Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Library day!

Today, actually this morning, as you can see by my title today was our library day.
Hubby is reading James Patterson’s, ‘Sail’ and I am reading James W. Hall’s, ‘Silencer.’
Mr. Hall now that you have access to my Blog here could you please write a little faster I am all caught up with all of yours after I finish this one!
But after one chapter unfortunately I fell asleep. OK so I am going slightly slower than my old voracious a book a day habit, what can I say, folks? My brain and my eyes are in need of a slower read for me these days I suppose due to the MS, some say I should switch to books on tape, but I think that would distract me too easily? Feedback please, for anyone who’s not trying to multi task it seems too strange to me.

It has to be the weather here, the sleep thing that is, I got a wee bit off track like I do so often and added more to the above paragraphs.
And so what I started to say which our air here has been either heavily laden in humidity with high temperatures or rain all due to Hurricane Alex way across the Gulf of Mexico heading into Mexico and just brushing Brownsville, Texas!
By the time it arrives it is supposed to be a category two which is frightfully nasty and destructive. Our experience here was with Charley 2004 a category four, but they all are really bad anyway you look at it, trust me…We also helped after Andrew 1992, a cat five.
But even with that real south western location it still has done a number on the oil spill cleanup way north of there!
Apparently, with the winds causing the waves to crash at two to four feet higher making the past cleanups null and void, delays for continuing as much as a week and that clotty brownish red glop continuing on its merry way towards all those innocent Gulf coast states shorelines, including our own panhandle of Florida! Our Governor Crist is now requesting fifty million from BP for advertising that most of our state is still just fine!

Well I suppose most of us got that dreaded answer to that dreaded question, oh you don’t remember… let me refresh… “How will a hurricane impact on the oil spill?” Sadly, even at the distance that it is it is doing no good, as most of us thought, but were afraid to say that it would!

The last four days I have not gone into our swimming pool, since I think that in spite of my religious applications of sun screen my shoulders are pealing or doing some other horrific thing that stings when I even but lotion on them, and Hubby was kind enough to clip some of our own garden variety aloe and I have been applying that. It does seem to soothe me, far as healing goes it appears to be rather slow mo. And so as much as I need the ROM program that too is on hold now.
You see, I have a history of pre-cancerous lesions that had been zapped with a laser seven times, and even one facial biopsy, which fortunately was benign, but did leave a nasty gouge in my left cheek it was a lumpy hard something or other.
Any-who, you know now why I am playing it cool and with this heat etc., wouldn’t you?
Us blue-eyed peeps have a tendency to be more susceptible, but really you all should be careful, everything in moderation, but I know you know that!
Look who’s talking about moderation, LOL!

Anyway, I did want to wish you all a very happy safe holiday weekend and I guess I just did!

On that positive note everyone have a very good night and count those blessings and we will too!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hubby worked hard all day to get the laundry back together and he was successful!

Again it was a most of the day project that he took his time to do but accomplished with perfection.
I am happy to say that the laundry room looks as if nothing nefarious happened at all!
If flooding and water heaters failing can be considered that evil or despicable? Yep, this one fit the bill.
The amount of damage was quite severe but admittedly repairable thanks to Hubby’s calm logic.
You know how you acquire that?
Experience, as they say nothing new under the sun and for us that can be said in spades!
I think if this happened twenty or thirty years ago our reaction would have been much more panicky.
But the fact that it had happened before and we knew what to do had its rewards in our ability to deal with, as the kids say.

This morning, early, I made a couple of new friends on Face book, one of my favorite authors, James W. Hall, had accepted me as one of his friends in the wee hours since my new wake up time seems to be a uniformed 4:50 A.M., but actually this was way after that after six A.M. in fact.

Who knows why I have started this too early bird wake up call, it’s not like we just changed our clocks or anything, since that’s when it usually occurs! And besides you do know better than to ask, right? Why, BECAUSE I CAN’T HEAR YOU? LOL

My other newbie in my cautiously and carefully chosen friends list was one of the other news anchors, but for some reason it was a bit of a challenge since it appears that all the usual ways did not work to invite her to be my friend. You see, every search for her came up a no-go or with some other ridiculous name, close but no cigar. And when I was just about to call it quits and see if she could try from her end, since I do have her email address, but then my miniscule brain lit up with my savant ability and a brilliant idea and that’s when I decided to Google her!
And it worked! We are now buds, well not really just acquaintances with my ability to send her annoying comments and or questions! And she can do the same thing back since we are both…JERSEY GIRLS! Ha! But I doubt she would want to know anything from me? She’s the newsy one.

I just got that new additional friends into the fold when my dear sweet oldie but goodie dear almost daughter in law but she and my son chose against it, when she a Tampa cop posted from her local station about the horrendous shooting of two police officers, her fellow officers!
And so I wanted the details and felt that this …what did Betty White call this venue of Facebook? A waste of time venue or some such thing could be used for good not for lameness!
It was my decision to make sure that I posted all the news services accesses that had info on the suspects as well as their descriptions and their vehicle too!
Sadly both very young officers died within hours of being shot, one was a father of four the other had a baby on the way! Just horrendous!

The woman suspect turned herself in around noon and as of the last I heard the search was still on for the man who now will be charged with two counts of murder! , copy and paste this site for any new information.
Major agencies are offering rewards as high as sixty-five thousand dollars last I heard.

We are currently having a power failure that FPL has no idea when it will end so Hubby put me on the generator due to needing air-conditioning and to publish this Blog! And it started at 6:11 P.M. and right now it is 10:32 P.M.
He’s great!

I will bid you all a very good night and suggest for you all to count those blessings and we will too!
PS Hope the power is restored soon, apparently it was hit by lightening, a main part of the system and 233 homes only without power including us!

Update: Just a few minutes ago our power was fully restored; thanks FPL and Alex became the first hurricane of the season!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The progress on de-flooding continues... or is that de-wetting?

Hubby has been at it all day long with fans, bleach, moving things in and out trying to dry out whatever got watered on.
Amazingly the water shot across the garage and hit heavy duty card board that he uses for templates to create other things. I had forgotten to mention that all the cabinets had to be removed from the laundry room due to them being saturated too, and also to get the new water heater in its location.
Hubby’s pal put the old one nearby our garbage cans on the side courtyard of our home, and Hubby moved it by hand-truck to the curb and called Waste Management to pick it up and they said that they would come as soon as one to five days.
Well, this afternoon I had to call them back since some Junker people threw it in the back of their mini van and it is now gone!

I have a feeling this is going to be cut short tonight we have a very nasty storm coming through that is producing heavy thunder and lightening and I may have to shut down!
Or it may do it for me.

New topic… may I be so bold to tell all those newlyweds or about to be newly weds out there if they want to wait until their late thirties to start a family…DON’T!
You see, my Mom was thirty-nine and my Dad was forty-three when I was born and by the time I was in my thirties, thirty one and thirty five they had passed away!
Consequently, leaving their grandsons without them!

Just my two cents here, to be fair it was both their second marriages and I did have a half brother but he was nineteen years older than me!
PS My Mom and Dad were married for nearly forty-one years before their demises on their second times around.

The rain seems to be passing gently away from us…

But lightening is clattering harshly and scaring the bejeebers out of me!

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you all I got my confirmation that I was approved by NORD for my Copaxone by mail today! Yippee!

On that pleasant hopeful note we will wish you all a very good night and to all count your blessings and we will too!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yikes! Flooding! But under control...

I received a lovely note with three CD’s and beautiful cut flowers from an old friend and her new friend. The reason I am mentioning the note is because there have been unfortunate periods in my life where I felt like it was all my fault when bad things happened and that I could possibly be a jinx?
Basically what my psychic friend stated on the envelope that made me smile with relief was that I am not a Jinx that I am instead a Blessing?
Wow, what a short term relief.
Hmmm, love you dear old friend but today I proved to myself once again that I am not such a great blessing to Hubby anyway, since when I went to put the laundry into my washing machine this morning it sounded like it was already on!
Ghostly intervention and perhaps those spirits knew I was coming to do what I planned to do, laundry?
Nah, not at all it was… not even the washer… for it was the HOT WATER HEATER and it was leaking all over the inside of laundry-room cabinets and out through its pipes to our garage!

Hubby had installed it way back in 2001 and apparently they don’t last as long as they used to, twenty years comes to mind when I was a kid.
No, this modern necessity had a life expectancy of only six years, would you believe? And so I suppose ours was an elderly terminal unit for three years and we never knew it.
I guess it’s sort of like when people die of old age, and their obit says: Mary Jones died of old age at the incredible milestone of one hundred and one… Who in their right mind would argue with that diagnosis?

Sadly, that’s me comparing inanimate objects to human beings, but I still hope the analogy was not lost on your logic? LOL
You got to love the world for when you are down they always some how come around, not always right away but usually in the long run…
Now Hubby as I said many times before has a bad back and I worry he was sixty many moons ago and to lift anything as heavy as a water heater since our is one of those stubby kind that fits up on a shelf behind a door in the laundry, any-who he and I decided he should ask our always go-to neighbor who is big and strong like an ox and about twenty years my Hubby’s junior.
And big burly guy who works in construction for Habit for Humanity said sure and the two men made a trade off.
He just had a similar plumbing issue in his bathroom where he will need help with retiling and Hubby can do that and very well plus we have a tile cutter!
Aint neighbors great, if you let them be.

