Wednesday, August 15, 2012

100 YEARS!

Although, unfortunately the birthday girl is not here to celebrate it, but that’s okay, since everyone seems to be celebrating it for her, and that is more than likely how she would have liked it, Julia Child, that is.
The many faceted persona who actually passed away, two days before her ninety-second birthday on August 13, 2004, oddly enough our Hurricane Charley Day, which would have been on August 15, 2004.
Did you notice the date of her demise…?
I did immediately the first time that I saw it a few years back.
I think I might have Googled her while finding out about that wonderful movie about her if she had been in that imaginary situation with Julie and her…circa 2009 movie and of course another iconic portrayal by Meryl Streep, who again captured to perfection her subject. The young woman, Julie, who was played fairly newbie by the name of Amy Adams, it was a cute little ditty of a marathon cooking spree with the aid of Julia’s first book, another Nora Ephron wonderful guided tour that made us all learn that much more as it went from possibilities to some historic facts and teased us with more poignant potentials that we had the rights to assume were real; probably for today a very happy rental property.
I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Julia, had been born a McWilliams, her husband was Paul Cushing Child from 1946-1994, where the Child surname came from, she was a California girl. During WW2, she had joined the OSS, Office of Strategic Services since the other military branches felt that she was too tall. To read more of her bio go to by copying and pasting the below site:

But in reality, although Julia left us in body and soul, she has never ever left the airwaves and most any of us can watch her melodious way of expressing her recipes on most all PBS stations at all times of the day or night. She made wine a must while cooking and with all meals, butter was never ever a no, no…and folks she lived to past ninety! Maybe she knew something others don’t…

We have been left with the legacy of the moving picture shows, allowing our favs to survive… as long as they are properly preserved and by now it appears they have come a long way with knowledge on how to do that.
Years ago there was a mad rush to save the motion pictures I seem to recall.

She was great at what she did entertained taught and left us all feeling refreshed no matter if we tried her recipes or not… we felt good too.

And I am so very sorry that you are not here to celebrate but the world has not forgotten you and isn’t that what most of us really want…to be remembered for the joy, or cure, care or love etc. or some other wonderful legacy that we left in our wake?
Sure we do, if you cut us do we not bleed, nah, we are tough but you have got to admire how even when you’ve been gone for over eight years and not a relative to any of us or a political figure or actor or any historical person it is really nice that so many cared enough to celebrate a woman who is still sorely missed by many…and that’s a great big wow!

On that idea of making a difference even when you probably don’t realize you are, which the really good people usually do, allow me to be the first to wish you a very happy good night and kindly ask you to count all your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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