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Library day!

Today, actually this morning, as you can see by my title today was our library day.
Hubby is reading James Patterson’s, ‘Sail’ and I am reading James W. Hall’s, ‘Silencer.’
Mr. Hall now that you have access to my Blog here could you please write a little faster I am all caught up with all of yours after I finish this one!
But after one chapter unfortunately I fell asleep. OK so I am going slightly slower than my old voracious a book a day habit, what can I say, folks? My brain and my eyes are in need of a slower read for me these days I suppose due to the MS, some say I should switch to books on tape, but I think that would distract me too easily? Feedback please, for anyone who’s not trying to multi task it seems too strange to me.

It has to be the weather here, the sleep thing that is, I got a wee bit off track like I do so often and added more to the above paragraphs.
And so what I started to say which our air here has been either heavily laden in humidity with high temperatures …

Hubby worked hard all day to get the laundry back together and he was successful!

Again it was a most of the day project that he took his time to do but accomplished with perfection.
I am happy to say that the laundry room looks as if nothing nefarious happened at all!
If flooding and water heaters failing can be considered that evil or despicable? Yep, this one fit the bill.
The amount of damage was quite severe but admittedly repairable thanks to Hubby’s calm logic.
You know how you acquire that?
Experience, as they say nothing new under the sun and for us that can be said in spades!
I think if this happened twenty or thirty years ago our reaction would have been much more panicky.
But the fact that it had happened before and we knew what to do had its rewards in our ability to deal with, as the kids say.

This morning, early, I made a couple of new friends on Face book, one of my favorite authors, James W. Hall, had accepted me as one of his friends in the wee hours since my new wake up time seems to be a uniformed 4:50 A.M., but actually this was way after that …

The progress on de-flooding continues... or is that de-wetting?

Hubby has been at it all day long with fans, bleach, moving things in and out trying to dry out whatever got watered on.
Amazingly the water shot across the garage and hit heavy duty card board that he uses for templates to create other things. I had forgotten to mention that all the cabinets had to be removed from the laundry room due to them being saturated too, and also to get the new water heater in its location.
Hubby’s pal put the old one nearby our garbage cans on the side courtyard of our home, and Hubby moved it by hand-truck to the curb and called Waste Management to pick it up and they said that they would come as soon as one to five days.
Well, this afternoon I had to call them back since some Junker people threw it in the back of their mini van and it is now gone!

I have a feeling this is going to be cut short tonight we have a very nasty storm coming through that is producing heavy thunder and lightening and I may have to shut down!
Or it may do it for me.

New topic… may…

Yikes! Flooding! But under control...

I received a lovely note with three CD’s and beautiful cut flowers from an old friend and her new friend. The reason I am mentioning the note is because there have been unfortunate periods in my life where I felt like it was all my fault when bad things happened and that I could possibly be a jinx?
Basically what my psychic friend stated on the envelope that made me smile with relief was that I am not a Jinx that I am instead a Blessing?
Wow, what a short term relief.
Hmmm, love you dear old friend but today I proved to myself once again that I am not such a great blessing to Hubby anyway, since when I went to put the laundry into my washing machine this morning it sounded like it was already on!
Ghostly intervention and perhaps those spirits knew I was coming to do what I planned to do, laundry?
Nah, not at all it was… not even the washer… for it was the HOT WATER HEATER and it was leaking all over the inside of laundry-room cabinets and out through its pipes to our garage!

Hubby had…

Good late evening folks!

While I sit here with my glass of Chardonnay I feel very happy since Hubby and me in spite of a nasty downpour and heat indexes climbing into the triple digits we had what most would consider a more than lovely evening.
Why you ask? Well you know me I will definitely tell you and try hard to not leave anything out!
Being somewhat of a shut in but I do get out when Hubby takes me, really whether he wants to or not some days…
Having old friends over are a true delight, a highlight and a wonderful causal affect from having good choices made with my decisions on who to have as company creating happiness!
What did I say?
Any-who I do enjoy seeing people that I have not seen in quite some time, now, does that make sense?
Catching up and meeting one new person in the small select group was very enlightening and proved to be a great idea in the long run.
Since over the past few years and months I must admit not all of mine have worked out as well as this did I think, but I could be bias.