The hot water heater is in place and thanks to Hubby working as an apprentice plumber while going to college it won’t be long until we have hot water once again, YIPEE!
File this under funny I did go into the pool today and did do my exercise while all this havoc was abounding around me as most know it does have a calming stress reliever affect on most people me included and so I did indulge and Hubby understood.
He said he adjust the water so that I could use the cold water and so when I got out of the pool and went to take my customary shower I did soap up first including using the shampoo for my hair thinking it will be cold but should work for cleansing the chlorine off of me… and…. NO WATER CAME OUT OF THE SHOWER FAUCET!
And so as I usually do I had placed my bathing suit in cold water soaking in Woolite in the bathroom sink with the thought as always of rinsing and hanging to dry after my shower when I got out and now I had to rinse it as quickly as possible since my idea of getting me out of this miniscule dilemma was to put it back on and rinse my soap laden body off in the chlorinated swimming pool, sounds counterproductive, huh?
Oddly enough it worked!
Didn’t even need my conditioner on my hair, how about that folks?
It really feels quite soft and silky, how odd?
And the pool was up in temperature, so it was tepid so much nicer than a cold shower!

On that bizarre note of lunacy I will wish you all …welcome to my world…
And good night to all and to all count those blessings and I know I can find ours somewhere, even this JINX can have some hope!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good late evening folks!

While I sit here with my glass of Chardonnay I feel very happy since Hubby and me in spite of a nasty downpour and heat indexes climbing into the triple digits we had what most would consider a more than lovely evening.
Why you ask? Well you know me I will definitely tell you and try hard to not leave anything out!
Being somewhat of a shut in but I do get out when Hubby takes me, really whether he wants to or not some days…
Having old friends over are a true delight, a highlight and a wonderful causal affect from having good choices made with my decisions on who to have as company creating happiness!
What did I say?
Any-who I do enjoy seeing people that I have not seen in quite some time, now, does that make sense?
Catching up and meeting one new person in the small select group was very enlightening and proved to be a great idea in the long run.
Since over the past few years and months I must admit not all of mine have worked out as well as this did I think, but I could be bias.
Hubby surprised me with an early birthday cake and all did appear to like it.
Dinner too had been planned by me but executed by him, and I must add down to perfection without so much as a glitch that I noticed.
But then again I was being in my glory of animated conversation and not watching him going through all the motions of working hard to create his effortless performance of waiting on us all and serving the food too. What a guy… do I appreciate him enough; I guess I really should tell him more often. How dare I gush… after all he may get conceited, they do have that ability more so than us of the female persuasion… We never ever seem to have their confidence at least…me.

These gals were all on the top of their games too.
Marvelous interesting tidbits of stories from their past and present lives…
Gosh I need to do a lot more living! What an inspiration.
It’s so nice to see the good side of people and for them to blatantly expel it in my presence!
Not only did they have amusing anecdotal tales to tell they even helped Hubby with everything!
Boy, did I step in it, as they say… what fun people with good hearts also.
Two of the women are currently involved in working with people less fortunate than themselves.
One as a caregiver although just recuperating from her own serious back surgery and the other feeds the poor through all her church work in a few different branches of her ministries.
Nice to know, that even with many problems of their own physical and emotional in some cases, actually we all suffer from different ranges of the blues, but with all that’s going on in the world let’s face it who doesn’t?
All of us tried hard from the beginning to keep the conversations upbeat and on the whole I think we all pretty much succeeded.
We served ribs and chicken, roasted potatoes and salad and my birthday cake!
And they all brought music, flowers, nuts, wine and their wide open hearts.
They came by twos and left the same way, but somehow I think we each touched each other in a way that none of us had had in quite some time, with the commonality of acceptance and understanding, and hopefully with that a bit of each of us, a piece of our souls went home with the other.

None of you know this but the joy you brought to our home even if you never return was more than any of you will ever know.
But please come back and each time I promise to be just as thrilled with every time upon each new arrival.
Not Skipper crazy happy but very welcoming and just plain good old fashioned happy to see you!

And so on that shameless desire for more company I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessing and we will too!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The question on the table from our local news station was...

What do you think about the discontinuation of the monies for people out of work not being extended? That was the news casters question put out there on Facebook.
And of course I put my two cents in saying in a normal economy I would say people should not have the extension, but since so many families are hurting it should be continued.
We must all have compassion and understanding in these hard times, and if we can help the rest of the world why can’t we help our own?
Saying that… if not for the grace of G-d goes I, and that family could be mine and that could be me.
That’s exactly what compassion is putting yourself in the other persons place.
One man actually suggested that people were being lazy and that there were plenty of jobs out there for the ones who want to work.
Perhaps, there are but most get a percentage of they’re previous salary that may be more than a new job could pay, and these people have children to feed, rent or mortgages to pay, utility bills ect., just like this man who was so quick to judge!
Sadly, people who have never been there don’t understand and don’t seem to want to.

On a brighter note: today after a short swim in the pool we went out to the stores to prepare for our get together tomorrow evening by going to the warehouse store to purchase larger than normal quantities at good prices of meat. We had fun and then went to our normal grocery for smaller amounts for items that we did not need in large quantities, got that?
Before we left I had a nasty spill I in my bathroom.
I have that squirt shampoo, conditioner and liquid bath soap dispenser that Hubby bought me when I dropped a large economy sized shampoo on my foot and I think broke a small bone in it, well that’s when we decided that this would be a better option and safer.

This just in: the first tropical depression has just formed as TD 1, six P.M.!

Well, any-who the whole thing slips out to refill, and so it was very low and I did take it out after I was dressed from my shower.
But when I went to put it back I lost my balance, what a surprise!
And knocked it to the floor of the tub with my shower chair as well and my bathing suit too as I fell on both of my knees hard on the tile floor and got my side hit hard on the sliding glass doors which fortunately did not break!
As if I needed this, and now, Hubby heard me and came in and made me get into the bed to rest while he tended to my small disaster of dumping half of what I filled into the tub onto my new bathing suit!
Fortunately, believe it or not I didn’t break the dispenser or the chair or my bathing suit. I eventually put the suit into the washing machine on cold/ cold since trying to get all those soaps out in the sink was futile.
Far as my body goes I did take some aspirin and it looks like I may have quite a few bruises of black and blue, but it doesn’t appear at this time that I broke anything!
Amazing, yea it seems that way to me too! We will see what tomorrow will bring…

I did get a scolding from Hubby though and him repeating that I should have had him do it by telling him what I was doing.
Falling is a big problem with MS mostly because of the balance issue too.

These last two nights I have not been too funny, but I will see what I will have for tomorrow. Hopefully with our barbecue with good company I will have somewhat of a lighthearted look at the evening!

I will wish you all a very good night tonight and ask you politely to count those blessings that at times are difficult to find and we will do our best to find ours too!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We are capped again!

But according to the powers that be it will be doing some hard work for a while until the relief wells will be completed in August they are saying, but who really knows….

Claims offices are popping up all over our state; in case you have lost track I am in Florida.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent in our area for a tourism campaign showing how pristine our beaches are here in southwest Florida, since everyone is hurting due to national miss-information abounding!

If I wasn’t living here I too might be confused just where the oil globs were washing up onshore.
I don’t know how the national news could be so inaccurate, or horribly not knowledgeable?
Or maybe people are just geographically challenged?

Here it is still just beautiful far as oil slick goes, there is none!
I spent a good part of the afternoon in our pool, and the earlier morning weeding some of the gardens before Hubby awoke, cooler then, mid seventies.
He mowed our lawn earlier than usual due to this horrendous heat we have been having.
And so I actually went into the pool late for me after lunch until one thirty.
Then showered and changed being still rather cool from the pool then the shower and my hair still wet from shampooing.
That’s why I must admit that when Hubby came inside and asked me what was wrong with the air-conditioner I was surprised to learn that it had gotten up to eighty-eight in the house!
Yikes! That is so unlike me, I’m usually way too hot except when in the pool or in air-conditioning set on or around seventy-seven or eight degrees.
For some reason I didn’t feel that hot, must have been my wet head?
But I don’t really know.

Hubby was quick to diagnose the problem as a relay on the outside part of the unit, but we still had to call a professional and so he called the ones who gave us the free check up/out this past February.
We always inquire on price and he did this time as well, it was ninety dollars for the house-call plus parts; thank heavens for our small emergency fund that seems monthly to get even smaller, since the final bill when all was said and done and fixed, by the way, was one hundred and ninety dollars! Yep, that relay was one hundred bucks! PS it was a very reputable air-conditioning company, who is nationally known.

Timing is everything, and wouldn’t you know that this weekend is the first time in like six months that we are having company coming over for a barbecue, and of course the weather report is for possible showers and heat out the wazoo! So not having air-conditioning would have just added to the ambiance in a very negative way! Could you imagine? And I think in this state, the state of FLORIDA, I think it’s against the LAW not to have air-conditioning in your home! (Wink, but really it should be!)
Any-who, your body temperature when you have MS, is very sensitive to any slight fluctuations too, and that’s why I am still baffled why I didn’t react to our home’s heat, that’s so unlike me?
But lately I have been running cooler and I also have no idea why that is either.
Could be hormonal?
But isn’t that usually hotter?

Well, that’s going to make me worry again, and you know me that’s not a good thing and badger you all with my assuming this or that.
Now I think would be a good time to say good night to you all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS So sorry if my graphic thoughts on what the oil globules look like to me insulted anyone’s sensibilities!
PSS please excuse my redundancy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Silent minority and top hat didn't do any hat trick!

