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Arrest me now!

Dagnamit! Drat! Damn! Darn it! I am not a happy person on many a day, yet, I seem to be the only human being that is on Facebook that feels this way so regularly; so arrest me now! All these happy people make me feel worse than ever before; being alone in my misery. One, of my kind actually had a great day due to being able to move her knee, what’s that all about? That’s what they call a glass half full I suspect, boy do I need a refill, and to me it was way too sad… to believe that is something great for us in the wheelie chair sect. If she had lifted the knee, the ankle, the whole dang leg; now that would be the time to shout Halleluiah, not a piddly small specimen of a knee? I know, I know, I know, a glass half full thingy…sure Halleluiah pal of this sisterhood/brotherhood of the traveling Multiple Sclerosis Kingdom that circumvents the world that we all belong to! BIG HIP, HIP HOORAY new friend of mine. Why is the world so divided with the ones who no matter what find the joy i…