The question on the table from our local news station was...

What do you think about the discontinuation of the monies for people out of work not being extended? That was the news casters question put out there on Facebook.
And of course I put my two cents in saying in a normal economy I would say people should not have the extension, but since so many families are hurting it should be continued.
We must all have compassion and understanding in these hard times, and if we can help the rest of the world why can’t we help our own?
Saying that… if not for the grace of G-d goes I, and that family could be mine and that could be me.
That’s exactly what compassion is putting yourself in the other persons place.
One man actually suggested that people were being lazy and that there were plenty of jobs out there for the ones who want to work.
Perhaps, there are but most get a percentage of they’re previous salary that may be more than a new job could pay, and these people have children to feed, rent or mortgages to pay, utility bills ect., just like th…

We are capped again!

But according to the powers that be it will be doing some hard work for a while until the relief wells will be completed in August they are saying, but who really knows….

Claims offices are popping up all over our state; in case you have lost track I am in Florida.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent in our area for a tourism campaign showing how pristine our beaches are here in southwest Florida, since everyone is hurting due to national miss-information abounding!

If I wasn’t living here I too might be confused just where the oil globs were washing up onshore.
I don’t know how the national news could be so inaccurate, or horribly not knowledgeable?
Or maybe people are just geographically challenged?

Here it is still just beautiful far as oil slick goes, there is none!
I spent a good part of the afternoon in our pool, and the earlier morning weeding some of the gardens before Hubby awoke, cooler then, mid seventies.
He mowed our lawn earlier than usual due to this horren…

Silent minority and top hat didn't do any hat trick!

I would be amiss not to mention that the oil leak in the Gulf took a very hard ‘BIG BAD’ negative turn today the thingy that they put on it to slow its expulsion and allow some of the crude to be burned off or recaptured has failed and the damn thing is pushing oil that dark yucky stuff at an unheard of rate all over the place! I think they said millions of gallons or I could be wrong I have been wrong before. Apparently, the robot failed to do what it was supposed to and now this blood clotty like substance, which if you noticed no one has said it does resemble that or even my take on what it looks like to me, dare I say… after birth, is escaping by millions of gallons for now over six hours just today’s!
Sorry folks if that was too graphic for your delicate brains, but accurate in my book and when it comes out of woman after delivery it is a marvel or miracle we all think it's just ducky…NOT THIS MY FRIENDS! This is just way too disgusting! (Now you all were thinking it but ha…

Have you ever felt invisible?

Provocative question and rather self centered in these hard times we are all living in, don’t you think?
Any-who, I wonder with all this turmoil, natural disasters, manmade ones too, the economy, the job losses, the foreclosures and everything else I bet many of us feel that no one is listening!
It’s only natural.
Crime is up; the people are restless and bored without a purpose in life.
You never could turn on the news without hearing how bad things were/are but that’s the news, right?
Dog bites man no story, now if man bites dog… there you go, that’s news!
Now no one has to look for news, since we the people are making it nightly!
And it does run the gamut, age, race and gender no longer influence who is doing it the wrong or illegal way they all seem to be!
I feel a wee bit sorry for those criminal profilers there seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of what anyone is doing, as if there is something toxic in the air…
Now before you Florida haters jump on that let me just say…NO TH…

Storms are nasty tonight! And yes, I am much better.

And many, according to the TV news have already loss power, but as you can see so far we are still good!
The power outage appears to affect 11,000 customers in three counties, Lee, Collier and here in Charlotte.
I suppose this time we lucked out so far.

How are you all doing?
You do know that I worry!
The nightly news is just dreadful.
Not only the news about the oil leak here on the Gulf coast, well not really here but within a several hundred mile radius away… but you out there in the rest of these fine U S of A are suffering with horrendous weather, tornadoes, and heavy flooding and only G-d knows what else! Please be safe and take care and know that we here are thinking of you too!