I would be amiss not to mention that the oil leak in the Gulf took a very hard ‘BIG BAD’ negative turn today the thingy that they put on it to slow its expulsion and allow some of the crude to be burned off or recaptured has failed and the damn thing is pushing oil that dark yucky stuff at an unheard of rate all over the place! I think they said millions of gallons or I could be wrong I have been wrong before. Apparently, the robot failed to do what it was supposed to and now this blood clotty like substance, which if you noticed no one has said it does resemble that or even my take on what it looks like to me, dare I say… after birth, is escaping by millions of gallons for now over six hours just today’s!
Sorry folks if that was too graphic for your delicate brains, but accurate in my book and when it comes out of woman after delivery it is a marvel or miracle we all think it's just ducky…NOT THIS MY FRIENDS! This is just way too disgusting! (Now you all were thinking it but had a filter on to not say it, you know that!)
And it is flowing all over the northern Gulf coast, but still not here, yep we are OK!
My current fear is what they have been saying is that this could be the next dead sea, no really.
You know, we even have a little wave, starting up in the Caribbean that could be our first named storm that they can’t tell which part of the Gulf it will be going to or if at all.
And no one knows if it does head straight for the oil leak if it would be a good thing or a really bad one.
Gosh I suspect that me being a college drop out doesn’t mean that much anymore, since most of who we are relying on for our lifelines have doctorates, ironic, huh?
To be fair, I did go back to college twice.
And I still have no idea what to do about any of this!
So there you go.
Maybe simplistic or dumb could work, because so far this over thinking it has not helped or worked!
I try daily to come up with my end of all this, and I am sure you are all doing the same, right?
Well, if not; they could use your input I am pretty certain.
Since whatever they have been trying hasn’t worked this sixty-fifth day or our own personal disaster movie!
It is soooo obscene to think in a country this large with this many people that NO ONE knows what to do!
This reminds me of so many of those blonde jokes (being a blonde I can say that without offending too many people, they wouldn’t know or care anyway. I wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of a minority like an Elephant or something since they more than likely in this day age have their own anti-defamation league, doesn’t everyone? … But I bet you know most of them too so I will refrain from quoting any.

Any-who, this is where we all stand to date with the oil leak in the Gulf, yes it is going ashore in the way northern panhandle of Florida but the rest of our state is … NOW HEAR ME WORLD,WE ARE OIL FREE IN 99% OF OUR STATE! SO PLEASE COME ON DOWN WE NEED THE REVENUE BADLY!

Now onto the other part of my title, the first, I do things backwards since my sign is Cancer the crab,… the silent minority…today I found out that I do have another follower of this drivel, a cousin and since she has told me but its just between us, like my other one who during my campaign for followers did answer me on my Face book account telling me she is listening but just quiet, and my old toddler hood friend, why that makes three!
But does it count if they just want to stay anonymous? Only one has actually put her reputation, life and limb on the line admitting that she may on occasions catch this blabbering of nonsensical debating with myself… but at this point what can one do?
I’ll take it!

Just another footnote by me, my short circuiting in grammar, spelling, homonyms, prepositions what have you continue to baffle me and I am sure you too, but please forgive all you editor like types out there I am sure it is just the multiple sclerosis doing what it does, and not that I am as stupid as some may think, at least I hope not!
Disclaimer I do use the spell and grammar checker but it is in my word program and doesn’t seem to always have the right answer or the one I like. So I do my own thing! LOL

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have you ever felt invisible?

Provocative question and rather self centered in these hard times we are all living in, don’t you think?
Any-who, I wonder with all this turmoil, natural disasters, manmade ones too, the economy, the job losses, the foreclosures and everything else I bet many of us feel that no one is listening!
It’s only natural.
Crime is up; the people are restless and bored without a purpose in life.
You never could turn on the news without hearing how bad things were/are but that’s the news, right?
Dog bites man no story, now if man bites dog… there you go, that’s news!
Now no one has to look for news, since we the people are making it nightly!
And it does run the gamut, age, race and gender no longer influence who is doing it the wrong or illegal way they all seem to be!
I feel a wee bit sorry for those criminal profilers there seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of what anyone is doing, as if there is something toxic in the air…
Now before you Florida haters jump on that let me just say…NO THERE IS NOTHING TOXIC IN OUR AIR HERE, at least I don’t think so…

People are doing depressing stories on how obese Americans are; well who wouldn’t be if you were out of work, homeless and the only solace you have is the one legal drug to make you have comfort….FOOD!
But illegal ones are rising in popularity too, it seems weekly our small burg has an arrest at another ‘grow house’ usually within blocks or houses away from ours, with confiscation of pounds of this or that, grown right under the noses of innocent neighbors who are oh so surprised to hear that, since they were such very nice quiet people. Yes, they were busy getting high folks! That will keep you happy and to yourself.

Getting lost in the shuffle somehow seems today like perhaps a good thing, being ignored for lack of a better idea of how you fit into the greater scheme of things…
We can look at it this way… they missed my house during the drive by, they skipped us for the burglary, no peepers here, no tornadic wind sheer action here since our roof is still on, gosh we haven’t had one barking dog or any domestic disputes either …and that’s a good day, but it probably won’t make the news today or ever; too boring.
But little do they notice how ghost-town like most of our current neighborhood's are, and that alone could explain much of it…sadly!
Although, those same empty residences have been know to house those suspicious substances for manufacturing and warehousing, and prostitution brothels, homeless too… who knows what lurks behind those neglected looking vacant homes; a perfect camouflage?

And so that brings me back to my somewhat innocent question, oh yea, I almost forgot what it was; have you ever felt invisible?
Sure, hasn’t everyone!
So friends don’t dismay we are all feeling human beings with not that dissimilar emotions and sensitivities that create our own little depressing wars within, but you know something and this will help I really think so… nothing is new on this front either and for small awareness that we are truly NOT ALONE!
Always remember that the commonality of men and women are not something too far stretching to reach and for you as one person alone to absorb.

On that note of total confusion, I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Storms are nasty tonight! And yes, I am much better.

And many, according to the TV news have already loss power, but as you can see so far we are still good!
The power outage appears to affect 11,000 customers in three counties, Lee, Collier and here in Charlotte.
I suppose this time we lucked out so far.

How are you all doing?
You do know that I worry!
The nightly news is just dreadful.
Not only the news about the oil leak here on the Gulf coast, well not really here but within a several hundred mile radius away… but you out there in the rest of these fine U S of A are suffering with horrendous weather, tornadoes, and heavy flooding and only G-d knows what else! Please be safe and take care and know that we here are thinking of you too!

Sadly, it may look as if we have been way too self involved down here, but no not really we do worry and care more than you could ever know, really!

The tameness of the stormy weather tonight seems to be starting to prevail it has calmed down considerably, which could mean we are done for tonight.
Another round tomorrow will not be far behind, why?
This is our rainy season in Florida!

The tropics too are showing some instability. You see, we have what is called Invest 93 that could promise to become our first tropical storm, named Alex for this our hurricane season… too early in my book! But its only another thing I have no control over, which is way too bad! Because if it was up to me, I would banish them to where they would do some real good… in vastly empty unpopulated drought stricken areas of the world!
Most of these nasty things arrive in August or September historically!

The yard is a bit of a mess tonight, these were the hardest storms to hit us since I can’t remember when… the new Mandevilla on the right facing out from the pool took a fall off its trellis, oddly enough the other, the left one, stood put, but our rolling chairs on the patio went their own ways but not too far since the wind push was towards the house… Hubby had taken the tikki torches out to continue to decorate the yard and with a plus for insect control since they have containers in them for citronella.
They were old and worn and were going to have to be replaced anyway and now they are cracked and broken too! The grocery sells them for less than three bucks!

All this summer you may be hearing more weather reports here than much of anything else, although who knows for sure what will emanate from this wee brain of mine.
Unfortunately, though folks this is a summer weather driven state.

What falls here or blows here does have the uniqueness of making the national news for some horrendous reason. Talk about airing your dirty laundry! I suppose it all boils down to an interest, a weird undeniable interest of what goes on here?
Gosh what a moniker to have that curious minds want to know what we have going WRONG here; from elections to hurricanes to oil leaks we have received something of a reputation for havoc and perhaps excitement in a VERY BAD way.
Most all of it is NOT our faults folks!
So why thumb your nose at one of your contiguous states due to a BAD REP?
No really, why?
We want what all of you want, a nice quiet home to live in without too much fanfare, jobs, enjoyment of life when we have paid our dues in life.
Floridians are people too!
And since I am a choice transplant I have made this place my own now for nearly twenty-four of my sixty on this planet!
I think that speaks volumes, since I am not alone, you see, most of the people here are from somewhere else!
Think about that one for a while, they could have immigrated from where you are right now friends, so don’t put us Floridians down please we have been you too!
Personally, we were New Jersians, who have somewhat of a rep too, LOL, and you all know that I am so right on that one!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day

Hubby here, Tobi is under the weather tonight.

She wants to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day.

She hopes to be back tomorrow.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gaffe... the meaning of the word...

Gaffe... the meaning of the word as defined by Webster’s is ... a social or diplomatic blunder, a noticeable mistake…hmm…

But I bet you all knew that.
I was pretty sure I knew it was something like that, oh actually I just thought it meant putting your foot in your mouth publicly… I guess that’s about the same, huh?

