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I'm back...

My dear Blog public; how are you all? I missed you all, yes each and every one of you!
Including my two new followers that I forgot to welcome appropriately the last week or so!
Being a part of this Blog world I feel so obligated to keep in touch with you all daily, and when that is not possible I feel just terrible!
Upward and onward…shall we?
The day was fought with literarily and not too much so with spinning eyeballs and sleepiness.
I am not a napper so much so unless my health is at issue, and today again it appeared to be, and I remained exhausted most of the day.
Over-night I think my spasms in my body were wracked with negative musculature and pain as well, not to mention how my eyes reacted to the dilation of what the eye doc’s office had done, and perhaps the Baclofen had an affect on me being quite tired too?
I had two doses of the medication over night several hours apart as recommended.
Supposedly I was told to take the Baclofen three times daily of twenty milligrams but …

Computer difficulties last night and now still this morning!

Dear friends I was not able to access this Blog last night due to AOL and Internet Explorer who still seem to be having Internet issues that are beyond my control.
Please be aware that not only was that a problem for me and Hubby but the rest of the people who use those two things!

Moving on--- I am going to try and write a wee bit and post it for you.
Any-who, although the technical glitches were abundant and prevalent I too had my own physical difficulties last night due to me going to the eye doc.
My eyes had been dilated and with my already eye problems that made it nearly impossible for me to see this to write and so if it had been working Hubby would have been writing a short note to you mentioning that!

It appears that the ophthalmologist has a better take on my eye situation than me or my neurologist. He fortunately seems to think that I may get much of my sight back in that right eye! Yippee! And he even gave me a new prescription to get filled for new eyeglass lenses! That h…

An interesting character...

Almost like clockwork you can see a young fellow with his iPod walking our block several times daily.
He appears to be talking to himself, and so Hubby has nicknamed the boy, “Walkie-Talkie”.

None of the others on our street seems to know his point of origin from whence he came daily and so there is no known information about him, but he has become a neighborhood staple...
He seems to be in his own little world and I wonder on occasion why he walks?
It can’t be for his health or for a weight problem, because he smokes and is quite slender.

And it’s not like there is one set time, so my 'like clockwork' thought was not quite that accurate.
But he does circle our block several times throughout the day.
Walking jauntily, not running; I suspect perhaps he is listening to and singing with his music but it looks so odd his mouth moving with not being able to tell from our front window what he might be saying to himself.

And who in his right or even wrong mind would be out there rai…

Something nice happened today!

This morning we went out around ten A.M.
The Cultural Center that I have mentioned before had an annual event there; I do believe this was just the second year, and we had gone to it last year.
Crazy 4 Paws, is an occasion where many venders in the pet toy, food, training display their services or animal related wares, and your entire short hairy, fury or feathered loved ones are invited to indulge with you to enjoy what was there.
Whatever you might need for your loving four-footed family member or feathered friend was on show for you to examine or even try.
Our dear Skipper was on his better behavior than last year where Hubby ended up having to remove him because he had decided to take it upon himself to give his vocal critique of the other visitors, to our dismay with loud unrelenting embarrassing barking at most all of them.
This year he seemed to have matured in his behavior and really behaved remarkably well, and greeted all other canines and with quiet sniffing, and tail waggi…

Friends are to be there for you when you need that pat on the back

Mostly a friend laughs and cries with you, and they may offer you a hand up when you fall literally or metaphorically or they just have the ability to say the right thing or a kind word now and then when your day has gone into the pits...
But in reality our friends are who we can depend on when we share our deepest feelings good or bad.
Others say that a true friend is someone you may not have seen in years but can pick up a conversation with them as if it were only yesterday as if no time had passed at all.

Sadly for most of us we must wait until something in our lives significantly happens for us to know just whom we really can rely on.
Many horrors and happiness’s that are sadly or joyfully our commonalties such as births, deaths, a loss of a job, weddings or divorces or any of a number of other miseries or blissful trials that are all part of the humanness of all living beings.