Sadly, it may look as if we have been way too self involved down here, but no not really we do worry and care more than you could ever know, really!

The tameness of the stormy weather tonight seems to be starting to prevail it has calmed down considerably, which could mean we are done for tonight.

Happy Father’s Day

Hubby here, Tobi is under the weather tonight.

She wants to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day.

She hopes to be back tomorrow.


Gaffe... the meaning of the word...

Gaffe... the meaning of the word as defined by Webster’s is ... a social or diplomatic blunder, a noticeable mistake…hmm…

But I bet you all knew that.
I was pretty sure I knew it was something like that, oh actually I just thought it meant putting your foot in your mouth publicly… I guess that’s about the same, huh?

You see, in reality who hasn’t said something that they weren’t sorry for later?
I know I have many times, and most people would have learned by now, but not me.
Isn’t that the definition of crazy doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?
Some call it not thinking before you speak, or as I like to say foot in mouth disease.
But me not being in the public eye or in politics or even in any business related position these days my big mouth of un-requested opinion and feelings about an issue hurts no one but myself usually.

On the other hand being a CEO like Tony Hayward of BP is business suicide when saying anything stupid, and so he has been…

Dead Zone, Watergate, Waterloo, what's next?

Methane gas that nasty lethal stuff that killed the miners in West Virginia is now one of the possibilities emanating from the leaking well five thousand miles down in the Gulf of Mexico which could be responsible for creating a, ‘Dead Zone’! Here’s the commentary, just copy and paste:

This my friends is astonishing and more frightening than any other imagined bogyman, horrors or what-have-you!

Not trying to be facetious, but racking my less than capable brain for any ideas to help come up with ways to resolve this problem. Perhaps, Stephen King who wrote a book with that title Dead Zone circa 1979, but had nothing to do with water masses but with a dead zone in the human brain caused by an accident, and how the victim becomes psychic from it. Now I am not saying that our massive Gulf of Mexico’s oil leaking killing off of all wildlife and our delicate ecosystem is anything similar to that, but go with me here… This m…

Library day!

Which in Tobi speak means…The Cultural Center!
Since our library branch is attached to our multi-faceted educational, club, retail, eatery and entertainment facility. We ate lunch there, and had an amazing chicken Marsala for only five bucks! After we perused the shops we each chose two books from our library.

We had arrived shortly before one P.M. and by then I had already been in our pool for moving around exercises and a mild short ROM program. I’m still not back 100%, but working on it. I must admit I did have a fairly good night’s sleep though, about seven and half hours with only getting up a few times due to the call of nature.
Then on our way home at the grocery nearby the center Hubby purchased dinner and extra bleach for a mold problem project.

You see, Hubby removed the steps from the deep end exit ladder due to it needing a very dire cleansing from mildew build up; and that to me doesn’t make any sense since our chlorine is showing always high or normal high in the tester.…

BP and other commentaries...

When is too much too much and when is it enough?
BP in all its wisdom has decided today NOT to pay their investors their quarterly dividends, I say that’s a no brainer, what do you all think? Personally, I think that they should wait on that for the next few years, don’t you?

Shortly, prior to that realization they had set aside twenty billion to be utilized, as a beginning amount for all claims and cleanups, and will be adding into that pot three billion per years afterward, until all is made right.

Kenneth Feinberg will be the man in charge of the distribution from the escrow account; he was the person who oversaw payments to the victim’s families after 9/11, and apparently did a good job, no bad news there.

Mind boggling to most of us commoners that kind of monies, huh?
But in reality what I find more difficult to believe is what’s in all our futures with this historically worst manmade environmental disaster’s aftermath; imaging is beyond most of our realms of our mind’s capacity…

MMMMMMMMM Drugs how they can also be...