You see, in reality who hasn’t said something that they weren’t sorry for later?
I know I have many times, and most people would have learned by now, but not me.
Isn’t that the definition of crazy doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?
Some call it not thinking before you speak, or as I like to say foot in mouth disease.
But me not being in the public eye or in politics or even in any business related position these days my big mouth of un-requested opinion and feelings about an issue hurts no one but myself usually.

On the other hand being a CEO like Tony Hayward of BP is business suicide when saying anything stupid, and so he has been removed, but not fired. He actually got to go on a cruise on his yacht in a race today back in Merry Ole, huh? But we are told we all still hate the man, OK?

I have no right to judge what others say or do, since my track record in that arena is pretty darn nasty to admit to myself.
Brain editing is for …well an editor, right?
I suppose it is a delayed conscience in my case, but I really do have one just not when it should show up, on time and in place when I absolutely need it!
My sorrowful conscience is so deep and so raw you would be surprised how I hate what I may have said without thinking so many times; I guess its part of my defective self.
But no excuse I hear you all yelling.
And you are all sooooooooooo right folks!
Thinking before one speaks is a learned art I truly believe, which admittedly to date I have not mastered.
Any clues on how to conquer that practice would be most helpful and welcomed.
I know I know you are all saying this gal has proven not to be even able to take constructive critism without going off the deep end, perhaps but learning by repetition or by rote might work? What do you think?

Alienation of people aint what’s cracked up to be or becoming a pariah to the world either.
Too bad there isn’t like a short film we humans could watch that actually showed you the results of your actions before you committed to them publicly?
WOW what a concept.
The person who comes up with that one will definitely have to get a patent fast.

Today we were able to finish our small projects of getting the signs in place, and I had a pleasant time in the pool too.
This evening we received our ration of late day storms, which keeps our gardens colorful, rain barrels full and our lawn heading towards plush once again.
Who can complain, so far we are fortunate that we have basically nothing to complain about yet…
Sadly that could all change in a moment’s gasp of a breath.
Not unlike many profound blip’s in time.

Please dear world remember that this ecological catastrophe is not something just unique to the Gulf region it unfortunately has been happening all over the world and each one has its domino’s effect on the rest of the planet.

So we as a race of human beings must find the answer as one.

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dead Zone, Watergate, Waterloo, what's next?

Methane gas that nasty lethal stuff that killed the miners in West Virginia is now one of the possibilities emanating from the leaking well five thousand miles down in the Gulf of Mexico which could be responsible for creating a, ‘Dead Zone’! Here’s the commentary, just copy and paste:

This my friends is astonishing and more frightening than any other imagined bogyman, horrors or what-have-you!

Not trying to be facetious, but racking my less than capable brain for any ideas to help come up with ways to resolve this problem. Perhaps, Stephen King who wrote a book with that title Dead Zone circa 1979, but had nothing to do with water masses but with a dead zone in the human brain caused by an accident, and how the victim becomes psychic from it. Now I am not saying that our massive Gulf of Mexico’s oil leaking killing off of all wildlife and our delicate ecosystem is anything similar to that, but go with me here… This man, Stephen King, has an enormous imagination and ability to see way beyond any box… and perhaps that could have a bearing on how to solve this problem, and it’s a plus he has a home on the Gulf Coast right here in southwest Florida!

Is this a euphemism of our latest Watergate, nothing personal Mr. President or our government’s version of their Battle of Waterloo, which ironically was fought today June 18th, but in 1815 in Belgium? Sorry, just trying to find water named devastating events in history but looked at through a different prospective that puts this all into some type of format, but there is nothing that even comes close, not even the Exxon Valdez … not anymore, this is horribly much, much worse! Katrina, tsunami, yes, but much worse historically to date and oh so horrendously devastating disaster caused by nature and later the slowness of man to react, and nothing compares with them, but next on the list would have to be this unforeseen incredible future of what this disaster and sadly all manmade, which means that it most likely could have been prevented will cost our world in the long run in all of our futures!

Hubby and I were in our stay at home creative mode today. We are both involved in mild or small crafty work. I decoupage a sign for a snake crossing for our yard with a clip art picture of a black snake actually the decoupage, and my wooden letters spelling out X-ING also in black, on a two sided plaque of cedar painted white. We love our black racer snakes they are a wonderful addition to any garden for natural rodent control.
The other two signs were just black arrows on yellow plaques showing which way to go on the diamond boardwalk split around the Tangelo tree down to the dock just really a comical way to enjoy our yard, and who knows someday I could forget! LOL, I could tell you such stories of what I have already forgotten! And the pool also called me for over an hour and a half today!

Any-who, Life goes on here as usual, and no we have not had any signs or symptoms of the oil leak here yet, and the locals, the professionals in that arena state we should not, due to that loop current. Although, we are preparing like all of our neighbors who live on the southwest coast here; booms are eventually or I should say if it proves necessary will be placed at the mouth of our Charlotte Harbor, a five minute by boatride from our canal, and hopefully aid in preventing any infiltration, but as we have been seeing up many hundreds of miles north of here that has not been successful! I do worry, but what can one do at this point?
If we all knew that we would have the problem fixed I would think!

On that sad note I will still wish you all a very good night, and please count all of your blessings and we will too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Library day!

Which in Tobi speak means…The Cultural Center!
Since our library branch is attached to our multi-faceted educational, club, retail, eatery and entertainment facility. We ate lunch there, and had an amazing chicken Marsala for only five bucks! After we perused the shops we each chose two books from our library.

We had arrived shortly before one P.M. and by then I had already been in our pool for moving around exercises and a mild short ROM program. I’m still not back 100%, but working on it. I must admit I did have a fairly good night’s sleep though, about seven and half hours with only getting up a few times due to the call of nature.
Then on our way home at the grocery nearby the center Hubby purchased dinner and extra bleach for a mold problem project.

You see, Hubby removed the steps from the deep end exit ladder due to it needing a very dire cleansing from mildew build up; and that to me doesn’t make any sense since our chlorine is showing always high or normal high in the tester. Perhaps it is from the wee bit of rain we have received recently? For that project he had to go into the pool which he does very infrequently, he never says why. Most people would kill to have even our little swimming pool, but he keeps his reasoning to himself, I guess some of us just aren’t into explaining things, unlike me! LOL, who always has the tendency to give way too much information and explanations.

He can swim just fine, by the way and even used to teach water skiing as a teenager in the Pocono’s, he even is SCUBA certified for over twenty-five years!
So that is why it baffles me, oh well...

The three exit steps for that end are still soaking in a bucket of strong bleach and water and hopefully will be good by tomorrow, but I don’t exit that way anyway. The steps are heavy duty white plastic and the rails are all stainless steel.
I need the railing and steps at the shallow end to pull myself up to grab my walker.
Our swimming pool does go from three to five feet deep, and is extremely tiny at only eight by sixteen feet in dimensions but fine for our needs; sort of like a large hot tub.
I can exercise well enough holding onto the sides or swim very short laps, just enough.

That’s why I still think we are very lucky, we have most all our needs met, but on a smaller scale.
There I go again with my feelings about enough.
You know the one where I say we should never be greedy because enough is enough, having what you need, no more or less.

I am in the process of waiting on an answer for a way to get a small gangplank for our little twenty foot boat. Hubby can lower it on the lift for me to slide onto but if I want to get out at let’s say Fisherman’s Village like I used to there is no way, I need a ramp or gangplank, I so miss going out on the boat to different destinations.
The only reason now its not that big a deal is due to this unrelenting heat, and even on the water it’s not that much cooler but by fall it would be so nice to be able to go here and there without worrying about if I wanted to get off to see things like parks, shops or restaurants; I have contacted where I got my mobility scooter and walker from since I thought they might know what companies might know about such a thing.

So far no news from that artist I contacted Carolyn Blish, may never hear, oh well…

Some never feel the need to answer questions I suspect.
But on the other hand many do, which I personally prefer.

On that note of wanting, needing a desire to know what’s what I will wish you all a very good night and to all of you please count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP and other commentaries...

When is too much too much and when is it enough?
BP in all its wisdom has decided today NOT to pay their investors their quarterly dividends, I say that’s a no brainer, what do you all think? Personally, I think that they should wait on that for the next few years, don’t you?

Shortly, prior to that realization they had set aside twenty billion to be utilized, as a beginning amount for all claims and cleanups, and will be adding into that pot three billion per years afterward, until all is made right.

Kenneth Feinberg will be the man in charge of the distribution from the escrow account; he was the person who oversaw payments to the victim’s families after 9/11, and apparently did a good job, no bad news there.

Mind boggling to most of us commoners that kind of monies, huh?
But in reality what I find more difficult to believe is what’s in all our futures with this historically worst manmade environmental disaster’s aftermath; imaging is beyond most of our realms of our mind’s capacity. At least I know it is mine.

If only we knew how to deal with what’s to come, and only if we knew when we would be allowed to really take charge and clean it all up!
That too, is a wait and see game though unfortunately. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE UP OUR MINDS!

That’s the darn troubling part of all this, not knowing when, where or what will be coming exactly where or when, got that?
It’s crazy! And definitely NOT in a good way!
Frustration and lack of control comes to all of our minds, we as human beings like to think we have a bit of control over our lives, even if it’s just a little.
If this doesn’t teach us something about what we need to do when it comes to finding non toxic methods of movement, fuel, and energy what-have-you?