The only way I know I can survive in this world of tests, which is what I do believe that all of these t…

Anyone feel like riding on my roller coaster?

‘My roller coaster’ is ‘my’ metaphor for 'my life'.
But to be honest who here cannot say that they do not have ups and downs in their own life, huh?
But since the end of June, a week before my birthday to be exact we seemed to be being tested once again on our character in handling difficulties. Boy we should be some characters by now and many would say they sure are!
Not as grand or upsetting as in the life and death arena here; just financial expenses that we had not planned on, but who does plan on additional expenses really?
Do you recall the broken air-conditioner and exploding hot water heater with flooding included?
And yes, of course my optic neuritis and the acquisition of finding the manageable price for those IV infusions that we could pay for without selling our first born grandchild, which to date has not even been seen on either of our sons’ horizons, well that’s another story…
This morning it was our nearly six year old Sony WEGA Trinitron 37” , for us our…

I straightened something out, and I was boldly and properly corrected and have another new look because...

I did not want to be a copycat, yep of all things!
Subconsciously, without much thought I apparently copied the design of a Blog that I have been following now and then. I suspect it was done honestly, without realizing when I was given the choices which were new to me on the site. And for some reason I did gravitate to it immediately, subliminally it was stuck in my brain it seems.
And so tonight I have rectified that small improper self indulgence with choosing another design which is called Ethereal template by Jason Morrow.
And since the wonderful interesting Blog that was the cause of my most recent dilemma is very worth my mentioning, and also since as of tonight I made it official for me to follow it too I feel the need for everyone else to know about this extremely well informed woman’s Blog on many topics such as Multiple Sclerosis, Music and of course herself.
And if you copy and paste the link that I have added in here you too might find her personal knowledge quite helpf…

What's in a name?

A famous question from a famous quote:
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet."
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) Thanks to:

Ah, what a wonderful thought, but not always the case in your particular reality in life.
Over the last few days two wonderful FB friends of mine have found out that a new boy child, a baby, was soon to become a member of each of their families and so logically what do you do besides tell the world and smile from ear to ear and start planning to save up for their education and turn that guestroom into a nursery?
You start trying to come up with a name for that little darling that everyone will love and one that will be as diplomatic as possible as can be and won’t hurt anyone’s feelings!
Family names seem to be where these two lovely women’s name configurations seemed to be emerging from, more than likely from a close relative who has some motivation and something to gain, perhaps?


Singing in the rain,♫ DO DA DO DOOOO ♫ DA DA DOO DA DOOT DOOO♫

Not really, but it was an unrelenting wet one most of today, in our late morning and afternoon period.
Although, the monsoon like rain had stopped for a short period when one of my Facebook friends happened to ask earlier this morning, and so I did tell her the truth at that particular moment, it was not raining and had only been doing it mostly yesterday.

Why apparently it was doing the wet stuff all over the place since many references to it could even be found on my FB page. Including the clip from that worldwide classic movie, ‘Singing in The Rain’ with a scene, Gene Kelley’s famous street dancing scene from that cinematic ditty! And no, I did not see it when it came out, but I could have I was two years old in 1952. What I can remember is seeing it on TV when those great movies were on ‘Million Dollar Movie,’ WOR TV in NYC, and played over and over again and we kids knew all of the lines and lyrics from them by hearing and seeing them; we learned by rote!

I almost didn’t come on…

Outing today!

And now I don’t mean out of the closet, but believe me when I say that there is nothing wrong with that!
Hubby decided that he would take me on the town, and so we went over to our Cultural Center nearly two miles from our home.
The journey was manageable and not at all scenic, but an escape just the same.
You see our local the above mentioned facility has not only a theater, but classrooms, a library, shops, but a cafeteria attached to it.
And every Sunday from 11 A. M. to 2 P.M. they have a buffet of prime ribs at an affordable price of nine dollars plus tax.
Not only that but other such delightful choices such as Stroganoff and stuffed cabbage with soup, with a beverage and desert included!
It was my little adventure since my week of cabin fever resulted after being inside recuperating from my medication ordeal of the previous weekend and not leaving the house for nine whole days!