A healthful adjustment, you see after only just fifteen pills, a total of 150 MG. of Prednisone I appear to be so much less pained, and actually the pain has diminished to nearly zilch! Hooray!
Only a few subtle problems remain of course anyone following along with this Blog would know that a year ago last April I had a diabetes scare which had been monitored for over a year since it was necessary while on those high IV doses of 1000 MG the Solu-Medrol for three days while hospitalized and insulin had to be administered.
And so after it, it was suggested I may have latent tendencies towards diabetes type two, (So glad I quit smoking nearly four years ago, July 11th it will be four whole years, hooray, not to mention all the meds that helped for me to now become obese!) and that I should monitor it. And now on this much lesser dose I began again to test.
Before I had my first dose it was at 111, and after it, it jumped to 200, but then when I went into our pool today and did walk witho…

Ooops I goofed!

Haven’t we all at one time also goofed?
And yes this is mine, mine to own.
I thought that I was really all better, but unfortunately it was not the case!
Going to sleep at about elevenish last night, after the Tony’s, weren’t they great? (That was rhetorical folks! We all know how could they not be with free Broadway snippets?)

Any-who, but by twelve thirty A.M. my body awoke me viciously and violently with a great big hardy har, har, har it screamed at my nerves, muscles and bones, and me too!
So you thought this was all over, huh?

No sorry, not quite yet, not now, not nearly over you nasty woman who thinks that MS is a singularly yearly or bi-yearly ripping at your moral fiber event, no not for you…it said to me blatantly haranguing me and went on…
Now I will come to steal more often of what you think are normal abilities shredding the nerves that keep you running smoothly I will sort circuit your life and breath in my own timetable not when you are free for all!
You will not be awa…

Much, much, better today!

Although I had quite a night!
Where shall I begin?
Nothing conventional appeared to be helping, and so Hubby suggested a wee bit of unconventionality but not too unfunny idea on how to deal with my pain and since I took my last OTC pain pills at noon by sixish I was pretty sure it was safe enough to go with his concept, booze!
And so I made myself a short Daiquiri, but mine was with lemon and lime juice as well as my sugar substitute and Vodka also less than the recipe called for, which actually was Rum, and so maybe that’s why it appeared to have no effect, and I was very lady-like and nursed it for over an hour.
Since that didn’t work I thought perhaps just a good old fashioned short glass of Chardonnay would, and no, that didn’t; since I was still pacing back and forth with my walker in pain.
But the sad part is my legs would go numb and I would have to sit down, but in that position of right up sitting my hips would start again, mostly my right, and then I would lie down in the b…

It's me! But not my usual prolific self...

To be honest, I am just wee bit better and so I will make this short, sitting here is still quite an ordeal.
I am using Hubby’s TENS machine and took my Baclofen and used some OTC pain medication, even tried going into our very warm ninety degree pool, but to be fair the air temperature was over 100, but a dry heat, not unlike what those Arizonans say with only 31% humidity!

Will try to be all better by tomorrow night, OK?

Everyone stay cool and have a very, pleasant night, and count your blessings and we will too!

Hubby here pinch hitting

Tobi is in a lot of pain in her hip, she can not sit at the computer or anywhere else tonight so to keep her record of not missing a night of blogging I am going to do it.

A few years ago I built three bird house that I put on the side of the shed and when I put on a new roof on the shed I removed them and seeing that they were never occupied I didn’t bother putting them back up. So today Tobi stayed busy with another art project she took the bird houses and painted them one blue, one yellow and one lime green with different colorful decorations on each.

We are hoping that her pain is worse then usual because of over doing it today making these very colorful art work and that she will be back tomorrow night.

Good night from hubby

Went to that appointment today...

And the results from that mysterious appointment is on hold until I know by mail what’s going to happen, and that is all I am going to say about that for now!

Any-who, that ‘appointment’, was in Ft. Myers, over forty miles south of here and we took the highway down to get there with time to spare.
And since we rarely stray too far from our five miles radius in our own backyard we took advantage of the scenic route home and made a stop at a famous place called the Shell Factory where there are as you might guess….seashells of every mollusk of any seas in any hemisphere!
It’s like a museum but is not; everything is for sale from pennies on the dollar to thousands of bucks!

