.
I respect people’s choices, but I have known and warned others too that even natural supplements have been known to harm and are not regulated. But we also know of the horror stories of the FDA mistakes there too. And so at the very least we should try harder to read and know more about our options and side-effects of anything we ingest or inject.
Detective work.
And wellness is a full time job even you’re not well, especially when you are not…
In closing, we in the world of Multiple Sclerosis, lost the girl next door, a Mouseketeer and a woman who was an entertainer and gave us all joy, and to her family who lost a wife and mother, who just so happened to have died of Multiple Sclerosis and who fought the battle with grace and dignity for over twenty years. Notice, not complications of MS? Her legacy may well be when our own battle is lost we should all have fought as hard as we could have also with the world noticing that we too did not give up and also left it with our own grace and dignity or perhaps we will be the first generation that sees the CURE!

On that note of some note and a lot of hope, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to all count your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?!

PS Sleep tight dear Iron Lady, your gifts to the world has been duly noted and your place in world history is written.

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