Lunch was too much; yes we both stuffed ourselves with all the culinary choices we eyed, which I even …

I hope you like the new me?

We all need a change now and then, right?
You betcha and so I decided when I saw the app to use one of the many new choices that Google seems to have available, I said to myself, self that this old gal just had to try one!
And so I chose the watermark one from a web designer from Switzerland. And I figure to test drive it for a while and see how it goes, because there are a whole bunch more to chose from if I change my girlie mind. Women do have that ability to change it, and for that matter so do men.
Actually, it didn’t take very long at all for me to find the real new me.

In fact I have been thinking about some more changes in my life in this techno world.
That is as soon as I can figure out just how to do it.
You see; although I have been using these computer things for decades; who really does know how they work, do you?
Sure you do, doesn’t everyone who uses them?
No, and I would be lying if I said I did.
Why I even admitted to a very savvy techno thirty-something professional w…

Get this...

Just when you think you got it all figured out something changes to let you know…OH NO YOU DON’T! (I am waving my pointer finger while saying that!)
I was starting to feel pretty good about trying to be patient about waiting for the steroids to do the trick to fix the optic neuritis, and the plan was to not get upset or concerned for at least a couple of weeks.
After all the doctor said in two weeks I should start ‘SEEING’ some improvement, isn’t that what I wrote the other day?
Two things happened today to make me wonder about that, I received literature on optic neuritis from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which states referring to patients after IV infusion therapy that, “ Patients then recover rapidly and achieve most of their improvements by 5 weeks(up to 1 year). Despite recovery of vision normal or near normal, most patients are aware of differences in the quality of their vision. Persistent deficit in contrast sensitivity, color vision, and depth perception are commo…

Relief...I anniversary!

Have you ever researched something to death?
Go with me here…
I thought that abstract ideas were more likely to have answers for solving problems that would take you all over the map of all possibilities?
In my mind scientific fact is just that, not budging with wiggle room for maybes.
But oh no I am finding that not to be true.
Bet you all have an idea on what topic I have been trying to find anything and everything about, huh?
Yep, you got it ‘Optic Neuritis’.
What set me off today was the fact that my head was still spinning with the sensation of motion sickness from what I presume now to have been my sudden withdrawal from having to stop those pills too quickly Monday night.
I put in a whole bunch of calls to try getting one or two medico types to get back to me to let me know what logical steps I could take to alleviate the problem, but this afternoon it had basically fixed itself, sort of… well lessened, OK?
And so now I have read everything from how the optic neuritis will …

Respect, repeat and welcome...

Have you ever known about someone that you read a biography of when you were just a child yourself, perhaps one that you weren’t yet told to take on because it was not in the realm of your issuance of homework? But for some reason you felt the desire to read that particular true story because the synopsis that was given to you intrigued you so much that you in your immaturity at the time became lesser due to the need to know?
For me it was the book the Miracle Worker about Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, her teacher.
As you all must know that Helen was an amazing woman stricken by a severe fever causing her, as an infant to become deaf and blind all in one foul swoop!
Helen becomes a wild child with no way to communicate, but Annie Sullivan tames and teaches the small extraordinarily strong banshee into an educated remarkable woman.
In the 1962 version of the movie Patty Duke played Helen and Anne Bancroft played Miss Sullivan. It was one of those stories that came in play form and s…

Steroid Free!

Yes! Spoke with my neurologist yesterday as I believe I told you all last night and if the glucose level went back up to a dangerously high one then I should stop the step down pills, and so they did make my glucose go up and for me to need an additional insulin shot and so as of late last night I am no longer on the, ‘cure’!
But supposedly the three days of the IV infusions of the 1000 MG. of the Solu-Medrol should be enough anyway to help with my optic neuritis if we caught in time, and hopefully make me better. But I won’t know for some time yet…

Meanwhile I have been receiving many caring phone calls all day saying that they have information for me or just wondering how I was doing!
Nice. I also had the privilege to share my networking ability of all the resources that I had acquired while searching to help myself and that made me feel very happy.