The only good part of all this is…we are not in this alone, we have each other since we all will somehow and someway be affected by this!
And so let me recommend that we try hard to come up with ways to handle this upheaval of many of our lives.
Using good judgment in all decisions and not work against our common goals of trying to make this part of the world whole and well again.
I see it as a cancer with a possible cure in the hands of the scientific medical people and pharmaceuticals all seeking a cure, perhaps that analogy is slightly off but work with me here…some cells will be destroyed along the way, and there may even have to be some amputations but in the end what will be left will be healthy tissue that will grow into a new beginning?
Nah, that’s just crazy!
We have a nasty disgusting mess that is killing wildlife, jobs and the economy, tourism you name it and its possible cure or resolve has yet to be determined!

Moving on, on my home-front…
Today was an errand day and after we stopped at the home store for orchid potting mix and then I am happy to say we accomplished our short romp to the warehouse store for gas, water, coffee, air-fresheners body wash etc.
Then we went on to BIG LOTS and picked up some garden supplies, actually two trellis’s for our climbing white Mandevillas, which are quickly becoming a beautiful screen for privacy at the end of the swimming pool facing the canal. You can still see the canal through it which I do like.
We lunched today at Beef O’Brady’s. I had a half and half, which consisted of half a sandwich and choice of soup or salad, I had half of a Cuban style sandwich and Caesar salad not eating all of the bread, Hubby had a roast beef sandwich and fries, him coffee and me my iced tea, and the bill was comparable to a fast food restaurant one, reasonable.
So dinner again we made homemade clam chowder, yum!

Let me wish you all a very good night too, and count your blessings and we will count ours!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MMMMMMMMM Drugs how they can also be...

A healthful adjustment, you see after only just fifteen pills, a total of 150 MG. of Prednisone I appear to be so much less pained, and actually the pain has diminished to nearly zilch! Hooray!
Only a few subtle problems remain of course anyone following along with this Blog would know that a year ago last April I had a diabetes scare which had been monitored for over a year since it was necessary while on those high IV doses of 1000 MG the Solu-Medrol for three days while hospitalized and insulin had to be administered.
And so after it, it was suggested I may have latent tendencies towards diabetes type two, (So glad I quit smoking nearly four years ago, July 11th it will be four whole years, hooray, not to mention all the meds that helped for me to now become obese!) and that I should monitor it. And now on this much lesser dose I began again to test.
Before I had my first dose it was at 111, and after it, it jumped to 200, but then when I went into our pool today and did walk without fear of falling, water you know, since it’s too soon to actually continue my ROM program yet, and my glucose level went down to 155!
See, exercise is the answer!

Now for the other problem although I seem to be better; last night but I was unable to sleep since it, the pred has that affect on me. It was close to four A.M. before I hit the sheets. Those three days in the hospital I was virtually an insomniac and got no sleep at all!
Foolishly, they gave me caffeinated green tea but I did not realize it I thought all green tea was naturally decaffeinated, my fault for assuming, caffeine and prednisone do NOT mix folks at least not for me! Their cafeteria nutritionist actually came to my room to apologize.
Today I took the medication before nine as recommended and didn’t even have my only cup of coffee for the day! By my first break from the pool I wanted one, afterall it was eleven A.M., and so Hubby was kind enough to indulge me, just that one. Wish me luck with the sleep thing tonight!

Today I took a silly begging move by asking people on Face book to follow this Blog. I think it stems from me reading someone else’s by accident I was trying to find out more about my prednisone, and this one just popped up in the search, it also had this pink theme I guess that is why I was so intrigued, mind you this was in those wee hours of the morning that I was dealing with my insomnia. And I became slightly jealous since this other pink-paged copycat had thirty-three people who felt the goodness in their hearts to admit that they read her Blog and were HER FOLLOWERS!…My green-eyed monster went berserk, not really, but I wondered what I must be doing wrong for people not to want to admit they occasionally read mine?
Any-who we all know I do on occasion give you all too much information, but that’s me.
At nearly sixty, did I say that?
Yep, soon!
It’s hard for a person to change that nature.

On that note of again TMI I will wish you to all have a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ooops I goofed!

Haven’t we all at one time also goofed?
And yes this is mine, mine to own.
I thought that I was really all better, but unfortunately it was not the case!
Going to sleep at about elevenish last night, after the Tony’s, weren’t they great? (That was rhetorical folks! We all know how could they not be with free Broadway snippets?)

Any-who, but by twelve thirty A.M. my body awoke me viciously and violently with a great big hardy har, har, har it screamed at my nerves, muscles and bones, and me too!
So you thought this was all over, huh?

No sorry, not quite yet, not now, not nearly over you nasty woman who thinks that MS is a singularly yearly or bi-yearly ripping at your moral fiber event, no not for you…it said to me blatantly haranguing me and went on…
Now I will come to steal more often of what you think are normal abilities shredding the nerves that keep you running smoothly I will sort circuit your life and breath in my own timetable not when you are free for all!
You will not be aware of when or where this will occur, but more frequency seems to be how I will attack and you can enjoy the waiting and freedom of not knowing when that will be!

Logically, I called my neurologist, wouldn’t you, and asked for some help, since I am still waiting on the approval of the medication, Copaxone that is supposed to prevent these relapses to occur as often or possibly never ever again, who knows? All I have is hopeful wishes of that.
She asked me if I was interested in the 1000 MG IV’s of Solu-Medrol again as an out patient and I asked about the step down prednisone and we agreed on that, since cost is still the issue with me. The step down steroids were the cheapest and known to be effective. And so today I started that, you start with eight pills at 10MG and then seven and on and on until the pills are all gone and by then you should feel all better!

Let me explain something to my readership, OK?
I have been noticing a short circuit in my writing too, brain induced. I know you are all asking now if I am sure. About having one, yeah I guess I might, LOL!
Missing prepositions have been rampant for years but now for some reason so are whole words, for that I apologize, but it seems this is par for the course since Multiple Sclerosis does affect your cognitive ability thus writing is connected to that for me.
And prior to my voracious writing desires and prolific production of these said works I was just a hack writer previously with a need to put pen to paper or in this case keyboard Arabic’s fonts to screen. And so I do hope that someone will give me leeway in this genre I have chosen for my drivelous (A Tobism again), attempts at put word to word in an order of understanding, wish us good luck with our future journeys together.
Oddly enough I was a late bloomer, oh yeah I did write my first play at twelve in seventh grade and got an A, a little ditty called Sweet Job about a candy store robbery.
And then when our sons were young I wrote letters to the editor to the newspapers that did publish them, and to my son’s silly poems. I had taken journalism in college, did again receive A’s and was told I had potential but never really utilized it accept for writing radio commercials for our businesses over the years, greeting cards for friends and relatives and the like.
Until I became a bum wrote my own scripts for fashion shows, went to a workshop for creative writing and loved it!
But had written five novellas by then that were in heavy need of editing and still till this very day, most edits were lost on crashing computers and lost discs due to hurricanes or oldness of my technologies.
And so my loyalty to this medium is perhaps due to the fact that online it may never be lost? And who in their right somewhat sane mind wouldn’t care to leave someone anyone a legacy?
Well, this is mine…
No grandkids yet and one estranged son but I still want them to know what was happening before and after I met them, which I do hope will be someday in all our near futures.
Because in reality who knows how much time any of us have?

So on that note of what the heck is she talking about, oh yeah rambling appears to part of my MS too! LOL, actually I really don’t know but I’ll take it!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS My heart and wishes are with you Mr. President you will resolve this problem too! I have faith in you sir!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Much, much, better today!

Although I had quite a night!
Where shall I begin?
Nothing conventional appeared to be helping, and so Hubby suggested a wee bit of unconventionality but not too unfunny idea on how to deal with my pain and since I took my last OTC pain pills at noon by sixish I was pretty sure it was safe enough to go with his concept, booze!
And so I made myself a short Daiquiri, but mine was with lemon and lime juice as well as my sugar substitute and Vodka also less than the recipe called for, which actually was Rum, and so maybe that’s why it appeared to have no effect, and I was very lady-like and nursed it for over an hour.
Since that didn’t work I thought perhaps just a good old fashioned short glass of Chardonnay would, and no, that didn’t; since I was still pacing back and forth with my walker in pain.
But the sad part is my legs would go numb and I would have to sit down, but in that position of right up sitting my hips would start again, mostly my right, and then I would lie down in the bed with my legs up on pillows and that would last for maybe two or three minutes, and more pain!
And so I got up and stayed up repeating this display of non-resting but trying hard to find a position that wouldn’t be painful physical diatribe over and over again! And then my upper back wouldn’t let me lean back against the chair without additional pain and so it would continue, and by around two A.M. I thought well I guess I could start the extra strength pain reliever with my Baclofen again! And guess what I slept until seven thirty!
The flair-up was done, over, gone! Thank heavens!

I even had the ability to make breakfast for Hubby and me and then go for a dip in the pool and then we had lunch and went over to the Convention Center over the bridge in Punta Gorda for a Florida in Bloom indoor air-conditioned show, some displays were outside, but it was already 99 degrees when we arrived there! I was hoping to see some plants that I thought would make a nice addition to our own garden, but not one I had in my brain were displayed there. The three I thought might look nice was a Hydrangea where our Hibiscus died from last winter’s frost, and a hosta by our pond and some gazanias in the daisy family, which are heat tolerant, but none were there.
Mostly it was people with Bonsai, worm soil, garden stones, fancy pots, even window people's display I considered that perhaps it was to frame your garden?
But the bath show people threw me since all I could come up with for they’re reason for being there was so you knew where to put your house plants when you went away?