I’m sure you can tell that the place is a tourist attraction with an outdoor wildlife sanctuary which we still have not gone in since they charge ten dollars a head and it was already in the nineties by the time we got there around eleven A.M., the factory itself is air-conditioned and free unless you buy something or…

Lavender loves acid; did you know?

OK, now we are getting somewhere I was wondering why mine never ever looked like the ones on those garden shows… all satiny shades of purple and mild magenta, and of course lavender willowy bending in the breezes!
Did you know that in your kitchen you have the best ingredient for flowering bushes and trees?
Coffee grounds!
You see that is the right type of acid needed to force those blooms!
I don’t know why since I am not a botanist but my Gardenia bushes love it too, and we have had a bumper blossoming month last month on both our shrubs in the front and in the back yards.

So now with the double dose of coffee grounds that is, one in the soil mix when we replanted the survivor plants and me assaulting those healthier looking shoots today I truly feel that flowering should be eminent.
I will let you all know when the big event comes to pass.

My house orchid lost its first bloom yesterday and anxiously I wanted to know what to do?
And so I surfed the net and found that it was a normal …

Time marches on...

On the back burner is where I have stowed my emotional baggage for tonight.
And so onward I will go… to vent about more important matters…
Taking the high road in life, is also not for sissies, did I ever mention that?
I guess it all comes down to forgiveness of others and oneself, huh?

All those people who send those inspirational forwards to my email please forgive me for NOT passing them on!
You want to know why, I suspect, huh?
Well, those lovely warm fuzzy little ditties have caused many to send me back NOT such warm fuzzy comments, actually some people were annoyed, a few just were aggravated and even on occasion some were just plain nasty in their replies! Consequently I have lost some of my email pals, oh well, who said being un-censured is the American way?
I do on occasion admit to not having a proper editing device on my mouth therefore my brain or my writings…but I have been trying…really!

It’s odd how many of my so-called religious old buddies who even went to different s…

I was tempted to confess, but instead I will just...

And so I chose to discuss the snake in the grass and how it slithers…
Some people are not unlike the snake in the grass, they even sneak around in the world and are very nearly chameleon like and hide their true selves from the rest of us beings.
They act normal in normal situations and even fool the most intelligent of people.
Many don’t know the darker side of this creature how it hunts and kills its prey without remorse only with a precise single-mindedness to stay on the prowl to commit to what they desire to end the life of anything they so desire, but be damned the others who try to intervene who see the true self within the slimy reptilian soul or lack there of.

There are people who resemble these skanky reptilian beings not by appearance by how they maneuver throughout our lives. They come in and promise the happiness that you so truly want then spoil it with hate, contempt and anguish and take away your soul and reason for living… so foolishly never knowing that it was for t…

Have you ever not noticed something right before your very eyes?

Interesting provocative question, huh?
Maybe not to some who may think it to be lame.
But in my reality it speaks volumes to my own claims to being what I thought quite observant!

How would you like to be living in a home that you purchased years ago, in this case in 1998, and not think to look at the artwork closely enough to notice a signature on it and that, that particular artwork may be the reason that caused you to think how nice the house was in the first place and to purchase it?
You see, we live as I have mentioned before on a saltwater canal, therefore seaside for lack of a better definition of what that does mean.
Any-who, this little ditty of an unloved home at that time did have a few attributes besides being on the water, five minutes to the harbor by boat, and extremely cost effective, in other words CHEAP, it did have, I must say somewhat of an ambiance of interesting artwork scattered about it that I would soon find out was included in that very reasonable price point…

Busy, busy, busy day!

Hubby just asked if I had anything to write about today?
And of course he was this time being facetious, not that, that has ever been a problem for me, and since the above title says it all!
We had an extremely active day today, so much so that we both just spent the last few hours deactivating and stared at the boob tube for over two hours to chill out.

