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My question to all of you is why did you join this social media iconic network called, ‘Facebook’? To me it was to connect with new and different people from the entire world in all walks of life and to reconnect with not seen in a long time, family and friends, school chums etc. initially. Many I do know feel it is a very beneficial business tool, marketing themselves tool, selling their wares tool etc. and in that same vein a get me a job tool… I bet though that even in some cases, I am pretty sure, it has become a very helpful ‘getting to know you’ tool for finding a new romantic interest? Whatever the reasoning to try it out, it appears that many who have been posting pictures of family, friends and new arrivals, announcements of joy and sorrow have all found that it is still meeting their own personal niche of needs sufficed. And many of us enjoy seeing these strangers’ extended families, although we have no idea who they are. It is inclusion that seems to make us all one GREAT…