We did eventually venture out and met friendly welcoming nursery people with larger potted plants and desperately trying to keep cool, but the prices were way too dear!
Some trees were seventy dollars or more, when we are so used to the home store more reasonable prices for that particular species at about twenty-five dollars.
And so even though we chatted and were friendly too, we left and decided to see if Fisherman’s Village had anything special going on today too…and they didn’t but we perused the shops anyway which is always fun.
We did enter one, wine tasting Fruity Florida Style wine shop whose vineyard actually is in the Tampa area.
Keeping back in the vein of last night’s theme we tasted a few of those tasty fruity little ditties, and they were fruitful and potent but mighty tasty, but don’t worry the glasses used were smaller than shot glasses. The choices were manly citrus, except for one that we both went, ‘WOW’, when we tasty it’s wee droplet!
It was a chocolate raspberry concoction and more than the wines but that good we had to have some for our own and so we bought it! It was about the same price as our lunches out at nice seafood restaurants.
We have vowed to save it for special occasions and for people we know that would appreciate it.

It started to pour! And Hubby had to go to the car for and umbrella and drove closer to the building but still my scooter got very wet and so did we too!

And then we came home and ‘reality check’ we had hot dogs and beans and salad for dinner!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS Hope you got your monies worth tonight? I’m back…. for now!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's me! But not my usual prolific self...

To be honest, I am just wee bit better and so I will make this short, sitting here is still quite an ordeal.
I am using Hubby’s TENS machine and took my Baclofen and used some OTC pain medication, even tried going into our very warm ninety degree pool, but to be fair the air temperature was over 100, but a dry heat, not unlike what those Arizonans say with only 31% humidity!

Will try to be all better by tomorrow night, OK?

Everyone stay cool and have a very, pleasant night, and count your blessings and we will too!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hubby here pinch hitting

Tobi is in a lot of pain in her hip, she can not sit at the computer or anywhere else tonight so to keep her record of not missing a night of blogging I am going to do it.

A few years ago I built three bird house that I put on the side of the shed and when I put on a new roof on the shed I removed them and seeing that they were never occupied I didn’t bother putting them back up. So today Tobi stayed busy with another art project she took the bird houses and painted them one blue, one yellow and one lime green with different colorful decorations on each.

We are hoping that her pain is worse then usual because of over doing it today making these very colorful art work and that she will be back tomorrow night.

Good night from hubby

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Went to that appointment today...

And the results from that mysterious appointment is on hold until I know by mail what’s going to happen, and that is all I am going to say about that for now!

Any-who, that ‘appointment’, was in Ft. Myers, over forty miles south of here and we took the highway down to get there with time to spare.
And since we rarely stray too far from our five miles radius in our own backyard we took advantage of the scenic route home and made a stop at a famous place called the Shell Factory where there are as you might guess….seashells of every mollusk of any seas in any hemisphere!
It’s like a museum but is not; everything is for sale from pennies on the dollar to thousands of bucks!

I’m sure you can tell that the place is a tourist attraction with an outdoor wildlife sanctuary which we still have not gone in since they charge ten dollars a head and it was already in the nineties by the time we got there around eleven A.M., the factory itself is air-conditioned and free unless you buy something or your children play in their game- room.
Also on the compound is a miniature golf course and lake with paddle boats for hire!

Today we actually did make a small purchase, you see, they have fresh water pearl jewelry and you can even chose the oyster with your pearl in it, but I chose a pair of fresh water pearl earrings already put together instead for just five bucks, would you believe?
I have had a pearl necklace for years that was a gift from a cousin for my sweet sixteen and four and half years later I wore it to our wedding, Hubby’s and mine that is, not my cousin’s, am I confusing you? Hope not!

They also have a seafood restaurant there, well actually across the parking lot, and its called, Captain Fishbones Seafood Grill, how quaint and obvious I hear you all saying….we had never ever eaten there because we foolishly thought they were too expensive, well they weren’t, at least not that much different than most and the service as well as the food was excellent!
Hubby had a Grouper sandwich plate, and I had a house salad topped with four enormous grilled shrimp and we both had a cup of their homemade New England clam chowder that was incredible! Iced tea unsweet with lemon for me and Hubby had coffee our usual beverages of choice, mmmmmm good!
All was done and back at home by, would you believe, one P.M.?

That’s what happens to early birds… days start early and end that way too, at least when you’re getting on in age... I can only speak for myself actually.
But when you get up at five A.M., I know some of you are saying, what are you crazy?
That’s rhetorical, right? LOL

And so tonight we both decided with such mucho gusto lunches that dinner should be simple and we made French onion soup and toasted multigrain garlic cheese bread, perfection and oh so simple.
Soup is not just for cold days you know there is a theory that drinking hot makes your exterior feel cooler? Yes, its just a theory and it came from Hubby’s grandma, and whose going to argue with a very old very dead woman; not when she said it but now…come on folks if she were still alive she would be like a hundred and forty or something, she lived until ninety plus!

On that totally useful note of ghastly information I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lavender loves acid; did you know?

OK, now we are getting somewhere I was wondering why mine never ever looked like the ones on those garden shows… all satiny shades of purple and mild magenta, and of course lavender willowy bending in the breezes!
Did you know that in your kitchen you have the best ingredient for flowering bushes and trees?
Coffee grounds!
You see that is the right type of acid needed to force those blooms!
I don’t know why since I am not a botanist but my Gardenia bushes love it too, and we have had a bumper blossoming month last month on both our shrubs in the front and in the back yards.

So now with the double dose of coffee grounds that is, one in the soil mix when we replanted the survivor plants and me assaulting those healthier looking shoots today I truly feel that flowering should be eminent.
I will let you all know when the big event comes to pass.

My house orchid lost its first bloom yesterday and anxiously I wanted to know what to do?
And so I surfed the net and found that it was a normal process, age, although having any fruits or vegetables nearby may cause a toxicity of fumes!
Now all the fruit that we had controversially could be considered a vegetable the only thing I had in the vicinity of my orchid would be our garden tomatoes, and so I moved them.
It’s more than likely a waiting game now to see if they still lose the remaining five blossoms? Hope not, since it would look real sad with just the green stem standing all alone.

Yesterday I bumped my head hard and it caused a dent in my far-head and has been sore ever since. I did put ice on it for some time and never got nauseous although my eyes have been not focusing too well, but that had been a problem before I hit my head.
It was really so stupid…I was sitting in a chair in the living room and had stowed my new walker out of the way under the kitchen bar that also goes into the living on my side of my chair. Any-who, my new ride so to speak, has a storage compartment and so I put the phone in there and it rang. I went to answer it and that’s when my head made contact with the rounded hard surface of the Corian counter top… boom band ding dent… BIG TIME … OW, OUCH! And the worst of it was that it was a computer voice reminding me that I had an appointment! I could have let it go to my voice mail!
You ever want to strangle the phone?
This was my one time, or maybe there were others, but you know what I mean?
I wish that I could use the excuse for my last two offerings here as the reason because of my head ding, well maybe last night’s but would you accept the night before one's also?

It is true that I have been way too clumsy over the years and have hit my head many times before and have had a few too many documented concussions, broken bones and bruises too. Now in retrospect I suppose most of the clumsiness could be blamed on this lovely malady called MS, which I can honestly call on to be of quite a bit to blame.

Day 51 of the oil spill and we here are fortunate to be able to say we are still in the clear of gunk and odors and messes which are now over three hundred miles away, but our beaches are just fine.

On that informative note I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time marches on...

On the back burner is where I have stowed my emotional baggage for tonight.
And so onward I will go… to vent about more important matters…
Taking the high road in life, is also not for sissies, did I ever mention that?
I guess it all comes down to forgiveness of others and oneself, huh?

All those people who send those inspirational forwards to my email please forgive me for NOT passing them on!
You want to know why, I suspect, huh?
Well, those lovely warm fuzzy little ditties have caused many to send me back NOT such warm fuzzy comments, actually some people were annoyed, a few just were aggravated and even on occasion some were just plain nasty in their replies! Consequently I have lost some of my email pals, oh well, who said being un-censured is the American way?
I do on occasion admit to not having a proper editing device on my mouth therefore my brain or my writings…but I have been trying…really!

It’s odd how many of my so-called religious old buddies who even went to different sectarian religious schools and they ended up becoming Atheists?
I too have my own questions of not knowing who are there for us when we need or want that spiritual guidance, and so I have tagged-lined, myself, Agnostic, but in retrospect I do want to believe in something.
So I have taking that to believe in myself!
Perhaps the fifties were the age of Mom and Pop taking the kids to church, mosque, temple, and synagogue and making sure they received a proper religious education, but it seems to have backfired, huh?

A few very interesting friends of mine have found religion in new churches, which to be honest I don’t trust, since they seem to operate from strip malls and pop up whenever the wind changes, or as some do have amazingly enormous compounds that for the price of all your worldly possessions they promise that you will definitely go to heaven when you depart this level…just BELIEVE!
Am I too blasphemous my dear readership?
I sure hope not!
That would be too ungodly and not at all to able to be forgiven of me by you…huh?
Who said that people should forgive the bad behavior of one another, G-d?
Nah, other people, and what makes us so capable of being able to know that we have that power to exonerate others?
I thought that was whoever is up in those heavens job?
Therefore we are just here to cope and observe others and punish the ones who deviate too far from what is legal or in cases inappropriate behavior, correct?