It was a cute older movie that we had missed somehow, called High Spirits with Peter O’Toole, Liz Smith, Darrel Hannah, Steve Gutenberg, Beverly D’Angelo just to name a few of the all star cast; it was circa 1988, and a ghostly comedy.
I made soup to eat while we relaxed, and since we ate out and had Grouper at one of our favorite waterside restaurants, Smuggler’s in Punta Gorda.

Any-who that was not our last stop for the day, but one of them.
We started the day off with me doing my ROM in the pool and Hubby dug up the lavender in the garden under our bedroom window due to the fact it was not doing well there at all, and so the idea w…

The wee hours of the morning's sunrise was tarnished by its arrival...

Unfortunately, our city of Pensacola to our north, in our panhandle has become another victim in the oil glop disaster. They became a part of the nasty sticky goopy tar balls and occasionally in just droplets of oily substances by five A.M. this morning when they washed ashore onto their pristine sugar colored sand.

We are now a part of environmental history and how the failure of a few men to take care and think before doing affects the masses!

The majority of the beaches are still open to the public and the people feel the need to help, but caution to be safe must be of the utmost concern.
And NOAA has just opened the waterways near the Dry Tortugas for commercial fishing where there is no oil present. That area is off the shores of the Florida Keys, more specifically Key West.

Where have we all been in recent years to not realize what we had when we had it?
These gorgeous beaches are a part of my home state's appeal to the world. It’s been years, about five since we were up whe…

The waves are coming in...

Tropical and windy waves are on our horizon and faraway.
We are in the beginning of the season, the rainy season that is and now all forms of weather systems are more than likely going to be considered to be a part of our daily lives for conversation.

Not one day will go by without notice of how the weather was for that particular one or what might be in our vicinity to have influence on said forecasts nearby or within our realm of possibilities.
It’s just so typical of our lives in this southwestern arena of this state of Florida.

The tropical waves are now appearing already off the coast of Africa where most of our storms begin, hurricanes that is, and so we must all pay attention to that.
The local just windy waves are less ominous and more than likely are just a preamble to a normal rain system or a minor thunderstorm.

Those weather systems this year will definitely not be our friends, not that they ever were, but more than ever before these unwelcomed visitors are our big time e…

ITS HERE...almost...

The oil is creeping closer to the Pensacola coast line; it is actually only nine miles away!
Frightening to us all in Florida, although we have a very long state and our proximity to that part of the state is hundreds of miles away.

Sadly one of our local reporters has been assigned to that job to wait and interview the victims of the disasters impingement on that shoreline, it should be touching down within the next day or two.
The reason that I know that this reporter is on her way is because she asked the question on Facebook, “On my way to Pensacola. Oil expected on FL shores within the next day or so. What questions do you have for the people up here?”

And I said, “First send them our prayers and hopes for a way to resolve this horrendous mess!
Then ask them how they are intending on handling the clean up?
And tell them to take every precaution available to them!
Let them know how they handle all of this will trickle down to us here because we are not that far behind them with t…

WE ARE OFFICIAL! IT IS NOW HURRICANE SEASON! It runs from June first to November 30th.

Now everyone is asking where is that located? In our northern hemisphere, but of course, yep that means you northerners too, our friends up there in high places!

"There is nothing magical in these dates, and hurricanes have occurred outside of these six months, but these dates were selected to encompass over 97% of tropical activity." A quote from the, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, AOML notes are above.

NOAA’s predictions for the 2010 hurricane season:
• 14 to 23 Named Storms (top winds of 39 mph or higher), including:
• 8 to 14 Hurricanes (top winds of 74 mph or higher), of which:
• 3 to 7 could be Major Hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of at least 111 mph)
• If interested in keeping up with a notable score card provider go to, copy and paste:
I suppose that many would be frightened by the prospect of such devastating predictions, and add that into the very real threat from the notorious oil spill, huh?
What could we do, where can w…