I am still not seeing any better out of my right eye and lefty has been misbehaving too, and scaring the bejeebers out of me. And I rea…

Pin cushion here...

To be honest the IV’s are all over but the testing of my glucose is not, and neither are the insulin shots since I still have the step down pills that I am taking, and my normal daily Copaxone injections forever, thus the pin cushion comment.
The fluctuation in my glucose numbers has been lower than they were to put it into perspective if you only understand the A1C test Saturdays was equivalent to 11 and Sunday’s was a 9, but now my numbers are, about an 8, still significant enough to require an additional insulin shot this afternoon, at a slightly lower dose though. Hopefully this does not mean I will have to contend with diabetes, which is in the family, and it will diminish after time passes like it did last time, but it took over six months!
I did speak with my neurologist this morning to keep her informed about the weekend and what occurred. We discussed whether or not I should continue with the step down pills and she suggested if the glucose goes too high I should discontinue …

603 and 323

Good news first… 603 is my tonight’s tally on my FB friends, and hooray to that! And thank you all!

The 323 is a last night’s nightmare of my glucose number that caused me to have to call the wonderful on call RN to come back to my home from hers way down in Fort Myers to give me an insulin shot, because as many of you know that glucose number is not a good one!
But to the good within a short time it went to 312, then to 271 by the time she arrived from her hour haul, and by the time she left I think it was down to 237 or there about.
The six unit dose apparently was sufficient to do the job, because by this morning very early at five thirty A.M., I told you I’m an early riser, it was all the way down to 105, and this afternoon, 160 at 2:45 P.M. then down to 156 by four P.M. so we still are monitoring it, but have three syringes one of 2 units and two others of four units each if necessary. I did just finish dinner at five thirty, what can I say we are in our sixties so we eat early, …

594, and a bit of frustration after two IV infusions...

I am in a mixed emotions sort of day… since I am so thrilled that I now have 594 new friends on Facebook when only about a month ago I started my campaign to have a million when I only had 34 friendly peeps on board, hooray! And I would like to thank each and every one of you!

My reason for also having still of a bit of frustration is the fact that after two days of the IV 1000 MG. of the Solu-Medrol infusions I have not gotten any difference in my sight yet, and yes I do know it could be awhile after treatment by days or even weeks, but it is still a wee bit disappointing. And last night I had a bit of a scare when my glucose level rose to 260, but believe it or not after drinking a cup of decaffeinated green tea my glucose went down in just a half an hour to 251, and with another cup and hour and a half later it was down to 207!Could I be on to something or perhaps I was just stressed from the initial number and it relieved that?
I did have an RN on call who was ready with insulin i…

Friday the 13th, oooooooooooo, oooooooooooo, who's afraid of this date?

Well you should be!
I’m joshing you; the fear of Triskaidekaphobia is a real problem for some people.
Personally, I have mixed emotions since good and bad things for me have occurred on Friday the 13th.
Shall I elaborate?
Hurricane Charley arrived six years ago on a Friday the 13th and destroyed our home and I wrote about just what happened on that infamous day on last year’s fifth anniversary, if interested you can access my Blog from that date by copying and pasting this link I think:

My niece died on October 13. 2006, consequently the same day I had, had an MRI for my MS and the results from that, at that time I was told that my MS was stable, boy has that ever changed! And today I was able to get my first of three Solu-Medrol infusions for my optic neuritis; which could be considered either good or bad. So I am torn with the date’s power of that number and its occurrence on that day of the week.
Most will ar…

Hooray! The answer was found!