Life is an interesting concept and this one your in is not a dress rehearsal folks!
But I am so sure you all do know that, right?
Let’s all take a deep breath and then do an exercise in self worth and think about the fact if you were to drop dead tomorrow who would show up?
If your answer is hundreds, that’s great, if your answer is more than a thousand that’s more power to you, wow and I am impressed! But if you can’t think of more than the fingers on your two hands or even one, then my friends you have a lot more work to do while you are here, and so do you know what I figured out for myself?
I figure I personally have a lot of work to do for at least the next few decades… bud dump bum. "And so can we talk?" Joan Rivers quote, PS Happy 77th Birthday Joan!
You see, I don’t want to be sued in this lifetime or any other, and so be back here tomorrow night same time and I will again divulge my unsolicited opinionated drivel for all the world to see!

Good night dear friends and count those blessings and we will too!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I was tempted to confess, but instead I will just...

And so I chose to discuss the snake in the grass and how it slithers…
Some people are not unlike the snake in the grass, they even sneak around in the world and are very nearly chameleon like and hide their true selves from the rest of us beings.
They act normal in normal situations and even fool the most intelligent of people.
Many don’t know the darker side of this creature how it hunts and kills its prey without remorse only with a precise single-mindedness to stay on the prowl to commit to what they desire to end the life of anything they so desire, but be damned the others who try to intervene who see the true self within the slimy reptilian soul or lack there of.

There are people who resemble these skanky reptilian beings not by appearance by how they maneuver throughout our lives. They come in and promise the happiness that you so truly want then spoil it with hate, contempt and anguish and take away your soul and reason for living… so foolishly never knowing that it was for them that you so desired to survive this horrendous life that has been destroyed by ill health and hopelessness!
Striving for happiness and wellness has been tough and not that much different from banging your head against the wall syndrome.
Brick walls cause pain insurmountable when you try to take two steps forward but end up taking thirty back!
Life seems so unjust at times… tell me why I should continue?
Being miserable and fearful is not how I saw this time in my life.
Where are my golden years of happiness and family and love?
None exists for me.
Please dear, larger than me being of the heavens where are you now?
Why is it whenever I need your ear you are deaf?
Why is it when I want your guidance you are never available?
Can you not see me?
I have grown into an enormous disgusting woman that I don’t even love…
Perhaps, that is why this is happening to me…I am unlovable, and cursedly poisonous with spewing my own hateful venous anger as well.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have you ever not noticed something right before your very eyes?

Interesting provocative question, huh?
Maybe not to some who may think it to be lame.
But in my reality it speaks volumes to my own claims to being what I thought quite observant!

How would you like to be living in a home that you purchased years ago, in this case in 1998, and not think to look at the artwork closely enough to notice a signature on it and that, that particular artwork may be the reason that caused you to think how nice the house was in the first place and to purchase it?
You see, we live as I have mentioned before on a saltwater canal, therefore seaside for lack of a better definition of what that does mean.
Any-who, this little ditty of an unloved home at that time did have a few attributes besides being on the water, five minutes to the harbor by boat, and extremely cost effective, in other words CHEAP, it did have, I must say somewhat of an ambiance of interesting artwork scattered about it that I would soon find out was included in that very reasonable price point.

Folks that was nearly twelve years ago, and today I finally had the smarts to look at that sand-dunes and sea oats, an ominous sky foreboding the possibility of a storm in the winds, with seagulls ‘flying in’, a 24” X 36” picture and realized quite to my astonishment it did have a signature and it was from an artist that signed her name as Carolyn Blish and the date of the picture was ’68 the year Hubby and I graduated from high school, but also I attended school in NYC LIM and she was painting in the Village then, Greenwich that is!
And so I Googled her and to my surprise she has been quite prolific over the years with her artistry! And to this day is still selling paintings or Giclee on paper and online and I found that mine could not be since that is a medium that is fairly new from the 1980’s.
Her email was on her site and so I sent her photos of her picture and asked her questions but that was only a few hours ago, so I will let you know if I hear back from her!

Our lives have not been that altogether busy today after our very active yesterday.
I did manage to go into the pool for quite some time, longer than usual and accomplished my exercise program and then some.

Dinner tonight was homemade pizza topped with my own oven dried tomatoes from our garden, too many to not make a sauce with. Mine are similar to the freeze dried idea but done in the oven for hours on a low temperature, I did an hour on 300, then an hour on two hundred and then lastly an hour on warm, and then left in the oven another half hour while it cools down. I flavor them with oils and vinegars, canola’s and olive, and wine vinegar and apple cider although I do have balsamic too, garlic and basil! Hmmm that smell permeates the house and it is lush!
I think sometimes that in my other life that I was Italian!
How I do love that aroma!

These many tomatoes filled a large pickle jar more than halfway and will be added not only to pizzas but sauces and soups too over the few weeks, maybe not, it will last comfortably in my frig!

Anyway, we will say good night to you all now and remind you not to forget to count those blessings and we will too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy day!

Hubby just asked if I had anything to write about today?
And of course he was this time being facetious, not that, that has ever been a problem for me, and since the above title says it all!
We had an extremely active day today, so much so that we both just spent the last few hours deactivating and stared at the boob tube for over two hours to chill out.

It was a cute older movie that we had missed somehow, called High Spirits with Peter O’Toole, Liz Smith, Darrel Hannah, Steve Gutenberg, Beverly D’Angelo just to name a few of the all star cast; it was circa 1988, and a ghostly comedy.
I made soup to eat while we relaxed, and since we ate out and had Grouper at one of our favorite waterside restaurants, Smuggler’s in Punta Gorda.

Any-who that was not our last stop for the day, but one of them.
We started the day off with me doing my ROM in the pool and Hubby dug up the lavender in the garden under our bedroom window due to the fact it was not doing well there at all, and so the idea was to pot it up and give it some TLC, which has worked before for other floundering floras.
So when I took my first break from my swim/ROM, Hubby found one of the spare pots that used to be down on the dock, but its occupant had long since passed on.
And so he cleaned and bleached the off white rather large specimen, and he went into the shed to get out the potting soil and top soil he had stored there.
But the potting soil was very minimal, and he had no shards so he stole some pebbles from the boat trailer pad, which I confessed I have done in the past.
Between the top soil and the soil from digging up the plant and the wee bit of potting soil left it was enough to mix in the wheel barrow and I suggested sweetening it with coffee ground and slow release Miracle Gro, and so he did.
The lavender plants which had three that seemed to be not that far gone from the main plant, which was all gone and put into the composter; the newly potted healthier specimens were placed on the patio in the corner next to the other potted smaller plants.
If I do say so myself it makes a fine display.
But when the lavender blooms and bumble bees appear I do believe it will have to be moved far from me since I am highly allergic to them, the bees that is!

After I exited the pool and showered and dressed we went over to the Cultural Center for they were celebrating their forty-ninth anniversary today, and everyone was invited to see their non-profit displays.
It was good for me because I met two other women who also had MS, and we could chat and exchange emails.
Connecting with people who have similar disorders makes it sometimes easier to communicate, but not always.

Hearing Impaired organization people were there too and Hubby used to be on their board so we bumped into a woman we both knew from that, it was like old home week.
And so many of organizations that were there were of interest to both of us, and the people were very friendly which made it all very pleasant.

The Cultural Center is only blocks from our house and that is where they have a live theater, classrooms for adult classes and hobbies, a cafeteria and tea room, and our branch of our library too!

From there we went over to Fisherman’s Village where we were to see first a pony from a horse ranch, animal rights people, animal welfare league with dogs and cats ready for your love, greyhound pets’ adoptions and wildlife organizations with a caged Florida panther, besides parrots, Macaws, Canurs, for rehabilitation to be adopted, natural pet food displays and even some veterinarians looking for business.

We passed all that on our way to the end of the covered mall of shops and restaurants with above timeshares, and at the very end this time we ate there at the above mentioned casual dinning place along the water.

Not done at this point because we had one last stop for this and that , milk, eggs and bread etc at our home away from home grocery, Publix!
And then we went back to the old homestead!
And as I said earlier we pretty much collapsed after the groceries were put away!

It’s a good kind of tired; if you know what I mean?
But it was a dreadfully hot day today!
On a few occasions the temperature in our vehicle said it was ninety- seven degrees outside!
Fortunately, we were only in and out of the car to either air-conditioning or sea breezed cooled areas.
And I found myself taking my Baclofen twice while we were out.
Those spasms are mostly influenced, it appears by extreme temps which I do think from air to heat qualifies!

Any-way, now I am ready nearly ready for bed to crawl into and lay upon until I peacefully awake tomorrow I do hope so!

And so I will bid you all a very good night and ask you politely to count those blessings and we will too!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The wee hours of the morning's sunrise was tarnished by its arrival...

Unfortunately, our city of Pensacola to our north, in our panhandle has become another victim in the oil glop disaster. They became a part of the nasty sticky goopy tar balls and occasionally in just droplets of oily substances by five A.M. this morning when they washed ashore onto their pristine sugar colored sand.

We are now a part of environmental history and how the failure of a few men to take care and think before doing affects the masses!

The majority of the beaches are still open to the public and the people feel the need to help, but caution to be safe must be of the utmost concern.
And NOAA has just opened the waterways near the Dry Tortugas for commercial fishing where there is no oil present. That area is off the shores of the Florida Keys, more specifically Key West.

