Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My question to all of you is why did you join this social media iconic network called, ‘Facebook’? To me it was to connect with new and different people from the entire world in all walks of life and to reconnect with not seen in a long time, family and friends, school chums etc. initially. Many I do know feel it is a very beneficial business tool, marketing themselves tool, selling their wares tool etc. and in that same vein a get me a job tool… I bet though that even in some cases, I am pretty sure, it has become a very helpful ‘getting to know you’ tool for finding a new romantic interest? Whatever the reasoning to try it out, it appears that many who have been posting pictures of family, friends and new arrivals, announcements of joy and sorrow have all found that it is still meeting their own personal niche of needs sufficed. And many of us enjoy seeing these strangers’ extended families, although we have no idea who they are. It is inclusion that seems to make us all one GREAT BIG FAMILY here in Facebook-land. Sadly, though, as with young teens and older college kids you should never ever post anything that you wouldn’t want your parents to see, really! We know how well that warning has been working… bud dump bum. And not to mention the bullying aspects of its way to soon in your face communication of intimidation it has been known to create with meanies utilizing it for bad, at times brutal behavior. Again if you wouldn’t say or do it in person don’t do on there. Better yet, JUST DON’T DO IT ANYWHERE! The only part that has caused me to squirm a bit in my viewing seat is when religious zealots feel that everyone feels as they do and frequently post extremely ‘religious’ posts about only their faith and feeling that all should believe as they do. Sadly, due to my own feelings of uncomforting fear of them not realizing that many people have many faiths and that when one is promoted above all others it is not appropriate and not understanding to respect others’ beliefs rights too. Does that make sense? I don’t try to sell mine I just state what I was raised as. And many feel in their promoting that we should all believe in what they do, you see that’s where I draw the line and I unfriend them for that. Now don’t all of you start doing that to get rid of me, ya hear? That was a joke, and I hope that you do get my point. I am not saying that they shouldn’t believe in what they believe in it’s just that they shouldn't tell others that they should? Is that clear? Oh well… Moving on… Heat, heat, heat we have heat, heat, heat and more coming, YES! We broke our record high today with a reading of 88 degrees and also all other records ever for this date in history, January 9th even for Florida. It appears that we will be having over a week more of the hots; get your minds out of the gutter, weather, that is in the eighties. On that note to wrap your brain around, our paradise with balmy weather, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know who and we will too! And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new! :                                                                                     ...