The above link is to my IV Angel’s company that finally made my life and medical problems more manageable.
You see, today after banging my head against the final wall and hopefully I thought for the last time since I thought that late last night I had my problem solved but actually my bubble was burst earlier this morning.
What happened was the fact that I realized that I had quite a bit of my non interest for two years credit care account available for me to utilize for my dilemma, voila!
And I truly thought my problem was to be solved by that realization and that I would call this wonderful hospital who was giving me this great discount down to only fifteen hundred for what they claimed was actually a forty-five hundred service!
And now I had the means to pay them too! Wow what a concept!

Unfortunately, when I called though they said that they did not have an account with CreditCare and unless you did they wo…

Desperately needing some happy in our lives? Who doesn't?

Oddly enough if you ask people what makes them happy the answers you would get would run the gamut from materialistic objects of status to doing wild crazy sometimes dangerous fun sports or traveling. And or to what I like to call emotional happiness causing things from the warmth and fuzziness feeling of the fur coat of a pet or the smell of a baby, or even just the all encompassing joy of being with your friends or loved ones, which in some cases are the same people!

But honestly folks when we can’t get a hit of that all encompassing happiness all of the time; so what do we do?
As human beings we normally would busy ourselves with our work or some other necessary fulfillment; volunteering and helping strangers comes to mind.
Lest we never ever forget that happiness is the sanity of all humans’ beings’ nature.
Why without a dose of ‘happy’ daily we can become nasty heartless creatures.
And we all know that the world already has too many of those!

With the above said and discussed as…

Black hole or third world country?

Come on over to my dark side of life…
Hellish is the only way to describe my day!
Have you ever felt as if you were constantly trying to bang your head against the wall?
Not literally, but figuratively, although the feelings are not that much different.
I definitely feel as if I went through the mill today!
I spent it not unconnected to my cell or my house phone for any short period of time, for I was on a mission.
My objective was the same all day, to try and find someone to help me resolve my need to get the infusion of my IV of 1000 MG Solu-Medrol paid for or at the very least discounted and affordable.
But, I was either way too wealthy for such help or not trying hard enough?
Financial questions all day long…
Was I on food stamps? No.
Was I on Medicaid? No.
Are you married? Yes.
Do you have a pension? No, but my husband does.
Do you have Social Security? No, but my husband does.
Do you have Medicare? No, but my husband does.
Do you own or rent? We own.
We have running water, indoo…

Righty isn't so right anymore and the eyes don't have a thing...

What the heck; I hear you all saying!
To be clear I am having eye troubles with my so-called good eye, the right one.
It appears not to have a cataract or as my Dad used to jest, a Cadillac. I think he was channeling Norm Crosby while he was still alive; both of them that is, he and my Dad.
Any-who, Hubby also had an eye issue today that besides going to my neuro’s office we went back to his eyeglass distributor with his complaint of foul, he was not happy with his new eyeglasses that he just purchased last week.

Apparently, the bifocal part was not located in the right place he thought, but when checked by the eyeglass person it turns out the bifocal prescription part was actually the wrong prescription, way too strong for what he needs. And so now we will have to return to his eye doc to have that fixed.

Me, on the other hand found out that my eye problem is fixable with medication, but not the pill type, the IV type, yep folks back on those wonderful STEROIDS that we all love so mu…

Sunday, Sunday can't beat this day... la,la,la ...

You do know that everyone that you say TGIF to always welcomes those feelings of what may come of the weekend i.e. its anticipation I would think, which to some who may have already made some plans and others that enjoy just going with the flow and the surprise of whatever the end of the week may bring for them personally. Although, you do all know that in actuality Saturday is considered the last day of the week and that in reality Sunday is the first.

And so being one who occasionally takes joy in bursting people’s bubbles, nah not really that would be way too evil and mean and I would never ever do that, but I will elaborate, since when I worked in the retail field we worked seven days a week! The only time I had Sundays off was when I worked in a town who still maintained the ‘Blue Laws’ (closed on Sundays for religious purposes) for six years of my working career or when we had one Sunday off a month in our restaurant business when we finally hired a manager who we eventually h…