Where have we all been in recent years to not realize what we had when we had it?
These gorgeous beaches are a part of my home state's appeal to the world. It’s been years, about five since we were up where the tar balls have touched down.
The landings up and down our inland waterways have always been something to share and brag about to the world!
Best shelling, fishing, sunning, and swimming, water skiing, watching those postcard sunsets, yep you name it, it’s here in Florida!

All of this, as most of us do, we took for granted that it would be here for us to visit at our leisure whenever. Sadly we now know that will not be the case.

Folks all I can say to you here, you out of stators, other country dwellers, please don’t lose the chance to see what we have to offer before it’s all gone.

Enough all ready you’re all saying, well I suppose my fears are the cause for my foreboding warnings being expressed here.

We all appreciate the fact that we are a tourist, snow-bird dependent state, and we do need you to remember all the joy you have had on your visits here.
Whether relaxing or being involved in sports and sightseeing, rushing from one amusement to another; we do love the fact that you come and do that!

Earlier today, we here, five hundred and fifty miles south of the spoiling soils’ drifting we saw some drizzle on this our fine morning, the first in days. We needed that, and do you know what?
It created a very pleasant beginning to our day here. The sound and sight of a gentle rain is actually delightful if you really think about it?
Not many have the time to, but I do.
And as my abilities seem to diminish I am trying hard to take advantage of those sights and sounds that many pass over others in their very busy days.
Life can be what you make of it and sometimes we need to make more of less, do you know what I mean? I bet you all do. Enough is not more than you need, as simple as that; it's just right!
On that thoughtful concept I will wish each of you a very good night and count those blessings and we will too!

PS Jamie, keep up the good work in this nasty situation!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The waves are coming in...

Tropical and windy waves are on our horizon and faraway.
We are in the beginning of the season, the rainy season that is and now all forms of weather systems are more than likely going to be considered to be a part of our daily lives for conversation.

Not one day will go by without notice of how the weather was for that particular one or what might be in our vicinity to have influence on said forecasts nearby or within our realm of possibilities.
It’s just so typical of our lives in this southwestern arena of this state of Florida.

The tropical waves are now appearing already off the coast of Africa where most of our storms begin, hurricanes that is, and so we must all pay attention to that.
The local just windy waves are less ominous and more than likely are just a preamble to a normal rain system or a minor thunderstorm.

Those weather systems this year will definitely not be our friends, not that they ever were, but more than ever before these unwelcomed visitors are our big time enemies, considering that they may very likely push that oil slick towards our shorelines not away from them!

Once all this begins we seem to have a situation with frequent power failures.
The longest being just after Hurricane Charley since that one lasted for two whole weeks!
Living in Florida is NOT for sissies by any means! We dare you to join this never boring state?

Sadly the rain storms off of the coast of Pensacola have pushed the oil slick ever so much closer now within just four miles of the shoreline. Tomorrow is considered touchdown day.
Booms have been placed strategically along the coastline, hopefully to prevent infiltration of that nasty gooey substance.

Here nearly six hundred miles away from there we can only wait and pray that we will be spared, but as loony as that may seem you never really do know what could be, stranger things have happened. But let’s face it; it is highly unlikely at this point with that amount of oil spewing significantly still!

Moving on… today was errand day and we did comply with our agenda and found that the gas here has dropped significantly in price at the warehouse store it was only $2.56.9, pretty good for this time of year! We had to pick up one of my prescriptions and hair supplies too, and then on to the home warehouse store the other one, this time the wood we needed to replace the curly ones on our dock were straight, less knotty and not oozing too much creosote, and so Hubby chose five decent boards, two twelve’s and three ten footers.
We ate lunch at our healthy choice restaurant that has an affiliation with our grocery would you believe, it’s called Crispers, and it has an association with the Publix grocery chain. They serve mostly soups and salads and ask you not to tip! But if you so desire to
show your gratitude; all of it goes to charity, how nice?
We have to continue to continue here that means try hard to live our lives even with these threats to life and limb.

Our local newswoman is doing an excellent job reporting from Pensacola with keeping us apprised of their moment to moment accounting of their horrendous inevitability.

On that note of uncertainty, which has tangibility in our reality we will pray that all will be done to prevent the devastation to become beyond our capabilities.

And so I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ITS HERE...almost...

The oil is creeping closer to the Pensacola coast line; it is actually only nine miles away!
Frightening to us all in Florida, although we have a very long state and our proximity to that part of the state is hundreds of miles away.

Sadly one of our local reporters has been assigned to that job to wait and interview the victims of the disasters impingement on that shoreline, it should be touching down within the next day or two.
The reason that I know that this reporter is on her way is because she asked the question on Facebook, “On my way to Pensacola. Oil expected on FL shores within the next day or so. What questions do you have for the people up here?”

And I said, “First send them our prayers and hopes for a way to resolve this horrendous mess!
Then ask them how they are intending on handling the clean up?
And tell them to take every precaution available to them!
Let them know how they handle all of this will trickle down to us here because we are not that far behind them with the possibility of our turn to deal also with it!
Wish them the ability to succeed and teach us too!”

What else can we do?
Sadly, no one still knows what to do.
Over eight thousand people and mounting I am sure, have written to the BP people and our government with ideas on how to handle it.
Amazingly even James Cameron of Avatar fame.
I think they feel with his brilliant imagination that he may be helpful, and so they are willing to listen to him as one of the ones jumping to the head of the line of the many idea people.

I will beg now for any and all engineers or inventors out there in the world to send logical realistic ideas to the powers that be with documentation of how, when and why their ideas are going to work with of course appropriate crews to install the products for the repairs; if only!

My spell and grammar checks are no longer working again so bear with me please; my mind has been not as good at spelling as in my checkered past of those kids’ spelling tests with one hundred scores that I used to be honored to get.

Moving on… our day was pretty normal for us.
My usual morning rituals were performed, check emails, read our local newspaper online and then look at our Facebook page.
I was up early enough for the ‘word’ contest and entered again, but again did not win!
Two more days of it to go!
In case some have forgotten it is to win a digital battery color TV for emergencies.
Our old one is not digital.
They have different price points all over the net on this item; from around fifty bucks to a few hundred.
I still think having access to our battery TV during Hurricane Charley was what was responsible in saving our lives!

On that note of positivity I will wish you all a very good night and ask you to please count those blessings and we will too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WE ARE OFFICIAL! IT IS NOW HURRICANE SEASON! It runs from June first to November 30th.

Now everyone is asking where is that located? In our northern hemisphere, but of course, yep that means you northerners too, our friends up there in high places!

"There is nothing magical in these dates, and hurricanes have occurred outside of these six months, but these dates were selected to encompass over 97% of tropical activity." A quote from the, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, AOML notes are above.

NOAA’s predictions for the 2010 hurricane season:
• 14 to 23 Named Storms (top winds of 39 mph or higher), including:
• 8 to 14 Hurricanes (top winds of 74 mph or higher), of which:
• 3 to 7 could be Major Hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of at least 111 mph)
• If interested in keeping up with a notable score card provider go to, copy and paste:
I suppose that many would be frightened by the prospect of such devastating predictions, and add that into the very real threat from the notorious oil spill, huh?
What could we do, where can we run?
The space program is ready for all six billion of us?
No this is our mess; yes not just the Gulf’s Coast but the world’s!
Every so-called brilliant man, woman and child is supposedly working on fixing this environmental inconceivable disaster that no one would ever believe was at all possible.
I betcha that’s pretty much like those way back when ‘think tanks’, where all the most intelligent people would get together to…gosh…think!
One of my best girlfriends from college had been a part of one of those, but I never had the nerve to ask her what they discussed; now I wish I had, but she was a great study partner, and I got great grades that way!
That BFF was also my reason for my side trip to Scotland buddy to go to Saint Andrews.
You see just before our senior year, in that summer of 1969, we had this incredible trip to the fashion houses of Europe, since we were students at LIM, (while the rest of our contemporaries were at Woodstock) and that took care of six countries, but BFF and I flew a short trip over to Scotland and stayed with a designer student friend of hers who later became quite famous, but if I told you I would have to kill you! Just kidding folks!
That fact that this friend who was so smart was my friend was terrific in my book and as an adult I have tried hard to befriend people who I could learn from.
I don’t think it’s on purpose but I enjoy learning that way from others.
I guess I am too easily distracted to sit and learn that way; hands on, actually doing or by example had been my MO for me being able to retain what’s important in life, new valuable info!
Talking to people and asking questions works well too for me; have you ever examined what is your best method of learning?
It’s intriguing that now at this advanced age I finally figured out what works, for me that is.
I am so glad that I am not one of the people needed to figure out how to handle this miserable difficult decision making peeps that are working I am sure very hard to plug the oil leak!
Geez don’t we all wish we had the ability to solve major problems?
I do think that anyone who has a heart in their body would think that way, don’t you?
Now we are all starting to realize between our frustration and anger how hard this whole problem is to figure out to solve, and only wish that we had the answer and could ride in on white horses and save the day, the Gulf, the fishermen, the wildlife, the environment and the world!
Hating to bite that bullet that we all know will come, we were all wrong to fall into the blaming game for we are all to blame, aren’t we really?
Think about if we weren’t all gas hogs, not knowing how to conserve etc. etc… and the rest is history!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new! :                                                                                     ...